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Baby Shower Edicate

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4/24/06 11:43 A

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I don't see anything wrong with having a shower for each child. A lot of people are funny about giving showers if there is not a big difference in age with the children. I had to throw my sister in law one at the last minute because her mother wouldn't give her one. I say go for it if someone wants to give you one I would.

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4/24/06 11:38 A

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Here you only have a shower for the first baby, but I know more people that are having an 'open house' after the 2nd or 3rd baby are born and everyone always takes a present for that.


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4/24/06 8:50 A

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I guess my family doesn't follow etiquette either. We always have a baby shower for each baby no matter which child you are on. We have an ENORMOUS family(200 people and growing) and we love to shower the new parents with a party and gifts. I am not having a shower because the rest of the family lives in NJ and I live in Fl, but they will be sending gifts. It's just the way we do things. I guess if you are not supposed to have another shower if you are on #2 then doesn't that make it seem like only the first child was important and all the ones after that were not really important? Every child is a gift and cause for celebration!! Just my take on it.

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4/24/06 8:43 A

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Oh wow.... Knowing that there are people like that (refusing to go to a shower they have been invited to only b/c itr's #2), makes me feel disappointed in the world. Those people should be extinct for all I care! How insensitive! Baby shower etiquette? How's this: I told my mom that she is throwing me a shower, and she is, in 2 weeks! I should be stoned to death! And I invited half of my own guests! I should be burned by the ladies invited!

Neda T.
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4/23/06 11:27 A

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I agree I think every baby deserve the celebration: I'm not having one because of two reasons I don't have anyone to throw one and also with my last being a boy and I have most of what I need except the big things I gave away right before I found out I was having another one!!

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4/23/06 10:59 A

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To me, each child is as special as the first and deserves their own shower as a welcome into the world and so that mommy can enjoy a day as well. I say go for it...if people think it's rude or whatever, they don't have to come. And Have Fun!

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4/23/06 7:54 A

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Oh and must add ..And My Mother and Mother in law have each bought a special outfit for me to wear to the party. (yikes on what my mother picked out)
Each child is special and I would shower anyone no matter how many babies they have.

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4/23/06 7:52 A

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I was told that my Mother, Mother in law, Girls at work and an association that I am in are all giving seprate showers. This is my second child (its 9 1/2 years since the 1st). I am not really a party person but I will get over it to be showered with 4 showers! Now the question is since I have about 12 or 13 weeks left when are they going to do this. I don't want it to cut in the my babyfit time ha ha ha.

antsy the second time around, Kelly mommy is ready now....
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4/23/06 6:57 A

A few years ago I had a very small catering business. I was asked to do a second-shower for a family friend. I thought it was a great idea. Unfortunately, some of the ladies who were invited refused to come because they felt that it was too much too son. (The mother-to-be in question only had a year separation between children.) My advice to that mom was to throw the shower anyway, explain to the guests that this is just a celebration of a new life and gifts were not EXPECTED. If people didn't want to come...that was their choice! She ended up having a small, but thoughtful, part and the mommy-to-be was showered by her TRUE friends.

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4/23/06 2:46 A

Just for fun you should check out this website; its hilarious:

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4/22/06 11:37 P

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Where I'm from it's tradition to have a baby shower for each and every baby, even if they're only a year apart - doesn't matter... new baby new stuff. What you put on your registry is entirely up to you and your needs of course, but a lot of people even appreiciate you taking the guess work out of what to give you for having a new baby - which you'll find most people will want to give you something.

As far as who throws it, I don't think it matters how close the person is to you. My sister had one thrown by her best friend, and one thrown by my mom... both were great. I think you should let them do it, and enjoy every single minute of it - you deserve it for all the hard work of creating a life :).

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4/22/06 10:28 P

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My Mom really wants me to have a baby shower to celebrate the new baby. This is my second (my first was 5 years ago). Is it appropriate for me to get a baby shower for our second???? Will people think thatís greedy? And who should throw it? I know my Mom is out of the question, too close. But my Aunt also offered, is that too close?
Honesty appreciated. . . .

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