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Your birth experience at Evans Army Hospital

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7/25/08 3:16 P

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I gave birth there in 08/05. So that being said it has been 3 years. My best advice is to labor at home, refuse any meds they may give you to send you away with (they gave me sleeping pills which only made the labor pain worse). Stick to your guns, they do have their "timeline". Screw their timeline, which is why I say labor at home as long as possible. I wish I could remember the midwife who delievered me, I do not recommend her. She would not use a local when sewing me up telling me my epidural was still working. Well she was WRONG and she did not count my stiches as they disolved so she didn't care. If I had labored on my own and not gotten the epidural I probably would have delivered that night with the doc I liked more (who delivers you depends on who is on shift not the midwife you see while pregnant). They did not have a birthing ball available like they said they would. And once you got any IV to include fluids you will be asked to stay in the bed.

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7/9/08 4:47 P

Hi guys. I gave birth at Evans in the spring of 07. I have fast labors, so I literally got to Evans 15 minutes before she was born. That said, I don't have much to say about the actually labor and delivery department. There wasn't discussion of pain meds or pitocin because there was no time (which is good because I didn't want either). They seriously just threw me up on the table and said "PUSH"! Anyway, I did end up with a short stay in the ICU and then a few days in the mother and baby unit. I can't say enough good things about the nurses in the ICU and mother and baby unit at Evans. With my first daughter (Tripler Army Hospital in Hawaii) they fed her formula behind my back while I was in the ICU. At Evans, I was very specific about my wish to breastfeed and they were very supportive even while I was in the ICU. My advice is to just be specific about what you want and ask your SA to be your advocate. Congrats and good luck!

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6/16/08 3:08 P

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hey there! We're stationed at ft. carson right now. I personally have never delivered there....but know many who have. I don't want to totally freak you out but the fact of the matter is that all doctor's think that birthing a baby needs to be a medical procedure, they will put you on a time table and if you don't progress as quickly as they want you to they will start you on pitocin to give you longer and stronger contractions that are more painful that natural ones.....this in turn makes most people want to have an epidural.....which makes pushing less effective because you can't feel what your muscles are doing down there.....this then turns in to a situation where they either try forceps, a vacume, or make you have a c section. And once they start you on any medicines whether pitocin or any pain reliever they will likely make you stay in your bed and hooked up to an IV.....sorry its just the way doctor's look at it all, its all abotut numbers and insurance and convienence(c-section rates jump at 4 pm and 10 pm because its the end of their shifts and want to go home)
If you really want a natural birth I suggest you find a labor doula to be there with you as well as your husband. Yes it would likely cost you a little bit(a few hundred maybe, don't let that scare you though if you don't have the money, most are sympathetic and will work with you) A doula will be there with you in the hospital as your advocate. Also the other bit of advice I'd suggest is to wait as long as you can to go to the hospital....with in reason of course. I spent a good 6 hours or so in my bath tub at home while in labor with my second baby. The water helps alot! Also, the fat of the matter is that labor is going to be uncomfortable, there's no way that I can think to describe it without making it sound horrible....its not horrible just painful at times. I recently found out that baby #3 is on the way and I know that I will not be delivering there at evans. If you want a referral to a good doula let me know, a good friend of mine is one. She will be at our birth when the time comes.
Good luck! I hope i didn't scare you at all. Babies are wonderful and so is labor. If you haven't seen The business of being born yet you really should here's a link to it online http://bestdocumentaries.blogspot.
oh it didn't come up as a link....I guess you can just copy and paste it though.

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6/11/08 6:26 P

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I would love to hear from mom's that have delivered there. I'm really nervous because it will be my first birth and I want to go all natural with the Bradley Method. With that said, my husband will be my coach and if everything goes the way it's supposed to, I don't want any interventions. I wonder how "open-minded" the doctors and midwifes really are.

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