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EPers: How often do you pump to maintain supply?

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7/16/07 11:28 P

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Thanks ladies!

I do visit the EP thread once in awhile, but I didn't want to post a survey question there.

Right now I am storing 10oz extra every other day or so, plus I already have about 150oz in the freezer. So I'm not making a LOT more than what Lucas needs, but I am eeking out enough to manage his growth spurts. He consumes about 30-35oz per day (6-7 five oz bottles).

I was just tempted to drop an additional session and wanted opinions. My goal used to be 12 weeks, and I hit that... I think I'll wait it out until he is 4 months and then reassess.

Lucas William
April 22, 2007
Unplanned C-section after traumatic labor

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7/16/07 4:46 P

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Hey there,

I am torn really. On the one hand it is so nice to not have to pump all of the time, but on the other hand you could run into supply issues, that sometimes rebuilding can be really difficult. Between 4 and 6 months baby will reach their highest peak of what they will be consuming, so I am hoping you are producing more now than what LO is eating, and you are just maintaining from there. If you aren't I would be hesitant about dropping a session - unless you are comfortable with supplementing. I supplemented the whole time, never had a good supply, even while pumping every 1-3hrs. So at 4 or 5 months, I just dropped a couple sessions anyways.

Born 6-8-06

Caden is such a blessing, he is the sweetest little boy. I love being a mom.

For pumping tips - check out this great website created by members of babyfit who exclusively pumped

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7/16/07 12:50 P

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Hi there,

There is a wonderful thread called "exclusively pumping". I would have to say check it out you will be surprised what you will learn.

I have been eping since my dd was born on April 13th. I pump every 2 hours and every 4 at night. I am about ready to drop one pumping session but I am alittle nervous to do so. I have learned that you should not cut back any until atleast 12 weeks, which is where you are. You are already pumping a lot less times then me and see to be doing great with you supply. The best advice I can give would be if you want to try it just keep a real close eye on your supply and if you see it drop at all, add another pumping session or 2.

Good luck and check out the thread for a ton of useful information.

BabyFit Community Team
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Exclusively pumped for 13 1/2 months with dd!

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7/15/07 8:26 P

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I have been EPing since day 1 and just returned to work this past week. I was worried about maintaining my supply, but I make plenty of milk daily even though I had to drop a pumping session (from 6 to 5).

I hate pumping with a passion, but do it for my LO who is 12 weeks old today!

Because I can maintain my supply and have decreased my sessions, I was tempted to see how I would do with only 4 sessions per day.

I guess I'm asking what is the minimum amount of pumping needed to maintain supply? Or the fewest number of sessions you can get away with?

Lucas William
April 22, 2007
Unplanned C-section after traumatic labor

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