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what to eat to increase breast milk ????

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12/10/06 11:38 A

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Hi! I've been making a little less milk than what I would like to have been, and my problem has been eating enough. Because I pump 16 or so oz a day for my toddler plus feed my 15 week old (who is a good eater) than I need plenty of calories. I found that once I started eating a cup of plain oats with a cup of rice milk warmed up in the microwave before bed I have been waking up very full of milk and have no problems making enough throughout the day. I don't think its just because its oats, I think it is because oats are very high in calories (but not in fat) and are very very good for your body, so they provide the calories needed through the night to produce milk ready for the morning, and of course I always have oats for breakfast too, so this sets up my body ready for the rest of the day. The most important thing as far as I can tell is to eat enough, but consistently. If your body anticipates having plenty of nutrients, it will make plenty of milk. Just my two cents! :)

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12/10/06 1:31 A

To my knowledge there is no wonder food to make more breastmilk. The doctor I had with my daughter three years ago told me to drink a beer every day. I hated beer but drank it anyway. I would tell my daughter that Jesus may have turned water into wine buy Mummy turns beer into milk. The truth is that the only thing that was truly helping was the added liquid. Your body recognizes how important it is to make the best milk possible for your baby. If you are eating properly to make good nurishing breastmilk that's fine. If you are not eating enough then your body will simply take it from you. Your system will rob your body of all the nutrients it needs to make milk if it has to take the calcium right out of your bones.

The short answer is that your milk has everything it needs except for quantity and quantity will only come from fluids. Increase your clear fluid intake and you should make all that you need.

Good luck

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12/9/06 10:47 P

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I really swore by eating oatmeal. Sometimes I ate the instant kind and sometimes I ate the kind you'd have to cook on the stovetop. I think it really helped to establish a good supply and noticed I had less milk when I didn't eat any oatmeal. Good luck!

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12/9/06 2:14 P

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1) Eating plenty of calories to meet your increased estimated needs (use the Nutrition Transition article in the Post Pregnancy section of the resource center to adjust your Babyfit program. Use the food tracker to make sure you are eating to meet those estimated needs)

2) 10 plus cups of water a day for adequate fluids.

3) Frequent nursing of your baby without supplementing

will increase your milk supply and maintain it at the right level for your LO's needs.


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12/8/06 6:27 P

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As far as food goes, my LC said to eat oatmeal. It helps me a small amount but I know some people that say it helps a LOT.


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12/8/06 6:00 P

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hii all, i need to know what kind of food increase bm supply.
thank u

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