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7 Weeks Pregnant and Amusement Park Rides??

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11/13/05 7:06 P

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My midwife told me that I couldn't even go 4x4ing in our Jeep anymore. She said the jolting could cause an amniotic embolism (amniotic fluid could end up in my blood stream) which would be very bad for me. She said that going out was not worth risking my life. My baby would be fine but I wouldn't be.

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11/8/05 5:53 A

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I wasn't permitted to ride on anything in an amusement park when I was preggo. They had signs up to say it was not adviseable for pregnant women to ride.

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11/7/05 7:31 P

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I think it's common sense. If you know that you are pregnant why should you put the baby in that sitaution? One never knows if they will be a high risk pregnancy. And not to throw cold water on ya, but my gosh wouldn't you feel just awful, if God Forbid, something did happen?

It's just not worth it in my opinion.

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11/7/05 3:31 P

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I wouldn't do it

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10/23/05 8:56 P

I know the feeling! I found out that I pregnant right before our trip to Kings Dominion for my bday...had to cancel that and we went to the beach instead. It was disappointing tho- because I had been trying to get DH to go for months.

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10/22/05 11:59 P

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i called and asked my dr when i was about that preg. and they told me not to risk it cause it was the most important time

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10/16/05 2:54 P

I was about 6 weeks prego and went on rides but I did not know yet. If I were you I would not because you already know and just because other women have done it (not knowing) each person is different and it is still dangerous.

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10/11/05 7:48 A

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I was about 5 weeks pregnant and did not know yet. I went to an amusement park with my family and rode every ride from spinning rides to the roller coaster, with no ill effects. It seems to me that the further along you are, the less sort of daring things you should do. (so, I wouldn't ride the roller coaster when I was 4 months pregnant, for example), but I think you should see what your doctor says and go with his/her advice.


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9/28/05 12:52 A

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I went to amusement parks and water parks when I was preg with #2 and rode rides. I wouldn't ride bumper cars or anything that jolts you that hard. I was 4 1/2 mos when we went to the water park and rode water slides.

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9/22/05 10:15 P

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NO WAY!! UUGH when I was 3 months pregnant i went on a waterslide at a waterpark in arizona! I regret doing that! I think I may have scared my baby then..

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9/22/05 3:37 P

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Not a weird question! I used to work at Sea Worls-I BIG rides...but On the ride I worked on-no preggo women were allowed. I worked on the log ride. First off its not safe cuz of the jerking and falls-it could also make you go into early labor. Thats what my supervisors told me the reasons were. I personally think 9 or so months is worth the wait-since it is harmful to me and the baby! I hope yer doc calls you back and lets ya know!

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9/22/05 2:28 P

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When I was like 3 months preggies my doc said it would be fine - for the last time...I went, my baby is fine and I rode all the rollercoasters even the ones with the preggie ladies and a red slash. Guess everyone is different.

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9/19/05 5:38 P

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When I was about 2 months pregnant w/ DD, DH & I went on vacation to Florida. We went to the amusement park and he made me get on The Tower of Terror. OMG!!! I thought I was going to die...The thing is...we did not know I was pregnant at the time. We found out when we got back home.

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9/16/05 9:58 P

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The roller coasters are off limits. I know, because I wanted to go on them when I was about 8 weeks pregnant...I was so mad that I couldn't, but they say that the jolting could rip the placenta off the uterin (sp?) wall, and hurt your baby. Or worse. I wouldn't chance it. But after that baby comes out, roller coasters are fair game!

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9/16/05 5:21 P

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I would definately say no to rides! That's how I found out I was expecting! After TTC to conceive for one month I was supposed to go to Canada's Wonderland and my HPT was negative so I went for a BT and it was positive. My doc said absolutely no rides at all!!

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9/15/05 2:15 P

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Thanks for all your input! I finally spoke to a nurse- and she said nothing that would 'jar the pelvis' So I guess that means everything! Lol.... how did I get preggers in the first place!

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Posts: 642
9/14/05 9:10 P

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I agree, the jolts would be bad for you & the baby. My suggestion is to ask your doctor just to be on the safe side.

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9/14/05 2:55 P

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No I wouldn't ride anything that would jolt you. But why should you stay home? I went in July to a park called Kennywood. I only rode the water rides because I knew that they wouldn't jolt me. But my husband rode a good bit of rides with our 5 year old. He felt bad but I told him it was for a good reason. I had just as much fun watching them have fun than anything. And I knew my son just enjoyed himself. I think that I played more games than I ever have.


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Posts: 40
9/14/05 2:27 P

We just went to Hershey park a couple of weeks ago. I was like 9 weeks pregnant at the time. There were pictures of pregnant women with a slash across them on most of the good rides so I would say that roller coasters are definitely out. I did go on the kiddie rides with my little ones though, so I guess it was better than nothing.
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Posts: 31
9/14/05 1:58 P

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Okay- I know this is a wierd company is having a day trip to the Great Escape- a Six Flaggs type amusement park. Obviously some rides are off limits (probably wouldn't go on them anyway preggers or not!), but what about more normal ones like basic roller coasters or something? I left a message for my doc- but thought i'd ask you to see if anyone knows. I'm 7 weeks, so definately not showing, but its the critical time, right? We've been planning this trip for months and now I'm thinking that there might not be a point in going if I can't go on any rides!

Any advice?? Still waiting to hear from the Doc...

It's a BOY!!!

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