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How much weight did you lose after delivery?

Posts: 1586
1/2/07 8:44 P

My Profile
I gained 20 lbs. and had lost 15 by the time I got home. Over the next 2 weeks, I lost another 15 lbs. 10 months later, I'm still at 10 lbs. below my prepreg. weight..but haven't lost another pound.

BabyFit Community Team
Ryleigh June
Born 3/2/06
8 lbs. 10 oz., 21 1/4 in.

Posts: 432
12/31/06 2:18 P

I gained 45 pounds, most of which I think was water weight in my legs. I was pumped up with fluids and pitocin after delivery in the hospital due to rapid blood loss, so after delivery the scale read that I had lost only 5 lbs. My son weighed almost 8 lbs. Within a week, I was down 20 lbs. from my pre-delivery weight and had lost the additional water weight from the IV. Waiting til next week for a second weigh-in.

Posts: 145
12/19/06 11:51 A

My Profile
Prepregnancy - 140
Delivery - 191
To Date: 150

" I look at it this way... God wouldn't have blessed us with two if he didn't think we could handle it"
Posts: 1012
12/18/06 1:37 P

My Profile
Prepregancy - 125
Delivery - 146
1 week PP - 126
Posts: 385
12/12/06 1:08 P

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LAURENB320's Photo
Pre 1st pregnancy: 140
post: 185
2nd delivery: 215
1 week post: 188

I had my kids almost exactly 1 year apart and it seems like the weight is coming off alot faster this time. Hopefully it keeps going that way...

Posts: 57
12/9/06 4:10 P

My Profile
Pre - 176
Delivery - 205
Post - 190 (only been 2 wks)
Goal - 160

Posts: 1766
12/9/06 6:25 A

My Profile
Pre-preg. weight:180
weight at delivery:260
weight after delivery:255

* im 3 months pregnant

*i had with my 1st pregnancy gestational diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma, bed rest with no exercise. thats why i gained so much weight

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Posts: 184
12/1/06 12:53 P

My Profile
Pre-preg. weight:135
weight at delivery:160
weight after delivery:150
1 wk. pp:140
5 more to go!!! Yay!
Goal:130 by christmas!

*Mason Daniel
6lbs. 10oz. & 20in. long!
My Family is complete!

Posts: 6214
11/17/06 1:30 P

Pre pregnancy weight: 195
delivery weight:241
Current weight:223

BabyFit Community Team
Posts: 1
11/16/06 7:03 P

Starting waight was 130
At end of pregnancy I was 177
And after having the baby I was 148
And am now 141, 1 weeks after having my son.

Posts: 485
11/15/06 12:46 P

My Profile
I'm 5'8.
I started at 143 or so, got up to 170 and after 8 days now I'm at 151.
I exercised a lot during this pregnancy though.

Posts: 230
11/14/06 12:17 A

My Profile
Pre Preg weight - 128
Weight at end of preg - 183
Weight after birth - 163
Current weight (8 weeks) - 154

Remy born on his dd 9/12/06
8lbs 9.5 oz

I make milk, what's your superpower?

Posts: 2
11/12/06 4:05 P

Pre Preg weight - 159
Weight at end of preg - 189
Weight at 3 week PP - 165

Posts: 26
11/11/06 9:22 P

Pre pregnancy weight - 158
Weight at end of pregnancy - 194
Weight 2 weeks PP - 168

Posts: 747
11/10/06 3:15 P

My Profile
Pre-preg 183.5
Preg gain 27lbs
Currently 190 (1 week 1 day after delivery)

Hopefully, this weight loss will continue and I can get down to my goal weight. (I really wanted to lose weight before getting preg) I have to wait for the ok before I start my exercise.

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BabyPoints: 2482
Posts: 1339
11/10/06 2:36 A

Pre-pregnancy Weight=137
Delivery Weight=175
Post Delivery=165
Current Weight=155 and holding...

I HATE BEING FAT!!!!!!!!! However, I'm not really working out. How can I get motivated!?!?

Posts: 289
11/8/06 1:54 P

My Profile
Pre-preggo weight: 155
Height: 5'7"
At Delivery 10/30/06: 197
Currently: 176

Goal to get back down between to my size 10 jeans. Weight around 140 to 150. But mainly want to look tone and slim agian.


Posts: 1004
11/7/06 10:25 P

My Profile
SKIIER007's Photo
Pre-preggo weight: 173
Height: 5'6"
At Delivery: 221
9 months after delivery: 177

How in the heck are all you losing so quickly? I exercise 3-4 times a week and eat really healthy. I'm sooooo frustrated!!

Preston William Ray was born on February 7, 2006.
Myla Mae graced us with her precious self on August 24, 2007. :)

BabyPoints: 6198
Posts: 2019
11/7/06 2:21 P

My Profile
MIBKGB's Photo
Pre-preggo weight: 145
Height: 5'8"
At Delivery: 192
3 days after delivery: 182
13 days after delivery: 175

30 more to go! Ugh! Hopefully another 10 come off without much effort! :)

Madilynn 1/25/99
Katelynn 5/15/03
Ellynn 10/25/06.....5lbs4oz...born at 36 weeks
19lbs 7oz at 1 year! 30in
21lbs 8oz at 15mo. 31in

Posts: 48
11/7/06 12:25 P

My Profile
BABY910's Photo
Prepregnancy weight: 110
Before birth: 150
After delivery: 139 on Sept. 10
Today: 126 (8 weeks later)

Noah Tate born 9/10/06, 7lb 9 oz, 20 inches
Parker Jake born 11/14/07, 7lb 9oz, 20 inches

Posts: 14
11/1/06 9:46 A

My Profile
Pre-pregnancy weight: 153
Height: 5'10"
Weight at delivery: 213

Total gained: 60 pounds
Weight after delivery: 201

Plataeu weight (8 weeks post partum): 190

CURRENT WEIGHT (4 months post partum with lots of power walks, tae bo, and jogging): 179

Fitting into my size 10 jeans again (eventually!): PRICELESS!

Serena & Kwabena
July 06
8 lbs, 4 oz....20.5"

I DELIVERED NATURALLY! NO PAIN MEDS!! And they said it couldn't be done....hmph!

Posts: 1548
10/31/06 5:42 P

My Profile
ALINA_80's Photo
Pre Preg - 142
At delivery - 189
Preg high - 5' 7''
4 weeks PP - 162

Gosh, it is hard to stop eating!!!

Angelina is in the house!!!!! I arrived almost on my due date (mommy went into labor on 9/27 (due date) and I was born next day). I am prefect little angel.


Posts: 5038
10/29/06 12:37 A

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MRSELLA- In my experience you'll continue losing weight for a week or two after delivery. I held on to a lot of water weight for about 2 weeks with all my kids.

Not to mention that your hormones are still going crazy and you're starting to produce breastmilk (which will take a couple weeks to regulate).

Even now (7 months post partum) I weigh at least a pound more before I breastfeed.

Don't worry it's totally normal and it will come off! Congratulations on your new baby!

BabyFit Community Team

Posts: 3839
10/28/06 10:15 A

My Profile
Pre Preg- 140
Preg high- 179

4 weeks PP -145

5 to go!

9/27/06 7 lb 4 oz 20 inches long
born via c-section 10:54am
**9lb 2oz 21" @ 1 month check up!
11.5lbs 22" @ 2 month check up**
***14lbs 24 1/4 inches @ 4 month check up****
***16lbs 8oz 27 inches @ 6 months***

Posts: 10
9/17/06 10:04 A

My Profile
It is quite possible to loose weight.but one has to be little careful and sincere for that.My prime concern at the moment is to how to reduce as I have already started feeling like a baby el.

Posts: 10
9/17/06 10:01 A

My Profile
Its great to hear that one can loose weight after delivery.keep it up.

Posts: 106
9/16/06 6:34 P

My Profile
CARO81's Photo
Pre-Pregnancy weight: 116 lbs.
Last checkup: 148 lbs.
Four days after delivery: 135 lbs.

Total weight gained: 32 lbs.
Total weight lost from delivery: 13 lbs.

EDD- 9/15/2006
It's a boy... Ivan Luke was born on 9/12/2006 at 5:58 pm weighing 6 lbs. 15 oz. and 20 1/2 in. long

Posts: 244
9/16/06 1:55 P

My Profile
Pre-pregnancy weight: 115 lbs.
Day before delivery: 145 lbs.
After delivery: 130 lbs.

Total weight gained: 30 lbs.
Total weight lost from delivery: 15 lbs.

Posts: 8
9/16/06 12:00 A

My Profile
prepregnancy weight: 86pounds
labor weight: 119 pounds
after delivery: 112 pounds
(baby is 7lbs 1oz)

it's been 15days now

im still not very happy that i still have the "pouch" (although it's so much smaller than it was last week)

i just weighed myself: 104.8lbs

Posts: 877
9/14/06 10:50 P

My Profile
I was 140lb when I found out I was pregnant.
203lbs when I went to give birth.
180lbs when I left the hospital.
14 days PP I weigh 171lbs.
I need 2 lose another 21 to get into any clothes to go back to work...

August 31, 2006
Baby Boy

Posts: 51
9/13/06 5:37 P

My Profile
CHRISTYR2006's Photo
I was 148 when I found out I was pregnant, around 165 when I gave birth (the last month I actually lost some weight because I was miserable and could not eat, the highest I got was 170) and now I weigh 130. But I am hoping to get down to 110-115.

Posts: 524
9/13/06 12:48 P

My Profile
Pre-pregnancy 140lbs
day before delvery 202lbs
day i came home from hospital 202lbs (not kidding!!!)

Now 11 months later, 150lbs. Just can't seem to get that last 10 lbs off. Maybe after I wean, who knows!!!

Posts: 54
9/12/06 1:15 P

My Profile
bump for the new moms

Posts: 845
8/16/06 7:01 A

My Profile
LAURIE712's Photo
I was 226 when I got pregnant, 245 the day before I had Taylor and now that she is 3 months old I'm down to 213.5

Danica Anne 11/15/08
M/C 1/18/08
Taylor Elizabeth 5/18/06
Cassidy Jean 12/3/03
Robert Paul 1/5/02

BabyPoints: 8640
Posts: 3360
8/15/06 8:41 P

Pre preggo- 170
Delivery- 215
As of today(5 days after delivery)- 185

Posts: 2
8/10/06 10:35 A

BF "older" (39 years old) mom.
(Avid weight trainer for the past 14 yrs.)

PostPregnancy 113lbs.
Pregnancy 125lbs.
Wk. after birth 115lbs.
2 wks. after birth 109lbs.
Current weight 4 months after delivery 109lbs.

BabyPoints: 12590
Posts: 786
8/9/06 6:50 A

My Profile
Pre Preg 147
Preg high 170 (lost 5 pounds tho to 165)
After del 154
Now 144

7 more to go til happy!

Leo was born on 05.07.06 at 7.56 and weighed 5 pounds 15. He is beautiful and growing so fast :)

BabyPoints: 9379
Posts: 3068
8/8/06 7:10 P

My Profile
TUGCEU05's Photo
Pre-pregnancy - 116
Pregnancy high- 175
9 months today -124

Total lost 51 lbs!!!!

Jayden Aras November 8, 2005 (EDD Nov 14)
8 pounds 7 ounces
21 inches long 5

New pics on my website.....

Posts: 249
8/7/06 6:59 P

My Profile
POCA1979's Photo
I gained 40 pounds....I only know that at my 6 week check up I was only down 17lbs.... And I even started doing cardio 4 days after I delivered.
Then at 3 months I had lost all the it did come off....


Our first baby, Allen Lane,
born March 20, 2006!!

2nd baby due Dec 24 2007

I was induced Dec 20th 2007...We had a baby girl named Soleil Devotion. She was 7 oz, 19.5 in

Posts: 181
8/7/06 5:35 P

My Profile
GIGIBLU222's Photo
I lost only 6 lbs after delivery. I gained 21 total at 40 weeks 2 days.
I have now lost all but 1.5 lbs and I am 17 days PP, remember you may still have fluid.

Pre preggo- 119
As of today- 120.5

Jacob Charles born 7/20/06

Edited by: GIGIBLU222 at: 8/7/2006 (17:36)


DS-Matthew Steven born Oct 16, 2007
DS- Jacob Charles born July 20, 2006
DD- Amber Elizabeth born Dec 21, 1996.

Posts: 248
7/27/06 1:49 P

My Profile
ANN118's Photo
I lost 8.5 pounds of the 25 I gained when I got back from the hospital and now 5 days after delivery weigh 14 less. I had a lot of swelling from all the IV fluid they gave me because I kept throwing up.

I am pleased to say that I lost another 3 pounds today so I am now 17 pounds down at 6 days after delivery.

Edited by: ANN118 at: 7/28/2006 (21:44)

Ryan Andrew born at 10:56pm on July 21, 2006
7 lbs 7 oz and 21.5 inches

4 months: 14 lbs 2 oz and 26.25 inches
8 months: 17 lbs 9 oz and 29 inches
12 months: 21 lbs 10 oz and 31.5 inches
15 months: 23 lbs 2 oz and 33.5 inches
18 months: 26 lbs 6 oz, 35 inches
2 years: 29 lbs 4 oz, 38 inches

Posts: 359
7/26/06 5:29 P

My Profile
Yes Lord did I gain weight in the end!!! I did alright intil the last three weeks....I gained a total of 19 pounds in three weeks. When I started out I was 139. at the in of my prenancy I was 201. When I got home I was 178. Then I put the scales up!!! I am now 143 and my baby is 13mths old. I also have two 2years olds I am busy all the time but it is just coming off sooo slow...I also am still breastfeeding. I go to the gym 3 times a week and weight train and jog on the tread mill for 20 mins. It just take some people more time then others.....I am not one of the lucky ones!!

Elijah Brock 11-16-03 9lb EDD 11-21
Ethen Taylor 06-05-05 8.5lb EDD 5-15
Still breastfeeding Ethen with no end in site!!
Working on #4...Hoping it is a girl!

Posts: 49
7/23/06 2:55 A

My Profile
I have lost a total of 22 lbs at 6 wks pp... I return to work soon (active duty military) so hopefully getting back into my workout routine, the rest of the weight will come off. It was weight gain was great until the last 4-5 weeks of my pregnancy, when it's supposed to slow down, I packed on 15 lbs easily, it was as if my metabolism stopped completely. If it wasn't for that, i would only have 13 more pounds to lose, but sadly I have 30 more now! anyone else mysteriously gain a crazy amount of weight the last few weeks!?

Posts: 37
7/21/06 3:19 P

My Profile
I only lost 5 pounds right after delivery. But I have now lost 27 lbs 13 days after delivery. i am not doing anything to lose the weight. Once I hit the 6 week mark i'll be at the gym.


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