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How far along am I?

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2/13/06 7:46 P

I have a breakdown of the "months" in my What to Expect When You're Expecting book. It says:
1 to 4 weeks -- 1st month
5 to 8 weeks -- 2nd month
9 to 13 weeks -- 3rd month
14 to 17 weeks -- 4th month
18 to 22 weeks -- 5th month
23 to 27 weeks -- 6th month
28 to 31 weeks -- 7th month
32 to 35 weeks -- 8th month
36 to 40 weeks -- 9th month

Of course, it says that all these weeks are approximate. Hope this helps!

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2/13/06 7:31 P

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The reason 4 weeks doesn't equal one month is because the months go as follows: 4-4-5. the first two months have four weeks, the third month has 5 and so on (basically Jan, Feb have 4 weeks, March has 5 and so on)....The easiest way is like everyone says--just use weeks---it's much easier to figure it out!

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2/13/06 7:01 P

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Because a week is only 7 days long the only true 4-week month is February. Every other month adds 2 or 3 days.
Basically if you want to go by a "monthly" reference use 13 weeks = 1 month. It's a close estimate. Most pregnancy references say week 14 is the start of your second trimester. But some argue 13 or 15! The best time scale, as mentioned by Ganskagrl, is to calculate weekly. The average pregnancy is 40 weeks. 13.33 weeks per trimester.

I'm 14w5d today.

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2/13/06 5:09 P

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Since I couldn't remember the exact date of my last period, we went by my first ultrasound. As of today, I am 13 weeks and 6 days pregnant.

Also, it depends on the doctor/who you talk to as to when each trimester begins/ends. Some doctors say 12 weeks, some say 13, and some say 14. I know that partially depends on whether they go by the conception date, or the anticipated implantation date (roughly 2 weeks later) but it can get confusing!

I say go with what your doctor tells you... and everything else should adjust accordingly.

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2/13/06 4:14 P

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It's all a little confusing because they say that a pregnancy is nine months, but really it's 40 weeks-doesn't add up. Also, some sources go by the fetal age as opposed to the time since conception. Just stick to the 4 wks=a month rule, or I just usually say how many weeks along I am.

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2/13/06 4:07 P

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I thought every 4 weeks you're another month. Currently I'm 14 weeks and different things I'm reading say different things. Am I just 3 months until I get to 15 weeks I'm confused?

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