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feeding baby in a car seat

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11/14/06 9:41 A

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I've never fed any of my kids in the carseat. I always pull over and take them out to feed. Firstly, I'm not coordinated enough to BF while baby is in carseat, nor am I endowed enough to do such a feat even if I had the coordination!!! Secondly, I would be afraid of the baby getting choked and me not being able to get her out of the 5pt harness contraption quick enough. Thirdly, the burping issue. Forthly, she usually requires a diaper change at every feeding. Yes, it does take a lot of time....especially for us b/c she's reflux, so I can't put her back in the carseat for at least 15 minutes after she eats, but what are you going to do???? That brings up another good poing....can't feed reflux babies in carseat b/c it isn't propped up enough.

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11/13/06 7:25 P

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We've been driving between the east and west coasts of Florida every week since Maggie was a week old. The first week we stopped so I could BF and the drive took FOREVER! After that, I got a car adapter for the breast pump and just fed her from the bottle. It works great! When she was younger, we would have to sometimes stop to burp her (or change a blowout diaper), but now she's fine for the whole 3 hour drive.


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11/13/06 6:21 P

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I wish my boob would reach that far!

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11/13/06 5:18 P

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huh, i never had to feed any of my kids while in the car, don't know why, i guess i am lucky like that, they don't get hungry there?? but i am afraid to do it in the car cuz if he were to choke, then what would i do? i did nurse in the car once though on a 7 hour trip, my daughter was only 2 months and i only had to nurse her the once, it was great. and on the ride home she pretty much slept the whole way home. well we are taking my DS and he is going to be almost 3 months, we'll see how he does

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11/12/06 7:37 A

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I think I mentioned it during the fork incident- I was being sort of sarcastic b/c of a prior post that we all had vastly differing opinions on in regards to always being in the carseat- I feed him in it when ever and if i have to, don't see anything wrong w/it but take him out to burp, and I also lookforward to not having to lug that big ol thing around =o)
Sorry didn't mean it (carseat/bad mommy comment) to confuse anyone- just being sarcastic as usual. I have to laugh or I will go down to JCP and shot people they'll start calling it "going Penney's" instead of postal =o)

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11/11/06 7:39 P

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I've had to do it a couple times and didn't burp her. She doesn't always burp anyway and it didn't seem to bother her. I would rather feed in her the car than let her scream for however long it takes to get home.

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11/11/06 8:05 A

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I've fed Cam in the carseat but just made sure we could stop to get him out to burp him. Most of the time he burps on his own but I wanted to make sure he got it out.

I don't think there's anything wrong with it!

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11/10/06 10:30 P

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hehe, i've breasfed sasha in her carseat, don't ask me how, but i've done, it, it was rush hour and we couldn't have gotten off for at least 20 min and she won't take the bottle so i climbed in the back seat and fed her. i imagine you'd have to have pretty big ones to do it, but it worked fine for us!
sasha burps on her own for the most part though so that wasn't a concern of mine...

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11/10/06 8:29 P

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The only reason I don't feed my little guy in the carseat is because I can't burp him when he is in there. I know that he would get gas if I didn't burp him. I haven't heard that you shouldn't feed them in the carseat, but I have heard that if you do, then you should stop to burp them so they don't get that painful gas. Hopefully some other mommies will have some advice for you too :)

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11/10/06 8:28 P

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I've never heard that feeding the baby in the car seat was bad. I can only imagine that it would be uncomfortable for the baby if it needs to burp and can't. A woman who works with my husband told him that she was once on a long car trip with her husband and infant son. He was apparently going through a growth spurt and needed to eat every hour which was really cutting into travel time. She was BF'ing only so she crawled into the back seat and propped herself over the car seat so he could that's dedication to BF'ing. I haven't had to yet but I imagine there will be a day when I also have to feed my son in the car seat. As long as your LO is ok with not burping I wouldn't worry about it.

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11/10/06 8:18 P

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Is there something wrong with feeding a baby while they're in their car seat? I've had to do this a few times, once on a long car ride where there was no place to stop, sometimes when I have to pump at the same time. I saw somebody else mention this in a post and I didn't know if this was bad for the baby. I don't do it very often and she's almost never in her carseat unless we're in the car or she's just been in the car and she's sleeping. Is there something I don't know?

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