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breastfeeding and painkillers help !!!

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5/17/07 8:36 A

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I have back and neck problems as well but do not take meds for it. After my first was born I was miserable and in pain constantly due to all the added stress and strain on my back from caring for and nursing our daughter. I was referred for physical therapy and it did help a great deal. I learn some helpful stretches and strengthening exercises that targeted the specific areas of my back that were a problem. I was able to continue those at home and saw improvement in my management. I was also able to incorporate the exercises after the arrival of our second child for pain control as well. Might be something to look into to see if that might be an option for you as well.


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5/17/07 7:39 A

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I can relate to this from personal experience. When I gave birth, I tore a back muscle and for the next couple of days it was so bad I was in TEARS. I went to the ER it was so bad.

The answers I got from doctors were varied and frustrating. The ER doctor suggested I stop BF for a few days or he would not prescribe me any meds. My OB suggested tylenol with codeine (may as well give me sugar pills...they've never worked.) Finally, I made an appointment with my primary care physician and told her what all the other doctors said. She got righteously indignant at them for making me stay in pain for so long and suggesting that I should stop BF and got out her little manual of drugs and their class designation.

In order to take care of the pain, she chose two class B meds. Now, these aren't completely harmless to the baby...they do pass through the milk...but the risk is low. The known side affects for the baby (and me) were drowsiness. She suggested to take the pills just after nursing so they had as much time as possible to get through my bloodstream.

They worked.

I wish I could remember the names of the drugs but I'm terrible with drug names and I long ago discarded the bottles. I just want you to know that you need to go to a doctor and be firm. You want to BF AND you want the pain to go away. Make it clear that it is bad. If they don't give you the right answer, then go to another doctor because you can get the relief you need and still safely breastfeed your child.


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5/17/07 7:11 A

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Call your pediatrician. Their office should have a copy of Medications and Mother's milk to tell you which medications are safest while nursing.
Hope you feel better soon.

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5/16/07 10:22 P

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Ok I have always had a bad back and before I got pregnant my dr was prescribing me vicodin. Well just recently I went back to the dr because now more then ever my back is killing me. I have skoleosis (spelling?) and it just seemed like after birth it got worse. Now I'm breastfeeding but I'm also in excruciating pain and was wondering what the risks are taking meds like that while I nurse him. I know some of it travels to my milk but I'm just not familiar with any info about it and help would be appreciated greatly. I mean while I was in the hospital they gave me precocet when I was in pain and they all knew I was nursing. So any info to educate me better would be helpful and if I do take the meds when I want to come off them could baby suffer from withdrawl??. Thanks

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