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Contractions while walking

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3/31/06 7:42 P

To answer those who wonder what a contraction feels like... I have had 2 other healthy pregnancies so let me share what I feel this time. When I get a contraction (braxton hicks), my stomach starts to feel really tight and hard. I sometimes feel a pulling in my lower uterus... a little achy. I can really tell if it's a contraction by laying on my back for a moment. I feel my stomach and if it's a contraction, it's hard as a ROCK! I have had these after a good hour long walk at the end of the day. It concerned me enough last week to call in. They advised me to take a warm bath and if they would not go away to come in. Thank God they did go away. Hope this helps.

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3/31/06 6:28 P

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Thank guys. I knew it wasn't anything to worry about but it's good to know that I'm not the only one.

With me contractions are like a sharp pain all over my stomach. My stomach also tightens and is very hard. I was worried with my second child that I wouldn't know when I was in labour because I was induced with me first, but trust me you'll definately know when your in labour.

Anyway I guess I'll keep up the walking just trying going a bit slower. I'll also talk to my midwife about it at my next appointment.

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3/31/06 5:56 P

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I got back into the gym on Monday, and got on the treadmill...was at a pace of 2.2 ( which is really slow ) and immediately felt my belly tighten, but it lasted the whole time...25 minutes. I tried it again on Tuesday, and the same thing happened. I asked my doc yesterday, and she advised that I slow it down or stop entirely if it happens again. I went again today and was at a pace of 1.8, and was fine....maybe it was a couple of bad days??

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3/31/06 12:54 P

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I get contractions (braxton hicks) when I walk. I actually had them while grocery shopping. Not very high activity. I notice they vary based on how the baby is positioned. These happened with my first all the time and they never progressed just ruined a few shopping trips. :(

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3/31/06 12:02 P

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I honestly thought I got into labour last night, as I started having sharp contrax type pains that did not go away for an hour or so ( lower abdomen + lower back +hard tummy). They stopped though, after I rested for a while. I think that as I am sitting in front of a computer all day long and I am not really walking around too much, it doesn't suit my growing belly. My feet are also very swollen, and I definitely need more rest but I am just not getting it... I have my next OB appiintment on the 19th, so hopefully nothing as scary as last night happrns by then, but I am planning on mentioning this episode to her so she can maybe check my cervix or something. Wish me luck for no more contrax!

Neda T.
Posts: 2239
3/31/06 10:00 A

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I'm sure that everyone's experience may be different, but this is what mine felt like:

Very similar to menstrual cramps except stronger and more frequent (they also tend to increase in intensity and they get closer together). I also had back labor and would get pain in my tailbone area at the same time as my stomach. However that is not always the case, you may just get back labor in which case it would be a dull pain to start out with and then increase on a regular basis (kind of like the previous, but in your back not the stomach). The other ladies are right to say that you will definitely know when you are in labor. It may not be shockingly apparent at first, but as you progress you will start to see a pattern. I've never had Braxton Hicks, but I think that is where they are disernable from one another -- Contractions increase in intensity, BH don't.

Hope that helps!!!

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3/31/06 9:46 A

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For those of you worried about not knowing when you are in labor, don't worry you will know. This is my second and I was just like you guys with my last pregnancy and trust me when you are experiencing true labor contractions you will know it. I think what most of us are experiencing now are more along the lines of BH. My tummy gets really tight too when I walk and sometimes I do have to take a break, but mine is more like preasure instead of pains. But each of us is going to experience different things, just be in tune with your body and changes that may be happening and you should be fine. I know this is not really what you were looking for, but I hope that is helps out a little.


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3/31/06 9:43 A

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I've had two BH contractions in the last day - one while walking.

To me it feels like the baby is pushing ALL his/her weight DOWN (lots of pressure) and my stomach gets really tight. It doesn't hurt at all & only lasts about 20-30 seconds. Feels kinda neat, actually.

According to my birthing instructor (R.N.), it's pretty common after 25 weeks.

The differences between regular contractions & BH contractions are intensity & regularity. BH contractions aren't that strong and they're very irregular. Regular contractions can get VERY strong & will be regular (every X minutes).

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3/31/06 9:39 A

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The best way I can describe a contraction is like a very bad cramp in your stomach. It stays for a minute then goes away, but if it's the real thing it'll return again shortly. I promise when you have one you'll definitely know it. When I went into labor with my son I called my cousin to ask her the same thing because I wasn't sure if I was having a contraction or not. Well, in the middle of that conversation they got very bad so I told her never mind I'm sure I'm having contractions. I couldn't even talk on the phone anymore, that's how bad mine were. So don't worry, like I said you'll definitely know.

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3/31/06 9:28 A

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I'm on my 3rd pg also and I'm having the same thing. My belly gets pretty hard while I'm walking or exercising and I try to just breath through it. I think its more of the Braxton Hicks type than really contractions. I did have to go to the docs and get checkout this week because when I was walking the pain was so intense and sharp that I had to stop walking. The doc checked me and I'm not dilated or anything.

I never had contractions with my first besides Braxton Hicks. With my second daughter my water broke and I went into labor. I honestly don't remember the pain exactly but my tummy would get very hard and it would be very crampy and some shrap type pains. I think and would hope if we get labor type contractions its going to draw our attention. Sorry I'm not that experienced with the contractions.

On a side note if you are still sexually active after and O your tummy hardens pretty much the same. To me that hardening would be compaired to a Braxton Hicks.

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3/31/06 9:01 A

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I would also love to know what a contraction feels like. It would be great if someone who has already had a baby could post a description---thanks!

I have had a good bit of pain off and on for awhile now in my pelvic and belly area. I actually went to the doctor earlier this week b/c I did not know what it was. They hooked me up to a monitor to make sure I was not having contractions---thank goodness I was not having contractions. He thinks the pain is the ligaments stretching and pressure on my pelvic bone. It can get very intense and painful!

Posts: 4944
3/31/06 8:53 A

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I'm with KIMNJOHN. I'm not sure what I need to be looking for. I know this morning I had what felt like the world's worst menstrual cramp but it went away after a few minutes. I figured if it happened again I would call DH and have him come get me and take me to the ER.


Posts: 2512
3/31/06 8:41 A

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This is a weird question but I'm asking anyway....what does a contraction feel like?? I just want to be sure I know what one is! Please be as descriptive as you can so I know what the hec I'm up against. I appreciate it! Thanks, Kim


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Posts: 2235
3/31/06 8:26 A

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Yes. I get this too. When the weather warmed up I'd planned to do a lot of walking. But I'm not sure if I should. Or maybe it's just a normal thing if it's happening to so manyh of us and nothing to worry about?

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3/31/06 7:48 A

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This is my third as well and I feel the same thing. I actually get sharp pains shooting between my legs (sorry TMI)and then my back starts to hurt. I have been having contractions and cramping this entire pregnancy but after monitoring I was told nothing has changed and no dialation... So I have just decided to take it easy and just rest for the next 3 months. My Dr. has written a letter to my boss asking for my work hours to be changed or for me to work at home. I dont think that will go well, I have a meeting with him this afternoon, so we will see!! I work with all men, so working with a pregnant woman is something new for them. Wish me luck!



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3/31/06 12:40 A

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So does it feel like like menstrual cramps when your walking?

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Posts: 86
3/31/06 12:20 A

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Has anyone else had contractions while they have been walking? This is my thrid baby so I know that they are definately contractions. They start about 5-10 mins after I start and come and go throughout my walk. It's making it very hard to get any exercise. I don't want to go walking because it hurts too much. I had these kind of pains with my other two but not this early in the pregnancy.

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