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The Evil 'J' Name?

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2/7/11 10:06 P

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My top name pick for my baby if it's a boy is Jack. I think it's a cute, classic name. I am a substitute teacher, and notice that the Aiden, Jaden, Braden, etc. named students are sometimes a bit bratty. But then again, there are about a million of them, so it kind of taints the results of misbehavior.

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2/7/11 3:44 P

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I've got a 'j' boy now and he's mischievous but delicious. I think its just coincidence. I've had a lot of great people in my life with 'j' names.

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7/1/05 8:02 P

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i like most "j" names.

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7/1/05 6:00 P

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All my father's brother and sister are with "J"... And believe me... They are 12... The same mother and father...
They are not a trouble kid (adult)... Are nice ppl...
They lived in a farm until each one be 18 years old... so this is why I think they don't have so much problems...
They had teachers and all the things kids need to have until be 18... And after that each one look for their life... But still have some uncle or aunt give the same thing for their kids... And they are really good ppl..

I think they were distant from the world and our problems and grow up sweet ppl...

They are good, but I will not raise my kids is a farm for so long...

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7/1/05 12:59 P

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I wonder if this same thing can be said about people with Y names or A names... Because as cute as the theory is I can't help but to be annoyed that It's only J names. AS I have a J name and so does my daughter and my stepson and his father. Both my sisters and three of my cousins and the baby I am pregnant with now. The list is endless there really are over 30 people in my large family who have J names... Of course this is just a joke, but a little aggravating! As I've seen a variety of differences in the J names in my family and they tend to involve something artistic, so how about that as opposed to EVIL!

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7/1/05 12:51 P

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funny you should say that. i know a lot of people whose husbands (including mine) WILL NOT let them name thir son joshua. I dunno why i love that name!

Shana and David
Joey Rocket
August 26, 2005.
5 pounds, 9 ounces.
19 1/2 inches.
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6/30/05 4:09 P

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That's so funny...
I guess it's one of those things you don't really think of til someone tells you to.
The crazy thing is, I can believe it now that I look back on memories!

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6/28/05 7:03 P

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Christine- that is so funny- the things people tell you about names!! I was considering a J name- maybe not now, I know a very fresh J name boy- I am sure just a coincedence. I wonder if we can do a poll on this??
I still have absolutely no names picked out yet!


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6/28/05 5:27 P

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Not a problem hun..I was directing my comment about the comment made to me about using Alexis..I was not directing it towards you or the others that had replied here..But not a problem..did not mean to sound so guess I am just tired of the refence being made of using a certain name and then the child turning out bad or good over are is the parenting..but in no way did I mean to step on you toes..sorry if i came across mean..just the hormones kickin it is a subject that i feel strongly negative no offense taken and hopefully I did not offend you !! just stated my opinion a little too strongly..I

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6/28/05 1:41 P

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I think J names are very popular so with J out numbering all the other letters it shows up on the bad behavior radars more. I tried thinking of nice J's and came up with a lot of those too! I also realized that I've known a lot of J's! LOL I'm also partial to one J name... I may be in denial but I refuse to believe that my son Jonathan is more likely be a behavior issue because of the name we gave him! For other reasons maybe but not b/c of his name. Just my 2 cents!

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6/28/05 1:11 P


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6/28/05 12:37 P

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My DH is a J name (Jaydel) and definitely not a trouble maker, but I'd say his dad and brother (both J names) are trouble.

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6/28/05 11:19 A

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Jamee, I really did not mean for you to take this personally. I was just chatting. Of course I don't think that a person's name is going to make them good or bad! Parenting does most of that. Heck, most of the things we talk about around here are little more than old wive's tales.


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6/28/05 8:39 A

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I agree that there are alot of names that start with J that are commonly used..and this may be why the J names are getting a bad rap..cuz they are used so does this mean that all girls named Olivia,Hayley,Emma or Emily will be trouble makers too?..since these are popular names ???..i think it's a load of crap..I am jaimee and I was not a trouble maker..I know some not so nice people with J names..but definately not more than any other letter.there are jerks out there with many many names..there is a difference of not liking a certain name for your own opinion or choice..but totally banning a whole letter of names cuz someone told you not to use it or else your child would be a trouble maker or end up in jail or something ?..well...that is pretty immature & close-minded to me..JMO..I do wish you good luck in the names you choose..

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6/27/05 11:34 P

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I believe that about J names also

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6/27/05 11:16 P

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Well, that explains it! My dad's whole side of the family named their kids with J names! No wonder we're all troublemakers!

Edited by: MAPGEEKSKI at: 6/27/2005 (23:16)

BabyFit Community Team
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6/27/05 4:41 P

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My name is Jami and I wasnt a trouble maker. But there are alot of J names that are very common like Jackson. I thought it was kindof silly that my whole family where J names my Dad is Joe, My mom is Jan, and my brother is Joe. What where my parents thinking right.

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6/27/05 4:09 P

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My two sons names start with J. I just like the sound, and initials. Im not worried that they are going to be jail birds, or bad people. The way they end up is in their up bringing, not their names. But each to their own.
Dont get me wrong there are names I wont name my kids because of either kids or adults I have met. Such as Patrick, (brat..the name alone sends shivers up me!), or Paul, or Joshua. Sorry if I offended anyone those are just names that remind me of someone that drives me crazy.

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6/27/05 2:50 P

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I am a probation officer for juveniles in TX with mental illness - we have an overwhelming amount of "j" names on our caseload. For that reason, and that reason alone, my child will not have a "j" name! Other names that we get on a frequent basis are Christian, Christopher, Amber, Amanda, Brittney and Matthew. I know that most of these are just popular names and have nothing to do with predicting delinquency, but I'm still a little superstitious!!!

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6/27/05 2:06 P

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Actually, I've never thought about that one. You could probably use any letter of the alphabet and come up with people from your life you wouldn't want to name your child. My husband's name is Jeremy and I know two very sweet Jacob's. Though, I was bullied in grade school by a Justin! Personally, I like the names Joshua, Jonathon, and Jaime when it comes to the letter J. It also seems that the name James can usually fit well as a middle name with just about any first name.

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