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Baby Kicking Cervix? Am I the only one?

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6/8/06 1:12 A

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I get this too. It feels like a tickling sensation and sometimes it feels like I'm about to pee for a quick second. It's really weird. That's what it feels like to me. She kind of feels like her foot goes all the way down and I feel like I can just grab it at times.haha.. So it looks like it happens to a lot of us.

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6/7/06 10:59 A

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I am getting it too! So you are defiantly not alone!It is the weiredest sensation! And I have to agree I am not sure which is worse that or getting a swift kick just below the rib cage. Its hard not to laugh or groan while on the phone with clients when they come. I am just thankful that they take turns right now. Don't know how I would make it through the day with the both kicking at the same time. Of course that probably means that I will get no sleep at all because one of them will always be awake.

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6/7/06 9:47 A

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My little girl is head up right now, so most of the movement I feel is very low. The movement I feel up high is uncomfortable since her big old head is what keeps surfacing on my tummy. When I was pg with DS, his foot was in my ribs at this point and stayed there pretty much until I delivered. I don't know which is worse though.

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6/7/06 8:13 A

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hey i get this too, since iv felt the baby move it has been down there!i have been trying to explain to people what it feels like,its definitly like bubbles down there, this is the only way iv felt kicking or punching and dont know any different!i was saying to my mom that it wasnt what i expected because it doesnt feel like kicking as such,i know it is kicking but its jus like a big bubble popping,its funny!thank god im not the only one!

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6/7/06 12:04 A

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Hi, LOL, my youngest son used to do that all the time! It was a weird feeling. I'm not sure if it is the cervix or not. I never actually asked my dr about it. My friend had that with her second as well but it was a hand and she said it felt like he was trying to dig his way out. He was actually born with his hand up beside his head.

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6/6/06 11:48 P

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I just have to ask you lovely ladies this. My little guy tends to hang out low, sometimes really low!
For the last couple of weeks I have felt kicks near my belly button, pany line, hips and well, all around. For some reason, last night seems he has changed positions again.
He has been kicking what I can only guess is my cervix?
It doesn't really hurt, but is the oddest sensation ever! I gasped today at work because it felt so weird!
I mean it sometimes feels like bubbles in my (ohhhh TMI sorry) vagina hole! Like my cervix is hiccuping? I feel like I just can't describe it.
He woke me up at 3am doing this. The first time ever it interuppted my sleep!
Other times it seems like he is using it as a punching bag or dancing the jig on it!
Am I the only one? I am not worried as it doesn't hurt and my cervix was intact last ultrasound 2 weeks ago and this has been on going since 20 weeks.
Is he kicking my cervix? That is what I am guessing. Anyone else have some insight on this odd sensation?
I try and describe it to my DH and he looks at me like I am nuts!
Please tell me I am not the only one!


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