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What does No Dairy mean?

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10/26/10 6:30 P

anything that has milk, i think.

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10/25/10 5:26 P

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I was also told that my baby was very colicky and so I started eating only plain turkey sandwiches in the hopes that it would help, to no avail. A friend told me about a book called 'The Happiest Baby On The Block' that her pediatrician had reccommended. It was a quick read and basically de-bunked the myth of colic - it states that babies want to be tightly swaddled, rocked, and that a loud 'shh' noise will help to comfort them during these bouts of colic.

I'm not one to post on message boards or to push advice on other people, but I am a first time mom - my baby was born August 21, 2010 and I read this book when she was 4 weeks old and we haven't had another problem since. I can also now eat whatever I want. Just thought I would pass along...

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10/19/10 12:58 P

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Look for things that are labelled vegan or Kosher PARVE (or have a kosher sign COR for example with a P) ... parve means they will have no dairy.

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10/18/10 9:55 P

I am going through the same thing. Luckily, after a few weeks, we were able to see an improvement. However, I eliminated all forms of dairy. So no milk, cheese, yogurt, butter. In addition, I had to eliminate most process foods. Things to look for are butter flavor, whey and casein, which all contain milk proteins. I've been eating a lot of noodle dishes like spaghetti (Make sure the sauce doesn't have cheese in it) and asian noodles for dinner. For breakfast, I've been eating oatmeal or cereal with almond milk. PB & J has been a lunch staple. I hope this helps. Be careful because some unexpected things like white bread and lunch meat has dairy in it.

Good Luck

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10/16/10 12:56 P

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We were told my baby is very colicky and I am trying to go dairy free for a couple of weeks to see if it makes a difference. In order to do this effectively, do I have to literally cut out all dairy? As in, crackers that have cheese listed in the ingredients, or rolls that have butter listed in the ingredients? I'm just looking at a lot of my food and practically everything I eat has some form of cheese/milk/butter, even if it is processed or something. Is it important to give up all of these? It's totally fine if it is, I just don't want to cut out all of that stuff it is unessential.

Also, does anyone have dairy-free meal suggestions? I am having a hard time finding easy breakfasts/lunches/snacks that are quick to make. And they need to be quick because my baby is vveerrry demanding and I can't spend much time on every meal. The last couple of days I think that I've only gotten around 1500 calories or less, which is just not enough, especially since I am breastfeeding.

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