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Are labor pains like menstrual cramps?

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10/28/06 8:33 P

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My labor pains were exactly like menstral cramps...until they broke my water. Then it was like the cramps x1000 the pp said. I thought I was going to throw up. And I couldnt walk around during them, my husband had to brace me.

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10/28/06 5:49 P

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My labor pains to me was menstrual cramps x1000.

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10/28/06 5:43 P

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Why was this post answered in Ocotober? Just curious...or maybe I should have read all the posts. But it was posted in June.

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10/28/06 4:33 P

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mine felt like i had to poo(tmi sorry) really bad. almost like diareah cramps, or gas cramps. hope this helps

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10/28/06 12:04 A

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yeah early labor is a comparison to menstral cramps but your abdomin actually balls up into a tight ball and moves up to under your ribs. i was also GBS positive and was very worried about getting there, if your water breaks just get there right away. my water did break and being it was my 4th child i had to get there quick, they did manage to get one dose of meds in me before i delivered, which they prefer 2 doses, but i was lucky i held out that long, LOL. dont' worry just listen to your body, time contractions, and strength . .. you'll be fine

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10/27/06 12:53 P

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For early labour, I was surprised at how sore my back was. I didn't have any pains in my abdomen until the labour became intense, but my back hurt. Eventually the pain of the contractions gives way to the pain of actually trying to deliver. Somehow we all manage and believe's worth every painful minute!! (although you probably won't think so right away) :)

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Dmitri Cole
Friday August 11th 2006
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Posts: 940
10/27/06 11:12 A

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My contractions were like menstral cramps. They started in my lower abdomen and then my entire tummy would tighten up for about 30-45 seconds. I am not good with pain but when it first started it was tolerable. I also had GBS and alot of women do. Don't worry. Every woman that is pregnant finds the strength (somewhere) to get through the pain and give birth. Naturally there is some fear but with the help and support of your loved ones and ofcourse the meds they can give now :) you will be just fine.

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Posts: 413
10/27/06 9:52 A

ASHBEAUTY - I had GBS but we didn't know it at the time I went into the hospital (the lab never sent my dr the results). I went home for about 6 hours and then went back to the hospital and got hooked up for the antibiotics. They gave me 3 bags (I think) and said it wouldn't be an issue.

My cramps didn't feel like menstrual cramps, as I only felt them in my back. Kinda like it would tighten up at very consistent intervals.

Good luck over the next few weeks! You have such a great experience to look forward to! I can't tell you not to worry as I was a wreck, but in my experience, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. And like everyone says, the moment you see that baby, nothing else even registers.

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6/16/06 7:44 A

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I'd always heard it described as menstrual cramps, but more intense. I had back labor. It was a pain that started in the small of my back and radiated around to my tummy. It was uncomfortable, but not unbearable. The intense contractions started after my water broke and I can't really put in to words what they felt like, don't really remember now. Breathing all though it doesn't help with the pain (or at least not for me) it does help keep you from tensing up down there.... Breathe deeply and keep telling yourself this is all for the gift of life. Believe it or not when they hand you the baby, you almost immediately forget about all that just happened!!! I thought that was BS, but it was true! :D Good luck, you can do this....we were built to do this!

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Posts: 366
6/15/06 8:50 P

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Yes I agree, cramps X 100! When I got to the hospital I was already dialated to 10 so no epidural for me. I screamed her out it hurt so bad. I think everyone experiences labor differently and has different types of labor pains. Hopefully you can handle it better than I did.

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Posts: 205
6/15/06 4:34 P

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Well they didn't tell me it was too late. They just barely got the bed broke down before my son's head came out. By the time they would have given me the epidural I would have already have had my son.

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Posts: 20
6/15/06 4:19 P

No, Nothing like cramps...totally different! A feeling you will never forget or ever feel anything like it unless you have more children! I was 8cm dialated and I still was able to get an epidural...don't let them tell you that you can't have one if you want one.

Posts: 205
6/15/06 3:46 P

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Another thing is don't tense up when you are having a contraction because it will make it that much worse. I didn't get my epidural the first time because I dilated too quick. She went to get the anestisiologist and when she got back (about 5 minutes later) I was already dilated to an 8. You can do it just don't worry about. You body will know what to do just don't try to fight the contractions or anything.

Riley Austin-May 1st, 2003
Trenton Lee-July 14th, 2006
Abigail Dawn-July 25, 2007

Posts: 971
6/15/06 3:40 P

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First let me start by saying that I have a very low tolerance for pain. Labor pains hurt like HELL!! I went into labor at home and they are much like menstral cramps except 10 times worse. For me, it was intense pain in my tummy and back. Kind of a hollow, aching cramp that lasts a few seconds and then goes away. OUCH! Just try to focus on what the contractions are doing. They are bringing that baby down into a position where he/she can come out. I stayed home as long as I could and dealt with/timed my contractions but when I "had" to go to the hospital, I was only at 3 cm. They gave me demoral (because I was such a whiny baby) and then I got the epidural as soon as I was able to (I think it was at 5cm). They are going to hurt, but YOU CAN DO THIS!!! Women have done it forever and ever without drugs. Your body knows what to do. Just breathe deeply and know that they will pass.

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Posts: 578
6/15/06 3:34 P

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That's true... that our bodies adjust to matural pain... I'm sure labor pains are explained as similar to mentrual cramps but you are in a totally different frame of mind at this time. You will be totally occupied with the end results that you will be able to handle everything just fine... and if not then that's when the EPI comes in!!!


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Posts: 205
6/15/06 3:33 P

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In my first pregnancy the hospital game me demerol and I didn't feel any of my contractions. It put me to sleep and I remember waking up when I had a contraction but they weren't really that intense. The demerol didn't really wear off until I started having the baby. Then I was wide awake. I wouldn't worry about it too much because when you start thinking that you are bringing a new life into the world then they probably won't bother you as bad. If you're getting an epidural then they usually give it to you by the time you have dilated to a 5.

Riley Austin-May 1st, 2003
Trenton Lee-July 14th, 2006
Abigail Dawn-July 25, 2007

Posts: 345
6/15/06 3:08 P

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Only more intense? Because if they are I am in trouble. I used to take about 5 advil as soon as I knew I was getting period cramps because I couldn't handle them. If I can't handle menstrual cramps how the hell am I going to birth a baby??

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