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how effaced and dialated are you

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6/30/06 9:56 A

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I had my doctors appt. yesterday. I was kinda hoping that I had dialated or something. I am supposed to have a c-section due to prior c-section, but have the notion in the back of my mind that if I go into labor before the c-section just to have baby naturally. Of course my husband doesn't want me to do that because the doc said it would be safer to do another c-section. But anyways I am not dialated or anything.

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6/30/06 9:31 A

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Yay, I have progressed! now I am 3 cm and 80% effaced. They sadi they will induce on Wednesday if I haven't had him by Monday ;) so cool! I have had bleeding eveytime after each exam. In L&D the other day I had two nurses and one doctor check me and just after the first nurse tried and failed to see how dilated I was I saw blood all over her glove. It hurt really bad. Then the second nurse tried and obviously the bleeding got worse. Anyway it took three days for the bleeding to go away. Even though they say it's okay it's still scary.

Wyatt Thomas, born 7/7/06
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6/30/06 8:14 A

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Sorry to hear the lack of progress but as I saw on one of the other threads, this might not mean anything. My exam was painful also and I was not prepared for so much bleeding afterward. I know next time to wear a pad when I go!

Doniven Michael born 7-13-06 7# 2 oz.
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6/30/06 2:01 A

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On wensday my 37 week app Iwas effaced 75% and dialeted 2 I just hope it goes quick now.

Juliana was born July 11,2006 at 1:15 she was 6 lbs 13oz and 20 inches long.
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6/30/06 12:43 A

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YEA for you!! Last week I was the same but not effaced at all, Im going tomorrow and ideally want to deliver on Monday!! How picky am I???!

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6/30/06 12:20 A

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We're so excited! Found out today (first time that the Dr. has checked me) that I am 80% effaced and 1 cm. I guess those damn BH are doing something besides keeping me up at night! He said it is VERY unlikely that I will make it 11 more days to my due date...

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6/30/06 12:19 A

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Thats weird about your dr appt! Mine is first come first served too! It doesnt matter when my appt is, if I gon in early I get in and out within 30 minutes. If I go on time, Im there for atleast 2 hours!! WEIRD!

Born: 7/8/06
Name: Maddox James Allen Gingras

My first, but have a 5 year old stepdaughter named Lexi Marie

Add me if you have myspace! Jordyn Christian on there...

My name is JORDYN, not Jane, everyone thinks that from my username, but janee is my middle name like Ja-NAY

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6/29/06 10:51 P

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As of Monday 50% and 2cm

We have a wonderful 4 year old son, Christian Michael. Our new miracle, Chrymson Ashley was born 7/10 by c-section. What a blessing they both are! :-)
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6/29/06 12:41 A

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Had my appt today,he didn't say how effaced but 3 cm dilated!

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6/28/06 10:29 P

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Good luck at your appt. tomorrow Annie, I will be waiting to hear who is ahead.

Doniven Michael born 7-13-06 7# 2 oz.
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6/28/06 6:34 P

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Just got checkedtoday and I am 755 and 3cm dialated, so I think it is going to happen soon, yeah!!!


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6/28/06 5:29 P

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Dinah - congrats! I guess if we placed bets, you'd win! My appt is tomorrow morning...The race is better bring it! (just kidding)

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6/28/06 4:41 P

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36 weeks and 2 days today
Check up
Nothing yet.
She has however changed positions now, no longer breech. She has just settled into the birth canal.

antsy the second time around, Kelly mommy is ready now....
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6/28/06 4:16 P

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At my appt. today 36 weeks and 4 days, 75% effaced and dilated 1. He said I would be having a baby within 2 weeks. He also said he was touching the babies head when checking my cervix.

Doniven Michael born 7-13-06 7# 2 oz.
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6/28/06 4:15 P

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At my appt. last night (39 weeks) I was checked for the first time and am 1 cm., 50% effaced and baby is at station -3, which is still a little high I guess. But she could feel baby's head, so head is definitely down! She said she gives me another week, so it may be a 4th of July baby : )

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Lucy Bella was born on 7/1/06
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6/28/06 4:05 P

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Had an appointment this afternoon and I am still closed up tight.

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Mia - July 28, 2006
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6/28/06 12:39 P

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Just got checked fo rthe first time: 2cm, but he did not say how effaced...did say baby is head down and he could feel her...also that he doesnt think I will make it to my due date! YAY! 3 weeks to go and counting!!

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6/27/06 3:38 P

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At yesterdays appt, 100% effaced, 0cm dilated, and 0 station.

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6/27/06 3:32 P

had doc apt. yesturday and 0 dialated 0 effaced, but my doc said that my baby's head engaged low and ready so it didn't matter if I was dialated yet my water could break at anytime now! So that is some good news.

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6/27/06 3:26 P

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woo hoo...i can finally be a part of this post!!!
found out today that i am...
100% effaced and 2cm dilated!!! Thin as paper (doctors words)! :)

due date: July 20th

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6/27/06 3:18 P

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Making progress...slowly!

At today's appt, I was still about 1 cm. dilated, but 50% effaced, cervix very soft. She could feel baby's head, thought it was about -1 (last time more like -4). But he apparently didn't like her touching his head and moved it a little up.

Apparently, it's normal for babies (in not-first pregnancies) to kind of settle a little lower, go up a bit, then down a little bit lower, etc, until they are finally born.

Also, the midwife recommended Evening Primrose oil caps for me from here on out.

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6/27/06 11:38 A

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40% effaced
0 cm. dilated
37 centimeters
baby= 6 lbs. 9 oz.
I have not gained in 4 weeks

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6/27/06 8:19 A

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Grrrrr -- I was checked yesterday and was not dilated at all. Although apparently my cervix is softening which is something -- I guess - blah!

due: July 11th
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6/27/06 12:57 A

3cm dialated and 75% effaced! I am so ready for this baby, I'm like a witch on wheels around here! Everytime I think "it's time".. it's more like "it's gas".. UGH!!!! SO frustrating!

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6/26/06 9:33 P

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Before the cervix can start effacing the tissue has to soften up. When that happens, it literally feels softer and looser to the touch.

During pregnancy your cervix is about 3-4 cm long -- it will efface (shorten) until it's as thin as a rubber band.

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6/26/06 9:17 P

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I **think** soft is another way of saying effaced which refers to the thining of the cervix. So if it is usually 1/2 inch thick, when it effaces it starts to become a more thin layer...I don't know how thick it is to being with...I'm just using a 1/2 inch as an example. Anyhow, if I am wrong than I'd like to know too what "soft" means.

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6/26/06 9:14 P

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Last week at the doctors (36 weeks) I was not dilated but my cervix was soft. So, tomorrow I go back to see my doctor so I'm praying for dilation!!!

Just a quick question to those who know a bit more about cervixes than I do, what does it mean when your cervix is soft? I was never checked with my daughter, just when I was in labour so this is all new to me!

** Rhian **

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6/26/06 7:57 P

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came back from the doctor and i am now 90% effaced and 3cm + dilated. he thinks that i will go into labor before the end of the week. we'll see! hope he is right!

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6/25/06 9:03 A

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At my appointment Friday, they didn't even check me! I got checked at my appt. before that though and they said I was 2 cm- I was really hoping to find out more but nothing. How disapointing. I'm so tired of being pregnant already.

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Jocelyn Elizabeth 7/13/06

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6/23/06 5:56 P

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2cm dialeted...90% effaced...

she's still sitting high though

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6/23/06 5:49 P

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i had my doct appt today am due in 8 days and still nothing im not dialated or effaced she said my cervx is softened. what is going on this is my second and i thought things would go faster this time, you girls are so lucky.

Sophia Renee 7/8/06
Nadia Janelle9/11/02

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6/23/06 1:11 P

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I am 3centimeters dilated and was told that the baby's head is waaaaaaaaaaaaay down, whatever that means, he didn't give me an exact station! Says it be surprised to see me at my next appointment next thursday since I'm usually very active............still hoping to hold out though!

Gianna Nicole was born 6/26/06!
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6/23/06 12:56 P

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I have a dr appointment this afternoon and I'm hoping they'll check again. I was 2 cm dilated last week, but she didn't tell me how effaced I was. She did say the baby's head was really low, so I hope things have progressed! I am sick of waiting now... I've only got a week and a half till due date, and I'm terrified they'll have to give me pitocin again. Last time I was induced with pit was horrible.

**Tabi** graphy

Colton Jack 12/15/04
Jocelyn Elizabeth 7/13/06

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6/23/06 12:52 P

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I went to the dr. yesterday and was told that my cervix is very soft, but still closed. I will be 37 weeks tomorrow and am measuring right on time.

EDD July 15, 2006

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6/23/06 12:50 P

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Went to my weekly appt today.....1cm and 70% effaced. Doc said her head is 'way down' there he had to reach around her. measuring 36cm...having an US next week to check fluid and baby's weight. I prefer to be holding her in my arm's next week!

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BabyFit Community Team
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6/22/06 2:33 P

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1 cm & 50% effaced:( with TONS of contractions

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Gavin Ryleigh Lauritano
July 3, 2006

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6/22/06 1:10 P

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i'm 50% effaced and 1 cent dilated i was hoping for 9 centimeters oh well....

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6/22/06 12:01 P

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I had my 36 week check up today and he still didn't check for dilation/effacement yet. Today he did the strep b culture, but that was it besides regular measuring and listening to heartbeat. I will start to see him once a week from here on out and he said that he wouldn't start checking for dilation/effacement until week 38 unless I am having some contractions.

Maybe I should tell him I've been having slight contractions next week so he will check, I'm curious to know.

It's girl this time! Her name is Camryn, we are all very excited!


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6/22/06 11:56 A

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ladies - i have not yet been "checked". I have not actually had anything internally checked since my first papsmear in the beginning. I have my strep b culture on monday, so i guess theyll check then? Then do they check at every weekly visit after that? I am 34 wks. Ill be 35 when I see him monday. - amber

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6/22/06 9:03 A

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YODALANA- I heard the same thing two weeks ago. Softening of the cervix is the start of effacement as far as I know.
Sara- I'm really glad to have read your stats! I'm 50% and 2cm, but I'm not ready for baby. Hubby is out of town all next week, so I'm glad to hear that you had to see Dr. the next week.
There are no guarantees, like my Dr. says. She said she thought she would see me next week in the office, but she has seen it happen the next day as well.
Everyone here has fingers crossed for July 14.

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6/19/06 1:52 P

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Last week I was 2 cm & 50% effaced. This week I am 2 cm & 75% effaced. Midwife said I was progressing nicely, and it could be any time now. She also said it was unlikely I'd dilate anymore until labor actually starts.

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