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When will the water retention go away?

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6/8/06 9:35 P

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With my first they told me it was normal to be swollen for a week or two PP... I ended up having PP Eclampsia so i missed the signs because I thought the swelling was normal... so just be careful! If you start to get headaches get to the dr!

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6/8/06 7:45 P

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I just hope all the weight I've gained in my butt is water!!!

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6/8/06 6:59 P

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I had a ton of water retention with my first baby and it took almost 2 wks for it too all go away.

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6/8/06 6:47 P

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I lost all of my water weight within the first couple of days after having DD. Hope that helps.

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6/8/06 5:42 P

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Yeah, the massage is calle Manual Lymphatic Drainage, or MLD. Get a pro. massage therapist who's certified in this technique!

It should go away on its own once the pressure from baby is gone, though.

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Kaliana Joy - July 16, 2006

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6/8/06 5:40 P

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My SIL was pretty swollen while still in the hospital after her c-section. My DH and I each grabbed one of her legs and some lotion and started massaging her. She liked the way it felt but didn't do much for the swelling. A few days later she had a professional massage and told us that did the trick.

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6/8/06 5:30 P

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My feet (especially my right one) are very swollen. I actually already experience the feeling of water swashing around in there every once in a while when I am walking. It is a weird and slightly gross feeling. I feel like a walking water balloon!

With my 1st, it took about 2 weeks for it to go away completely, but I had a C-section and was on IVs for a couple of days which didn't help.

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6/8/06 3:31 P

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During our childbirth class, the nurse told us that it is normal to experience heavy sweating or frequent urination after giving birth as your body rids itself of the retained fluid. She made is sound like it happens pretty quickly (a day or 2).

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6/8/06 2:53 P

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If the swelling is extreme, it can take a week or two for your kidneys to get rid of it all. You'll pee a lot and probably have night sweats, but it will go away.

Also, if you have an epidural and are hooked up for a long time, they give you a lot of IV fluids, and that can contribute to more swelling, which will take a little longer to get rid of. My shortest induction (#2) was only three hours compared to 26, 27 hours, and I had almost no postpartum swelling compared to the other two.

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6/8/06 2:44 P

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I sure hope it goes away right after birth. My shoes are getting super tight!! I'm ready to move permanently into flip flops!

SUSAN7 - the fluid gurgling around the feet would freak me out! I hope none of us have that!! :-)


Posts: 30
6/8/06 2:24 P

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With my first I got really swollen and it took about 2 wks. for it go away. When it started going down I could actually feel the fluid giggling around in my feet, gross.

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6/8/06 2:14 P

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My mom assures me the swelling will go away after giving birth but she was not specific about the amount of time it would take. A friend of mine had severe swelling problems with her first child and by the time she left the hospital, her swelling had gone down dramatically. Hopefully, that will be the case with us. :)

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Mia - July 28, 2006
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6/8/06 2:12 P

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Does the water retention go away right after the birth? My legs are HUGE on the bottom (at least I feel like they are). I was just wondering if that sticks with you or will leave as soon as I am not pg.

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