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Chemical fumes?

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2/5/08 5:56 P

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we should all avoid chemicals at all costs whether we are pregnant or not.

don't use febreeze, or windex, or scrubbing bubbles or any of that stuff in your house!

for glass use white vinegar and water.

for tile, grout, and other surfaces like that use hyrogen peroxide and water.

it's heathier and CHEAPER

those 2 homemade cleaners the corporations do not want you to know about. they want you to believe you need to buy their high priced cleaners

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2/1/08 10:50 A

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Hey, I saw your post about chemical fumes during pregnancy.

I was just curious what your doctor said, and if your baby is okay.

Last night I breathed in some bleach fumes, and got all worried about it. I'm in my 7th week...

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11/19/06 6:42 P

Hello there!!
Today I was cleaning the toilet and probably did something stupid as I mixed some drops of chlorine and the usual WC liquid and it created an extremely strong smell with both chemicals... I started coffing and next I had to vomit!
I just hope it didnt cause any harm to my baby as I am in the 14th week of pregnancy.

Does anyone out there know if a short exposure to chemical fumes with such a strong effect can cause harm to the baby??
Today is sunday and already kind of late at night, I cant find my doctor just now to ask. I will have to wait until tomorrow monday and that is killing me!

Any idea, comment or advise will help a lot!


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1/29/06 9:58 A

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I think the sign was really to cover their backs. You will not breathe enough often enough to do any damage, but you may find you get an aversion to the smell.

As far as pain is concerned, look out for the special ones that don't have smell. If the room is well ventilated and/or you wear a mask then you should be ok. Again though, I don't think you will be around it long/often enough for problems.

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1/28/06 3:28 P

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You are correct about the increased risk of SIDS due to exposure of second-hand smoke! I had also read that we are suppose to avoid paint fumes....anyone else heard that? Is it ok if the room is well ventilated while we paint? What about wearing a mask? I really want to paint the baby's room but now I'm concerned! I could have DH do it but I want to help...

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1/27/06 11:39 A

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I don't think the gas fumes will hurt you (unless you're exposed to them for long periods of time or you're actually huffing them); however, if they really bother you, you might try having hubby take your car when it needs to be filled up. The fumes make some women feel really sick just b/c their sense of smell is better during pregnancy. Also, I completely agree about staying away from the smoke. You might try having hubby smoke outside because his smoking near you is almost as bad as you actually smoking yourself. (Second hand smoke is bad stuff). Also, kids who are exposed to second hand smoke are more likely to develop asthma (and I seem to remember SIDS risk being elevated too - although I'll have to find that again to be sure). Hope that helps.

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1/26/06 5:05 P

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Hi Hon,
I would DEFINATELY steer clear of ANY second hand smoke. It can be detrimental to your's and your babie's health. Try to open windows when cleaning or using cleaning products - the more ventilation the better.

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1/26/06 4:49 P

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I was at a gas station this morning, and I suddenly realized how *noxious* gasoline fumes really are! And I was wondering if gasoline fumes - or fumes from household chemicals, or even my FIL's cigarette smoke - are harmful to the baby. I know there is sooooo much development going on right now...

Sorry - a bit paranoid, I think!

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