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Can your uterus fall out of your body?

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1/4/08 8:33 P

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I can't believe this post is still circulating! LOL

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1/3/08 2:08 P

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it could be your uteris or your bladder i know it is very common in my family for them to drop, with my mom when she had me her uteris came out and the had to put it back in.

i hope your dr appt goes well!

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Posts: 14
1/3/08 12:52 P

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I have an appt with the dr next week because of a protrusion I have. I discovered it the day before New Years during a shower. I will find out then what part of my body is on its way out...

I am 40 and have had 2 wee ones. My youngest is almost 4 months. Worse case senario is a full hysterectomy. Well, if worse comes to worse.... at least I have had my 2.

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6/28/06 10:31 A

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I find it really hard to remember to do Kegels, plus I find it kind of uncomfortable at this point.

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Born August 29, 2006

Posts: 1001
6/27/06 2:19 P

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Well, I suppose it's better to be aware of it if you are planning on having multiple children... like myself. DH wants 4-5... SO glad Kegels are already a part of my daily routine.

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Posts: 2037
6/27/06 1:56 P

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Great, not only do we lose our stomach but we also lose our friggin uterus!

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Born August 29, 2006

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6/27/06 1:39 P

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**furiously starts doing kegels** LOL


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Posts: 226
6/27/06 12:44 P

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I made the mistake of looking it up on the internet, and came across pictures... OMG!!! If you have a weak stomach like myself... PLEASE DON'T LOOK!!!

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Posts: 903
6/27/06 12:13 P

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Yes it can. It is called a uterine prolapse. I have seen it a number of times when I worked at the OB-GYN to woman who had multiple children. It usually happens when they get older around 50ish or so. That being said, it can still happen if you are younger too, just not as common. We use a method called a pestula (i am not sure if I spelling it right) which basically we insert in your vagina to hold your uterus in place. You will have to come in to have it changed every so often. Many older woman swear by it and say ot doesnt hurt and allows them to have a higher self-esteem. But yes your uterus can prolapse out your vagina.

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Posts: 771
6/27/06 12:54 A

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I'm sure it can happen, although I haven't really heard of uterus prolapse, I know my mum had a vaginal prolaspe (not sure if that's the correct term or not tho, but right meaning). Basically it means that it collapsed and had to be repaired (pulled up and stitched) through surgery. But, it did only happen because she'd had to have a hysterectomy at a relatively young age (about 38ish I think).

Its enough to freak you out really isn't it!!

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Posts: 1849
6/27/06 12:46 A

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Oh my gosh! It CAN happen! I poked around on the web, and sure enough! They do say Kegels help, so keep them up!

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Posts: 728
6/26/06 10:47 P

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An old co-worker of mine had that happen to her. She ended up having it so bad, that they only recourse they could do was remove it.


Posts: 21724
6/26/06 10:15 P

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Yup. My mom had uterine AND bladder prolapse. She had a hystorectomy and surgery to lift her bladder back up.

I'm a firm beleiver that kegels will help prevent this:)

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Posts: 4015
6/26/06 10:08 P

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Yes, it can, but not actually all the way out, it slips down. My grandma and my aunt in law had to have surgery to give their uterus a lift. Happens a lot when your older & had multiple kids.

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6/26/06 9:59 P

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6/26/06 9:52 P

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Yes, it can happen. The dr I used to work with was doing a pelvic exam and I was in there assisting when he told me to look at the patient and I could see this pink tissue/mass protruding out of the lady's vagina. The look on my face must have been priceless because he looked at me and wanted to laugh but obviously that is NOT appropriate while doing a pelvic exam. After the patient left, I asked him what that was and he told me it was her bladder. Iwill never forget that = ever!! He said it can happen to the bladder and the uterus. It wont fall out of you and hit the floor- its all connected - but still it can decend and it can be scarey if you dont know what it is. Imagine having that happen to you - see or feel something starting to protrude out of your vagina (and not be in labor!!!). IT scares alot of women but it is actually quite common in older women and those with many children.

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Posts: 4414
6/26/06 12:25 P

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YES! This can happen. In our childbirth class the instructor was telling us about a patient she had seen whose uterus was completely out of her body. Yikes!

BabyFit Community Team
Posts: 7265
6/26/06 12:21 P

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Sorry, YIANOOLA, didn't mean to make you sick!

Do a web search for prolapsed uterus ... That's probably what you're thinking about.

"Uterine prolapse, or a prolapsed uteus, is a specific type of pelvic organ prolapse that occurs when the uterus drops from its normal position in the pelvic cavity and descends into and sometimes outside the vagina in the most serious cases. To better understand uterine prolapse, it may be helpful to think of it as a type of hernia. For example, weakness in the abdominal wall can lead to intestines bulging through the muscular support causing an abdominal hernia. Similarly, weakness in the muscles and ligaments of the pelvic floor can cause loss of uterine support and lead to uterine prolapse. Pregnancy, childbirth, obesity and chronic coughing and lifting are some of the factors that predispose a woman to developing uterine prolapse. Uterine prolapse is a progressive condition that gets worse over time, if not treated."

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BabyFit Community Team
Posts: 6536
6/26/06 12:14 P

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I don't think it could actually fall out and land on the floor so to speak since it's connected to your vagina. It's all one big piece, so I think that in a worst case senerio it would just protrude.

I think you would have to have something seriously wrong with your anatomy for that to even be a possibility.

BabyFit Community Team
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Posts: 2037
6/26/06 12:00 P

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So can it actually fall out completely?

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Born August 29, 2006

Posts: 2037
6/26/06 11:35 A

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I just read a post on "afterbirth" that reminded me of something. At my first OB appt after having my son, I was experiencing a little pain in the pelvic area and during sex. My OB said the first thing she wanted to check was that my uterus was not protruding out of my body. What does that mean? FALLING OUT OF YOUR BODY. My grandmother in Greece apparently has to wear a special girdle (she had 9 children) because he uterus slips out all the time. WTF - can this actually happen????

Victoria Rose has finally arrived!
Born August 29, 2006

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