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Statistics - normal pregnancy after miscarriage?

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7/9/06 2:09 P

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After my m/c I researched stats on the internet so I don't know how accurate they are. A first time pregnancy is 20% likely to miscarry. The next pregnancy is 17%. I don't know what that really means. I think you have to go into each pregnancy assuming the best because that little baby deserves it. My first pregnancy was a blighted ovum that we didn't know about until 12 weeks so during this pregnancy, I had my hcg levels tested (they were good!) and my doctor is giving me an early ultrasound tomorrow at 11 weeks (if you're from Canada, you'll understand that 11 weeks IS early).
I try not to play the odds game because it would drive me crazy. After my m/c I was adament that I couldn't go through it again. Now I know that a m/c is the risk I have to take to have a baby and I will take it. Don't look at the odds of having a m/c - look at the odds of having a succesful pregnancy. 80% is a pretty good bet.


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7/8/06 1:46 P

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My doctor also said, that your chances of having another one m/c don't increase after one m/c.... after two they increase slightly, and so on.... he said my chances of having a healthy pregnancy this time are as high or higher then someone who has never had a m/c....

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7/8/06 11:50 A

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I suffered from 3 miscarriages before this pregnancy. The first 2 were very early on 6 weeks or so. The last one was at 12 weeks.Now I am pregnant with twins so it is possible. Let me tell you I think I appreciate being pregnant even more because of it.try try again I know how hard it is and I feel for everyone on this board....good dust sent to all of you!!!

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7/7/06 11:57 P

I've suffered 2 miscarriages and thought I'd share what my dr. shared with me.
60-75% of all pregnancies end in miscarriage. Most(50-60%), like someone mentioned, are lost before a woman even knows she is pregnant. Some pregnancies are never "known", and the woman thinks she is having AF. Research suggests that up to 90% of al women will have at least one miscarriage in their life.
After the heartbeat is detected you have a 5-10% chance of miscarriage. The further along, the less your chances. 90% of all women who experience 1 or more mmiscarriages will have a successful pregnancy. When you have 2 miscarriages your chances drop to around 85%. Three or more is around 50%. I hope that this information is helpful. My doctor seemed convinced that no matter what when the body is ready (and the mommy to be too) a womans body will take over.

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7/7/06 11:21 A

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20 to 30 percent of all pregnancies end in miscarriage. These numbers are based on those who knew. It is possible that some women miscarry before even knowing that they're pregnant. The percentages of full term babies after miscarriage varies depending on whether or not there was a more serious problem at had. After the first trimester your likelyhood of miscarriage decreases extremely. I know that if you've already expearienced a miscarriage there is no way to not worry, but try not to stress over it too much. This is supposed to be a happy time. My Twins's due date was July 23rd and as of yesterday I got a positive test... So I'm hoping! As A Wise Mommy once said after her second conception... If I hadn't lost the first than I Wouldn't have this one and I would never give her up for the world. Good Luck!

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4/5/06 1:24 P

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If it is umcomplicated, then you have a clean slate. Every pregnancy has about 80% of going to term. If you look at odds, you could say you have a better chance of going to term as you have already had the 1 in 5, now you are going to have the 4 in 5 chance!

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4/5/06 11:12 A

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I don't know the stats either but my dr did say "odds are" you will go on to have a normal pregnancy. M/C's do seem very common more so than what I thought at first. After being on this site it seems as though it happens all of the time. Of course this doesn't make us feel any better but at least now we know we're not alone.

May God bless all of us!!

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4/5/06 12:21 A

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Hey, I do not know about the percentage but, I have read that your chance is slightly lower, if you are healthy and have had one previous miscarriage. This is just based on probability though. Also, I am not sure how accurate the source is but, I choose to believe it because I want too .


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4/4/06 9:33 P

Anyone know the stats? My first pregnancy, which happened immediately after going off the pill, ended in early miscarriage. Anyone know what percentage of women go on to have normal pregnancies after a miscarriage????

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