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How did you tell your DH you are pregnant?

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5/21/11 11:56 A

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The first time my period was late so I took a test the day before we left on vacation to be safe because we knew we would be drinking...Well it was positive and I couldn't hold it in so I called him and said well I took the test and it was positive! His response was well I'll look at it when I get home lol like he was going to fix it. Once the shock set in he was so happy!

With #2 I called him again while he was at work because I couldn't wait and he just said I know I have known for a couple weeks. LOL well thanks for telling me!

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5/20/11 2:31 P

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I was too shocked to do anything to exciting, I just told him I think I mi ght be pregnant and asked him to look at the test to make sure I was reading it correctly.

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5/20/11 9:49 A

After several negative tests, my husband insisted that I try a different brand. I arose that morning before him like usual and did the test. All I had to do is yell his name and he knew.

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5/19/11 7:59 P

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I already posted my story below but I just read yours! Love it! That's so cute!!!

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3/28/11 5:10 P

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He was standing outside the bathroom door when I took the test and I told him to come look at it sitting on the counter!

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3/27/11 11:15 P

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Sent him a picture of the pregnancy test stick saying pregnant!!

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3/26/11 10:10 P

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With my first I was a couple of days late (and I was a 28 days on the dot type of girl) so I told him that. I bought a test and then the next morning took it, but the line was very faint. I walked out into the living room and told him. We decided to wait a couple days and took another & he was with me for the great reveal.

With my second I was still breastfeeding and just kind of had a hunch (and I realized I had missed 2 bc pills that month) so I took a test just to make sure and behold "pregnant". I went down stairs and showed him the test. It took him a little while to realize what it was and what it meant.

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3/26/11 8:26 P

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@ AngeAhmed - cute story!

With #1 - I got up before my hubby & tested (didn't tell him I was late because we'd had a mc a few months earlier and didn't want to get his hopes up yet). The test was positive when head was in the shower, I put the (cleaned) test on the bathroom counter with a bow tied around it :)

#2 - I was so excited, I just ran out of the bathroom practically bouncing...and jumped into hubby's arms lol...he figured it out!

#3 I bought a test, because my periods weren't back yet (DD was 8 months old and I was nursing) but I wasn't really thinking it'd be positive. Sure enough, it said "pregnant" - I was so shocked, I called my poor DH at work and said "omigod, it's positive"....he had no idea what I was talking about, lol. Eventually I explained ....poor guy had to hear at work!

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11/18/10 11:09 A

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Sent him a text with a picture of the positive pregnancy test stick!

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11/7/10 7:43 P

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Lately my periods have been irregular and I was taking a pregnancy test ever so often just to make sure( so I can stop smoking and drinking if I were). So all of mine were neg. for a while so I gave up. Then 1 night my hubby said "you smell pregnant" Dont know what he meant by that. He was being a smart ass I guess but he went and bought me a test and that would be the one that was positive. I couldn't believe it since I had just taken a few tests just a week before. So it didn't set in until I went to the doctor to have it confirmed.. But he told me I was pregnant.

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11/6/10 10:11 A

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I have always had irregular periods so that couldnt of been used as a first sign. But a couple weeks my breast were very sore and tender like needles everywhere. And we were trying for so long so we didnt get our hopes up. And then one week i was like im taking a test on Wed. So that Wed came and i couldnt find the test that i had bought so i just woke up and im about to pee my pants trying to find the test. So i almost didnt take it but then i found it and i told hubby that i was taking it. Weve been threw many of these days and ALWAYS a negative. And usually on days that i say im taking a test he would forget. Well anyway i took a test and it was POSITIVE our first ever positive (hubby was already at work). So then i was overly overly excited and i wanted to burst! So then like 2 hours later he texted me and asked if i took the test. I didnt feel it was right to tell him in a text so i had to tell a white lie. I told him i was out with my mom (which i was) and that i had forgotten to take it with the first morning pee that i would take when i got home. Then he texted me another 2 hours later and asked if i took it again. Im thinking in my head, did he know before me? because he would never be this pushing about it because everytime i get a negative i cry for like 3 days! So anyway i said oh no were out to lunch i havnt been home yet. So i just keeped making excuses. And i told him that if he could get home early to please do so. By 6 hours later i was dieing inside to tell someone. So when he finally got home. I said "please forgive me for lieing to you but i didnt feel right to tell you in a text i wanted to see the reaction" and he drops his lunch box and says "your pregnant?" i shook my head and he ran over and gave me a hug and we both cried! It was the happiest moment ever!

Well at first he thought i was joking, lol i was like id NEVER joke about that!

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11/5/10 4:39 P

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We knew that something may be up, but he wanted me to wait until his birthday. It was so hard to wait. I just wanted to know. So the morning of his birthday, we are getting ready for work and I went to the bathroom and it said pregnant right away. We were both so happy. He said it was the best birthday present he has ever gotten.

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10/16/09 12:49 A

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over the phone...yikes

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10/8/09 1:54 P

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I called him and he told me either you kill it or I will kill you!! needless to say I am on my own but alive ,I do have the love and support of my mom and when I told her she was very happy and started to cry saying " my baby is having a baby" cuz I am the baby child of the 4 children she had. I thank God everyday for her.For without her I really would be lost. I don't know if she will ever see this but if you do, I love you mom, and thank you so very much.

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9/21/09 6:38 P

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Can't help you there, ours was unplanned but we were suspecting it on vacation and the first morning at home I did the test. Then I woke my BF up by holding out the test to him and saying "Rene, we're screwed!" LOL. It was too big of a shock at that moment.

Now I wish I had told him differently, I could have created a better memory. i hope you think of something fun! :)

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9/20/09 7:08 A

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With the first I left a little pair of baby socks on his pillow for him to find. When he did, he said "what are these for?" It took him a minute but he got it.

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9/17/09 10:20 A

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I didnt really have to do anything. I took the test while he ran up to the gas station and i was sittin there on the couch with a big smile on my face and when he came in the door i was like Hey Daddy! and he pretty much figured it out for himself. He even ran in the bathroom and looked at the test to make sure bc wehad gone through alot of them and alot of negatives.

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9/16/09 6:52 P

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I'm wondering if I might be pregnant, and I want a creative way to tell DH.
How did you tell him?


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