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baby has rash on face and neck

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8/23/06 5:52 P

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My lo has had a rash and redness on her face. Her's was caused by tomatoes in my diet. Echzema can flare up from what's in your breastmilk. I was the same way as a baby, so I cut out the same things my mom had to when she was bf me. They were chocolate and anything with tomatoes (yellow tomatoes were ok).


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8/23/06 4:36 P

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just got back from dr, she says it's echzema and gave me a prescription for a mild hydrocortizone cream. she says he'll outgrow it.

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8/23/06 12:34 P

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Mine has some rash on his face too. My mom thinks it's heat rash from nursing against my body in the heat we've had lately. I've heard this is about the age they adjust to mom's hormones finally working out of their bodies.

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8/23/06 11:54 A

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I called the dr. today and spoke to the nurse, they told me to go ahead and bring him in. I'll let you know what he says, our appt is this afternoon.

It's girl this time! Her name is Camryn, we are all very excited!


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8/23/06 8:12 A

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my dd has a breakout on her face and has heat rash on her neck. I called and asked the nurse and she said to keep the air clean. It will heal on its own. She said baby acne can go from the face to the chest area. The dr said to try to keep her in cool clothes and aired out to help the heat rash. Her neck has so many rolls though!

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8/23/06 12:53 A

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I noticed this on my little man too, but I found the problem...his feedings! Whether he is on my breast or getting bottled breast milk, he kind of 'leaks and spits' as he eats and it dribbles down his chin and all over his neck, and yes to the back too. i now use a bib and wipe through out the feeding then babywipe him after. It really helped my little dude....

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8/23/06 12:08 A

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Liam has pimples on his chin and the doctor said it was thrush (yeast infection). It's different from those little white heads that babies get, it actually looks like pimples instead. He said it would just go away, but I had to keep it dry and clean, especially after he eats/spits up--which is all the time!

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8/23/06 12:04 A

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My LO has a rash all over face and on neck and back of neck. It started out just a few little bumps, but seems to be getting worse. I stopped using lotions and now just use this gentle soap on him, but it's not helping. I'm thinking of making him a dr. appt about it. Am I overreacting? It looks awful, poor little guy

It's girl this time! Her name is Camryn, we are all very excited!


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