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Teething = Throwing up?

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3/31/09 1:00 P

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Hi, I'm new here, but I had to post, after searching for vomitting / teething and found these posts.

Rigth before her first tooth came out she was throwing up, then showed signs of a cold, and then there was the tooth.

We are starting the same thing over again now. A few days ago, fussiness, bitting into everything and today vomitting.

I'll keep you posted how it goes. I will definitly take her to the doc if the vomitting doesn't stop by tomorrow, or worsens.


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3/8/07 7:41 P

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Hi Amy, just as Millisa was told by her pedi, I asked our new one and she said that vomiting=teething are not related! Just wanted to let you know I didn't forget to ask lol.

Hope the LO is doing much better.

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3/8/07 11:36 A

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Funny this came up cause on Tuesday, Logan's 1st tooth finally broke through and he was soo sick (vomited big time like 7 times in 2hrs and had to take him to urgent care). Ended up being a virus. I did ask the doctor and he said that vomiting is usually NOT associated with teething.

On the bright side, Logan is finally better. That was a scary night. He was sooo sick.

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3/8/07 11:01 A

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I am so glad to see that your baby is throwing up but that it CAN be a teething symptom. My baby threw up anytime I gave him formula for about a week. I was at my wits end cause it was too long to be a virus and I was getting really worried...then one morning I felt a little tooth in the bottom and the next day he got number 2 and he has not puked since. My doctor said that teething doesn't cause vomiting but it did for us and my sister has the same thing with her 18 month old getting in his molars.


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3/8/07 9:15 A

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Hi Amy, I'll ask that of my pedi today. Jacob's not vomiting but he is wanting to feed smaller meals every hour or 1 1/2 hrs. I'm wondering if that has something to do with teething as well.

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The greatest part of our happiness depends on our dispositions, not our circumstances.~Martha Washington

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3/8/07 8:18 A

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AJ just getting her bottom teeth, but she never had vomited. She had a TERRIBLE fit yesterday, she screamed for 40 min straight, refused to eat for hours and flapping her arms and legs everywhere...I hope that was just teething incident and not something serious.

I have never heard of puking while teething but you can call and ask Dr. It can definitely affect the eating habits, but not sure about the vomiting part.

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3/8/07 8:14 A

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So Harrison has been vomiting about once a day for a week now. I first thought it was a stomach bug going around, but he acts fine.

He is getting his two front teeth (you can feel them coming up!!) as of yesterday.

Can teething cause vomiting? And he is just NOT eating much at all.. maybe 3 oz a bottle and he refuses solids (which he loved a few weeks ago). Plan to ask my ped, but wondered if teething can affect their eating?


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