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weight watchers without paying for the program

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9/5/10 9:45 A

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I was the Weight watchers online program for 3 months, but discontinued it b/c my husband got which is very similar and FREE! So I am just doing the Babyfit version so t allows for the extra calories for breastfeeding. I would say, though, WW was a great program.

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9/1/10 3:24 P

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Weight Watchers online is also very effective and less expensive.
I personally lOVE sparkpeople, though. I switched to spark before my WW online subscription was expired.

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8/11/10 6:20 P

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Here is the link to calculate your daily weight watchers points:

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7/6/10 8:23 P

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JANA-BANANA's Photo can also go to and she has all the ww info...from eating out to groceries. i'm starting today on my own...i just happen to have the books. Good luck and feel free to email me anytime for support...Lord knows i need it.

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6/29/10 4:35 P

How many points would I get if I'm 5'4" and 125 lbs., and bf'ing? Thanks.

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4/28/10 10:22 P

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Points you are allowed without the breastfeeding is 22. Points if you are breastfeeding are 32. I hope that helps also you are allowed to eat as many vegetables as you want fruits have some points but not many.

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4/28/10 3:27 A

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hi! I was also going to join WW but would prefer not to spend the money (I have some WW cookbooks and magazines)and use Spark to help me keep track. Can anyone tell me how many WW pts I would be alloted when I'm 5'5" tall, 165 lb and breastfeeding (although I'm not exclusively BF'ing..that might make a difference.) Thanks!

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4/27/10 7:32 A

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No, its not free I just have the material that tells you how many points you are alloted to have for whatever it is you weigh. Then I just bought the magazines in the stores.

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4/23/10 11:26 P

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I have the information it is based on points and then the points your are allotted is based on your weight. So I can give you your info if you would like!

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4/23/10 11:23 P

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I have the information my mother in law used to do it, and she gave me the materials. It is based of your weight.

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4/7/10 4:09 P

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You can look up information on the jist of WW in regards to how to calculate points, but I'm not sure how to find how many points you are allotted (I know it's based on weight).

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4/5/10 11:26 A

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Our sister site SparkPeople is free and has many helpful tools and a supportive community to help you reach your weight loss goals after pregnancy and breastfeeding.


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