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White tongue from formula? How to clean?!

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11/5/06 10:54 A

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thanks everyone! I'm glad he's not the only one :-) And like I said, it's not a big deal, but I was getting a little worried that it would NOT budge!

Thanks again! I'll ask the ped again this week when we go for our 2 month check-up. I may try the toothbrush thing - at least when I know I'm going to be taking his picture a lot that day or am going to take him for a visit somewhere to show him off :-)

thank you all again!


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11/3/06 12:17 P

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Carlton has this too, but since it's not thrush I don't worry about it. He's on the similac neosure, and I nurse him. I noticed after nursing the amount of white is significantly decreased. I like the idea of the baby gum/toothbrush. Sounds like a good idea.


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11/3/06 11:03 A

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My baby has this as well. The dr. gave me medicine because she said it was thrush but after 2 rounds of medicine for a week each time she still has the white tounge!! She also is on similac formula!!! Weird. I am going to ask the dr. on tuesday when we see her for Aubrey's shots.

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11/3/06 9:19 A

DD has it too! But within a couple of hours, she's usually sucked it off! DH and I joke that she saves some for later!

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11/2/06 10:51 P

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This is perfectly normal, it's just the build-up from the milk. If you take a warm washcloth and wipe your baby's tongue, it will slowly come off. You have to do it more than once a day, b/c the milk builds up every time you feed. You can also give your baby like an ounce of nursery water after a feeding, that seems to help prevent build-up.


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11/2/06 9:38 P

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This post made me check Jacob's! I haven't really given a lot of thought to it being white because of the milk.

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11/2/06 9:28 P

Go buy the infants "tooth brush" and paste. It's specifically designed for infants. The "brush" is a little "finger puppet" type of a thing that goes over your index finger. It has little "exfoliating bumps" on it to help massage baby's gums. Maybe if you used that on his tongue, the white stuff will start to come off.

If it doesnt, I'd call your pedi back and tell her that the white will NOT come off.

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11/2/06 5:33 P

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I thought my baby had thrush - had the white tongue. But, the ped insisted it's just built-up formula residue (which is what I originally thought, but it NEVER comes off, so that's when I was worried about thrush).

She said to give him a few drops of water after he eats and it should remove it. But this doesn't work at all! I've tried giving him a couple of drops with a medicine dropper and it doesn't budge. It's so thick! I'm still worried it may be thrush since it's not budging, but I'm sure she knows more than me :-)

He won't sit still long enough for me to try and use a wet washcloth to wipe it. I've also tried gently scraping with a wet q-tip (when my hubby can help hold him). No luck there either...

Any ideas??? It is permanently white - it never comes off. It's a trivial complaint, I know, but I would like to be able to get it off! Now that he is smiling so big in pictures, it always looks gross when I get his tongue! Ha !

He's on similac lactose free formula... I have heard a few other similac users complain of the white tongue. Any ideas? I don't want to switch formulas just because of this. I'm hoping you ladies may have other ideas?


Harrison Cooper - born September 8, 2006!

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