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Favorite thing about nursing! - page 1

Posts: 600
2/9/08 12:39 P

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my favorite thing - getting to stare at my precious little baby.


Sophia (5/14/06) 8 lbs 13 oz
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Posts: 5378
2/8/08 7:40 A

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GIRLIE11 - Not personally, BUT, My friend did (not sure whether they were above or below the muscle) But she did great!!

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My name is Nicci, I'm the proud
mommy of two boys!!

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Posts: 39
2/7/08 10:18 P

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Can I just say that, in the beginning, the first few weeks, I HATED nursing. It was so hard. DD was so tiny and didn't latch well. It just hurt! I couldn't understand why anyone would want to nurse, and completely understood why so many people quit in the first two weeks.

Now that she is 3 months old, I absolutely love nursing. I love that she prefers me over anyone else. I love that what my body provides keeps her alive and allows her to thrive. I love that I can calm her down by nursing her. I love how happy she gets when I offer my breast (she giggles). I love all the benefits it gives her body and my body too (decreased chance of breast cancer, osteoperosis, faster weight loss). And...I love that it's FREE

Cat(30) DH(30)

Mom to Carissa Grace and Sophia Claire.

*Exclusively Breastfeeding*

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Posts: 254
2/7/08 10:02 P

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does anyone have any experience with breast feeding with implants? just wondering if anyone does and if there were any problems?

Posts: 6371
2/7/08 3:37 P

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I cannot wait to nurse my new little baby. I totally miss the wonderful bonding and cuddling with Nicholas. Nursing was miserable for me in the first 6-8 weeks. I was in tears all the time and ready to give up. But I knew I'd feel guilty, and everyone told me it gets better. They were right and I'm really glad I stuck it out!!!

Are you wondering if you should breastfeed you baby? Here are 101 reasons to breastfeed.

Posts: 72
2/7/08 3:05 P

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The best thing about breastfeeding for me is that I can actually do it this time around! I am so proud of myself and my baby for doing so well at only 2 weeks...and I have lost all but 5 lbs. of my baby weight!!! I also love rubbing her soft little head and tickling her side when she falls asleep to get her eating again :)

I agree with you 100%-one mom should not condemn another for not breastfeeding/stopping b/c of problems! Some babies (especially big ones) don't want to breastfeed, and some people don't have perfect nipples with perfect sized baby mouths to latch on. It takes some work & some moms have to go back to work, become sick, have bleeding nipples etc etc. There are sooo many circumstances that cause moms to not be able to breastfeed that one person should not comment about how wrong it is and make us feel even worse than we already did!!! Sorry but thats just how I feel. I dont get on here and criticise others for their parenting skills.

By the way, NOW my son wants to breastfeed...and he's TWO! LOL =) He sees me feeding sissy and comes up to get some too, but of course I don't let him!

Sophia Claire, due Jan. 21, 2008 via c-section, 7 lbs. 10 oz. @ 39 wks

Braden Michael, born Dec. 9, 2005 via c-section- 9lbs. 5ozs. @ 39 wks

Posts: 4689
2/7/08 1:45 P

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My fav thing is that I get to relax (if my 2 year old isn't around) and stare into this beautiful little face.

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Posts: 291
2/7/08 1:13 P

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I was one of those first time Moms that wasn't able to breastfeed with my DS. This time I was able to feed with my DD. And the past 7 months have been wonderful! It was not that painful with my daughter, but I now realize that NOT all babies have an easy time latching on for whatever reasons. Don't be too hard on the mommies that didn't. We carry enough guilt the first time around without anyone helping.

My favorite thing about BF my DD are her noises. And the fact that it is something that only a mother and a child can share. What a gift!

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Posts: 852
2/5/08 5:10 A

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Convenience! Now that we've got it down, it's so nice to just latch her on and not have to worry about getting a bottle mixed and warmed. Being able to side lying nurse and let her "snack and snooze" while I nap too totally makes up for having to pump at work!

PP's post makes me think- I saw a cool onesie online that said "My mom makes milk, what's your superpower?" Perfect, don't you think?

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6 months- 16 lb, 2 oz

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15 months- 20 lb 6 oz, 31 in- over 20 lb at last!!!
36 months- 29 lbs, 37.5 in. Still skinny!

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Posts: 8
2/5/08 12:41 A

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I think breastfeeding was the most amazing thing that a woman can do. Not only does she create the child but then she becomes the only food source, the most important person to the baby. I loved that feeling, no one else could give her what I could.
I do get frusterated with the new moms who stop because it hurt too much. Not to put anything negative, but I hurt for two straight months! But I stuck it out because I knew it wasn't going to hurt forever. With all of that excruciating pain, I wouldn't have done it any other way. I also worked full time and breastfed for one year, if I can do it, anyone can do it!
Baby number 2 is on the way and one of the reasons I wanted to have another child is just so I could breastfeed again! It is the coolest thing in the world.

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Can't wait to see what this adventure brings!!!
Posts: 165
2/4/08 4:04 P

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Nursing my twins I've lost 57lbs....from my Prepregnancy weight!!!! Hands down best diet ever!!!

Two in my belly and one in my heart...
Thanks for Listenin'

Posts: 190
2/2/08 9:28 P

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I loved cosleeping and nursing! It was so easy going and relaxing. He hasn't been sick and he is almost 6 1/2 months old. And I am back to a size 6!!!!!!!

Posts: 13
2/2/08 10:25 A

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I LOVE all of your posts! And I agree with all of them! It kind of makes you feel sorry for those moms who miss out by bottle feeding. I know they enjoy their experience but there is nothing like BFing. BFing is one of the things I miss the most and look forward to the most with this coming baby.

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Posts: 1563
1/31/08 10:38 P

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What an awesome post! I have tears in my eyes reading it all!

It's the only thing that I can put right there up with having a natural birth. I can't imagine it any other way. I try to enjoy it every time, because I know it won't last forever. I love being able to cuddle my sweet baby. There have been several times when the bond is so strong I feel as if I could burst. I love that it connects me so strongly to my baby. I also love the eye roll and the mommy/baby coma...OH and definitely the sweet coma smiles. :) Can't get enough of those!

Ask me about my med-free birth experiences! :) I also breastfeed and practice attachment parenting.
Posts: 13
1/31/08 3:37 P

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I love the look in my sons eyes. He looks up at me and smiles; it's such an amazing bond.

Posts: 2993
1/31/08 1:43 P

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amen to what chey1121 said! I also have such a feeling of accommplishment as I wasn't sure I could do it and here I am nursing my second in so many years!

Deborah Caitlyn born 08/03/06
6 lbs 8 ozs
Cana Sue born 11/28/07 6 lbs 11 ozs

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Posts: 56
1/30/08 11:21 P

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I have to add one thing that I didn't see here yet. The weight loss!!! My DD is 10 months old and I have lost all my pregnancy weight plus 20 lbs without trying!!!! I haven't been this skinny since junior high. (Just so no one worries, I am still eating very appropriately for my size and for my baby) :-)

The best is definitely the silly smile as she gets full.

Baby Claire arrived 3/15/07!
Posts: 767
1/30/08 2:39 P

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I just love the crossed eyes and eyes that cannot focus and just roll back into his head while BFing. Now that's gotta be some good stuff!!! I also love how instantly calm he can become when nursing.


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Posts: 11
1/30/08 7:54 A

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I loved nursing my first child and anticipating it with my second coming in September.

1. Bonding time (time that only he and I shared)
2. knowing I was giving him my best
3.convenience -no mixing, no worrying about temperature, always have plenty if errands run longer than expected.

EDD 9/1/08
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Posts: 17
1/28/08 8:32 P

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Favorite thing about nursing infants - that little smile that happens just after they fall asleep at the breast...even better is when a little milk runs out of the corner of their mouth!

Favorite thing about nursing toddlers - no matter how rough a day we've had (tantrums, stubbornness--typical toddler stuff), it's all ok when we lay down to nurse.

Posts: 2264
1/28/08 5:32 P

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that she is getting the most healthy start she could get!

that i can feed her anywhere/anytime - no advance planning!! THAT's a bonus.

the way she curls into a ball in my lap and becomes immediately content as soon as she latches.

how she unlatches and looks up at me whenever i eat or drink anything, with a face that says "hey, what do you got?"

DS - Andrew Joseph - 8/19/05- 7 lbs 8oz - EBFed till 13m months

DD - Devynn Lucia - 6/5/07 - 6lbs 14 oz -EBfed till 14 months

DS- Brody Jack - 4/8/10 - 7lbs 9 oz. 20.5 inches - EBFing off one breast

Posts: 77
1/28/08 2:33 P

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It is the perfect bonding tool! I love that it is free and easy to use!!!!
Formula is so expensive and I always felt guilty even when I just put the stuff in the baby's cereal! Will be glad to be able to nurse another in several months!

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Posts: 4646
1/26/08 4:05 P

Breastfeeding is so amazing! I love it!
I love the fact that when DS latches on, you can see how relaxed and happy he becomes! The milk coma...Love it!
I love that only I can provide food for my baby. I love that it's FREE! And it's the BEST food for my baby! I love the snuggling. And at night, it's so easy to side lay and get some zzz's while he eats and is comforted!
It's also so much more convenient. No mixing formula, no washing bottles. More room in the diaper bag because there's no packing around formula and bottles!
I love that DS is comforted the moment he gets his booby :). He just loves it so much and it makes me feel so wonderful.
The bonding is, by far, the most amazing feeling in the world!

BabyFit Community Team
Posts: 353
1/25/08 2:15 P

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I'm not currently nursing, but will be again in about 6 more months...a couple of things that i didn't see noted below...

1) being able to feed my daughter her breakfast while i got a few more much needed z's

2) We extended breastfed and one of the best things that i found was that when she started getting around more and she fell and bloodiedb her mouth (not uncommon for those early toddlers) I could pop a boobie in her mouth and it would simultaneiously calm her, comfort her, apply pressure to the wound, and disinfect any boo-boos in her mouth... all at a time where even trying to look at it would make her completely panic.

Hooray for the magical boob juice!

If you're looking for some fun breastfeeding and attachement parenting humor, take a peek at

Posts: 8169
1/25/08 11:30 A

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When I did it with my first, I loved:

That it was free,
That only I could feed her,
The quiet middle of the night feedings with me, her, and the Oprah repeat,
And that I am the only on my side of the family who has breastfed so I totally took advantage of the others' ignorance about it and told them my daughter couldn't have what they would have otherwise snuck her because it would interfere with breastfeeding. Evil-I know.

I also loved that there were no bottles to wash and her "food" was always ready to go when we were.

BabyFit Community Team

Mom to Sabrina, Corrine, and Reese

Posts: 338
1/24/08 6:01 P

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How he giggles when he lifts up my shirt to "discover" that the nums are still there, even if they are out of sight!


Can't wait to meet #3!

Posts: 5378
1/24/08 5:22 P

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Yes I love the rolling of the eyes!!!! And 2 things I find sooo adorable, he holds onto my shirt and moves it up and down while he's eating, and sometimes he'll just unlatch, smile (the kind that says "I love you" with their eyes) and then just goes right back to business!!!

It's just sooo amazing! I wish I could have nursed my first longer!!

BabyFit Community Team

My name is Nicci, I'm the proud
mommy of two boys!!

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Posts: 1897
1/24/08 4:51 P

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- That look of pure bliss almost immediately after he latches on. (His little eyes roll up, like PP described, and his eyebrows raise slightly.)

- How he starts getting impatient as soon as I grab the Boppy because he knows we're going to nurse.

- When I'm sitting with him on my lap and we're playing and he stops playing and starts staring intently at my chest. I know he wants to nurse!

- How he caresses my breast when he's sleepy. How he "kneads" my arm or my side with the other hand.

- How he plays with my shirt or whacks me in the face, grabs at my nose, mouth, etc. when he's alert.

- It's free... easily digested... and keeping those nasty viruses at bay!


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Posts: 1461
1/24/08 11:59 A

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I love the bonding time
the way it comforts him
puts him to sleep

And I love the mommy milk coma that is great.

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Posts: 5378
1/24/08 11:56 A

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MOMMY2BEAN - The milk coma, hehe, I call it mommy milk coma too :)

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My name is Nicci, I'm the proud
mommy of two boys!!

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Posts: 4337
1/24/08 10:26 A

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The Milk Coma

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BabyFit Community Team
Posts: 7703
1/24/08 10:01 A

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my fave thing was the cuddle time. I am so sad that my DD is now an independent toddler, don't get me wrong I am happy too. It's bittersweet.

'Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.'

Posts: 741
1/23/08 7:28 P

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Our daughter doesn't like to sit and cuddle with us so I love that while she's nursing we get the best cuddle time. I love how I can play with her hair, stroke her cheek, rub her back, hold her hand as she falls asleep, have her little fingers feel my face and put them on my lips/mouth, having her look up at me or her daddy and smile while the milk dribbles out.....we started calling her "milk face" when she was tiny and would end up with milk all over her. Ahhhh...I just can't imagine forgetting all of these wonderful feelings.

I do also love how easy and convenient it is when we're on the go or during the night and knowing how good it is for our daughter and seeing her grow and be so happy.

Claire Isabella 6/27/07
Anna Caroline 8/6/09

Posts: 1772
1/23/08 3:43 P

My absolute favorite things are the snuggling and bonding.
I also love that I am giving the healthiest thing possible to my baby. It was also amazing to see that my son was growing just b/c of the milk I was giving 6 months, he was 22 lbs 12 oz on breastmilk alone! Now that he's a toddler, it is so nice to have that snuggle time at the end of the day...I'll be sad when he finally weans....but it won't be long before I'm nursing baby #2.

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BabyFit Community Team
Posts: 4757
1/23/08 3:15 P

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I think everything said so far could be my favorite thing:
- I love the quiet time with me and my DS.
- I absolutely love when he is so content he gives me a smile while in the middle of nursing and milk leaks out his mouth and his face gets all milky wet.
- I love cuddling and nursing him to sleep (even though this is bad).
- I love that it is just me that can do this for my boy.
- I love how easy and portable it is.
- I absolutely love that it is FREE!
- I just love nursing.


EDD 7/5/10
Nathan 11/29/07

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Posts: 12335
1/23/08 3:14 P

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Seeing how he lulls himself to sleep from the warmth of my body and the soft sound of my heartbeat. All the while getting full and satisfied.

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EBFing rocks!

Posts: 1014
1/23/08 2:31 P

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It sounds awful that this is my favorite thing but-I love that it's free. I can't imagine having to spend a ton of money on formula when I make free food!

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Posts: 395
1/23/08 2:30 P

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My favorite thing about nursing is the quite alone time I get to spend with my daughter, especially since I started back at work. I love coming home and having 30 minutes of just sitting and cuddling with Sophie before I have to run around like a crazy person making dinner, getting ready for the next day, and everything else that needs to be done! Although I end up doing most of the other stuff with her in my arms anyway since she likes to be with her mommy:)

Picture on 07/20/09 (1 month to go!)

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6lbs,5oz; 20in

Posts: 1628
1/23/08 1:10 P

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The pure comfort in my baby girl's eyes. She absolutely loves's the only thing that will calm her if she is a boo boo...needs to fall asleep quickly, etc. AND it's something that only I can offer her.

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Kayla was born June 2, 2007 She's my 1st!

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Posts: 6371
1/23/08 1:09 P

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Great idea!

My absolute favorite thing about nursing was the cuddling with Nicholas. I loved nursing him while he played with my hair or stroked my cheeks, then he'd stopped sucking, smile at me (while milk dribbled out of his mouth) and then go back to nursing. I miss that SO much!!!!

My second favorite was the ease of nursing. It was so nice, especially in the middle of the night, to just pull him in bed with me and nurse him back to sleep. More cuddling time!

Are you wondering if you should breastfeed you baby? Here are 101 reasons to breastfeed.

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