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Making love after D&C

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1/24/06 7:19 A

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It's just 2 weeks today since my D&C. We have been doing some other things just not sex yet. The few times we tried I got really emotinal and kinda shut down. But I feel like it's getting better. I have had some spotting for the past 4-5 days after having almost nothing after the surgery, just brown but always there. I guess that's normal. I just hate we have to worry about 'not getting pregnant' now. Strange from going from happy, pregnant to not wanting at all to be pregnnat at all.

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1/23/06 6:45 P

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personally I am not emotionally ready. We have our follow-up appointment on Friday so we will wait until that date for sure. I feel bad because I am not ready yet but my hubby will just have to understand.

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1/20/06 12:41 A

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I think the standard advice is pelvic rest for 2 weeks afterwards.

I had a natural mc/labour and both times we started again within the week. I feel that it helps the healing because you are regrouping. I didn't find that it hurt, but it was messy because it kind of washed out my insides.

The advice about tampons is standard in bleeding after pregnancy, whether it is after giving birth at full term or a mc. What is in there needs to come out so that you don't get infected, tampons hold it in.

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1/19/06 9:16 A

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Hey Shawna,

Many doctors say 2-3 post d&c, and since you won't have a follow-up, you'll need to be aware of what hurts, etc. Most women have no problems with pain or bleeding.

I, of course, had to be the exception to this. We couldn't wait to do it again, especially since it would have helped with the grieving, you know? Anyway, we were told to wait for 3 weeks and then see what the doctor says at the follow-up. Well, I was experiencing major pain about 2 weeks post d&c, so I went in to see the doctor. He diagnosed me with a post-operative pelvic infection, and told me no sex for at least another 2 weeks. After that, we were given the green light to do it again, so we couldn't wait! It hurt sooooo bad!!! I ended up getting a yeast infection from the antibiotics so we abstained (again) until that cleared up. So, it took about 6 weeks to totally heal.

Just thought I share that with you. If it hurts, just give it a few days and try again. It will eventually heal.



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1/19/06 12:06 A

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I think they worry just because of opportunity of infection. You uterus is kind of open to exposure after a d&c and susceptible to infection. If you've waited for a while, you'll prob. be fine. I didn't wait more than a week or so to make love again. I agree about the condem thing or make sure you're both clean and do the pull out thing :)

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1/18/06 10:17 P

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My doctor told me to wait two weeks. I think the main reason might be to reduce the cases of infection being that it may take time for your cervix to close and heal properly.
We waited 13 days to have sex, one day before our follow up appt. There was no paain, no spotting, in fact, it was just what I needed.
If you are worried about infection you could use a condom.

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1/18/06 6:24 P

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My doctor had me wait 2 weeks b/f intercourse. Do you have a follow-up d&c appointment? The doctor usually doesn't want anything inside of you (sex, tampons) until after the follow-up appointment, so he can check to be sure you are healing properly.

As far as having intercourse, it didn't hurt at all. I was worried about that too. I think it was more mental-- me being worried/anxious about having sex the first time afterwards.

Best of luck


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Posts: 48
1/18/06 6:01 P

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Hi everyone, wanted to know how long any of you waited to make love again. My doctor here said to wait until the bleeding stopped and that was after 2 days. Was it painful or felt sore, was there spotting after? It's only been a week and a half since my D&C but I want to be with my husband again, but Im very neverous and Im sure there will be tears that first few times. We don't want to ttc at all right now. I want to give that at least a few months. I just havn't seen to much posted on this.

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