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excersizes for transverse baby?

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6/16/06 2:56 P

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Check out the thread CHAINMAIDEN in UK Mums, a very nice lady did some research on this and posted it there.

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6/16/06 1:32 P

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My DS was breech at 36 weeks and turned by 38 weeks thanks to my diligence in doing all the exercises described in this post and others (at least I think they helped). My little girl has been in a transverse position my entire pregnancy and I will find out at my next appointment whether she is still in that position or head down. I sure hope she's head down! For a pp, my doctor had me choose an early date for a c-section with my DS (which thankfully I didn't need) figuring it would be safe to have a scheduled c-section early rather than go into labor and have to have an emergency c-section.

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6/16/06 11:14 A

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I did a Google search and came up some helpful answers and exercises on how to turn a transverse baby:

Q: Now at 34 weeks, we've been told for over a month that the baby's been consistently in a transverse position. we've heard there are exercises to help the baby adjust positions. is there any truth to that, and what are those exercises?

A: Yes, there is truth to that....there are exercises to help turn the baby to a more favorable position for birth. That position is usually a vertex anterior position, meaning that the baby is head down with its face turned towards the mother's back. It is important for you to try some of these exercises, since, if your baby remains in a transverse position, a cesarean section is inevitable. While the exercises are usually recommended for breech babies, they can be helpful for the baby who is transverse (laying across mom's belly). Most babies assume their birth position sometime between 34 and 36 weeks, so there is still plenty of time for the baby to move.

One of the most well-known exercises for turning a baby into the head-down position is called the "breech tilt"exercise. Place a board at about a 45 degree angle between the floor and a couch. Mom gets on the board with her head down at the bottom of the board and her feet up at the top, and stays in the position for about 5-10 minutes. It may be more comfortable for mom to lay on her back and raise her bottom about 15 inches off the floor, with some help from some pillows, of course. Another option is for mom to get into an extreme knee-chest position. The point is to get the hips higher than the head so the force of gravity will encourage the baby to move up out of the pelvis and into a more favorable position. This is a harmless exercise and can be coupled with such things as placing headphones near the pubic bone and playing music to encourage the baby to turn, and talking to the baby (or having dad talk to the baby near mom's pubic bone).

If this fails, you may want to consider asking your doctor or midwife about a procedure called an external version. This procedure involves the doctor moving the baby manually/externally while using an ultrasound to guide the movements. It is a riskier way to get the baby to turn, since there is the chance of detaching the placenta from the wall of the uterus. However, most times an external version is successful in getting the baby to a head-down position and in avoiding a cesarean section.

Keep in mind that sometimes nothing will get a baby to turn, or a baby will be stubborn and turn back into the previous position after having turned head-down. For this reason, it is important to prepare yourself mentally and emotionally for the possibility of a cesarean section. Women who are prepared ahead of time for the possibility of a medically necessary cesarean section report having a more positive birth experience than those who thought that "it wouldn't happen to me."

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6/16/06 10:20 A

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OMG!! That's too funny......and really creepy! I think I'd have nightmares if I were that nurse! And that poor 10 yr old will never hear the end of that story!!

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6/15/06 5:33 P

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Thanks for all the advise and words of encouragement ladies. I will try the excersize ball as well as propping my hips up on pillows. Even though some doctors are telling their patients that excersizes probably won't work, I'll never forgive myself if I don't try and she ends up staying that way.

I like what CALLIOPESMOM said about the IQ being believed to be 20 pts higher; at least that put a smile on my face :)

I'll get to work and I'll keep you ladies posted if anything changes.

Anna Lindsay
Born 7/19 @5:25am
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Little sister to
Alyssa Nicole Born 11/21/03

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6/15/06 8:42 A

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Glad to see this post. My midwife suspected a transverse position for my little one at yesterday's appointment. I am trying the pelvic tilts on all fours and will try the hip circles on the birthing ball too since I have a yoga ball.

I have read that only about 5% of babies who are transverse stay that way through the 39th week so we have TONS of hope ladies!


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6/15/06 8:34 A

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I am 35 weeks and my baby wont turn either! I had a long talk with my dr yesterday and he wasn't too convinced by these exercises. He told me that 50% of breech babies will turn at this point, and those who turn after exercises would have likely turned on their own and there is no real correlation. I'm still going to do them though! :) He also said that if she hasnt turned by my next appt (37wks) we can schedule an external version for the 38th week if I want. He uses an epidural and if it does work and I am dialated he can induce then. If it doesnt work he will go ahead and do a c-section that day since you already have the epidural. Ugh! Turn baby turn! I DO NOT want a c-section!! (although getting this baby out at 38 wks does sound nice!) :)

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6/15/06 8:06 A

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I think AmandaRios had posted a good site about a little while back.

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6/15/06 3:42 A

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i'm in my 35 week and my baby is still in the breech position. i've been doing these excersizes and have to agree thats its not easy to do them. my doc has asked me to pick a date in my 38 week for a scheduled c-section in case baby doesn't turn by then. any ideas as to why not wait till 40th week for this? i've got another appointment for next saturday but was just wondering if anyone here has a clue.

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6/15/06 12:48 A

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Our birth class teacher, a long-time labor and delivery nurse, said these babies have an IQ of 20 points higher than average. It isn't much comfort when you have to have the child surgically removed, but it has to mean something.

I have heard that accupressure can turn regular breech babies; it is worth a try.

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6/14/06 7:52 P

Check out the site:
It's got some useful info.
Good luck to you!

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6/14/06 7:32 P

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Hip circles are supposed to help. Sit on an exercise ball and roll your hips around. Also, try and always sit so your hips are higher than your knees. Supposedly there are also some manual things you can do to make the baby move, but I don't know what they are.

My son was transverse until 38 1/2 weeks and then he flipped down into position so don't give up hope yet. We talked to him a lot asking him to please move and get into position. Sounds crazy, but I was willing to do anything and he ended up moving so who knows.

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6/14/06 7:07 P

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My Dr suspected baby to be transverse, sideways, at todays visit and this was confirmed by an ultrasound. I was told not to worry, that there is plenty of time for her to turn around. I know she knows how to go head down; she was 3 weeks ago on an ultrasound.

Even though I'm told not to worry you know I that I am. If she doesn't move by delivery time it's a guaranteed c-section. It was advised that I get on all fours with my hips higher than my shoulders and maybe the baby will float out of her position and into the head down one. My problem is this hurts like back aches and I can only tolerate this position for literally 2 minutes. Does anyone know of anything else I can try to get my little one head down?

Anna Lindsay
Born 7/19 @5:25am
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Little sister to
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