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When will baby stop nursing constantly??

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11/13/06 11:40 A

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I just wanted to verify that every piece of advice given here is true! It seems hard to believe when you're going through a tough patch, but I've nursed 4 babies and it gets so much easier! Right now my LO is almost 8 months old and nurses 6-8 times per day. It only takes her about 5 minutes to nurse- 10 if it's been a long time and she's really hungry.

Hang in there, these ladies are right, in a few weeks everything will be second nature and a breeze!

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11/13/06 8:11 A

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You won't find any one answer to this question, but if it makes you feel any better I, too, am pretty sure I made that post around 5 weeks. I got some interesting responses. Some women tried to convince me that 6 weeks was the "magic mark" and then at 6 weeks I posted again and some other ladies said, "No, no, it's 8 week!"

Well, for me it was 10 weeks. I'm still not sure why I stuck it through -- sheer willpower. I cried if I thought of giving DS formula. Then around 10 weeks I woke up one day and realized that DS had slept a little better, I was a little more rested, and we managed to drive a 6-hour trip and only make 2 stops to nurse. Plus, he was taking a little less time. For me, it was at 10 weeks that I knew I could do it for a year.

Then at 6 MONTHS things were so easy that I knew I could let my baby self-wean if he wanted to. (And that's exactly what I'm doing -- he'll be a year on Friday and we're still going.) Gradually, between 3 and six months he started nursing for 5-10 minutes instead of 30-45. He still nursed pretty often until he went to solid foods, but it was no big deal anymore.

That's my story. You'll find as many stories as there are breastfeeding women. I have narrowed it down to the following general advice:

1. Most women will find, somewhere between 6 and 10 weeks, that breastfeeding has become much easier and more natural.

2. Most babies will learn to nurse faster over the months so that by about 6 months, they can nurse in 5-15 minutes rather than 15-60 minutes.

3. The frequency fo feeding tends to go down from 8-12 to 6-10 by 6 months. Once you introduce solid foods and as you increas the number of solid fooods, it goes down even more.

Hang in there. I'm not sure exactly how long this will last for you but it will NOT be forever. Try to relax and enjoy this time with your baby. Don't make any commitments and don't worry about the house.


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11/13/06 12:27 A

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It seems like it lasts forever doesn't it? We got over the hump when DD was about 2 months old.. the nursing got more simple and it didn't seem like she was constantly on the breast. Now at 8 months old, she is done in less than 5 minutes and wants to get up and play.

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11/11/06 8:36 A

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My forst nursed every 2 hours around the clock for the first six weeks of his life. He was also gaining a pound a week at that point. The frequent feeds started spreading out after that and when he was 8 weeks he was nursing every three to four hours.

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11/11/06 3:50 A

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i only have two things 1 make sure ou are keeping him awake and he is getting full and 2 make sure that you are getting a good burp then putting him back on.

if my DD starts falling asleep i will bug her tickle her even strip her down burp her. The pacifer is a great idea my DD likes to comfort suck, can tell cause she will spit the milk out, yes try dif brands and it might take a bit to get her to take it!!
good luck 5 weeks is awesome!

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11/11/06 12:42 A

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I would laugh when people would talk about nursing more at a 6 week growh spurt because it wasn't like that with Cooper. His 6 week growth spurt lasted from birth to about 8 weeks. Although it did get better from around 5 weeks. He was a slow eater and took a paci for naps, but we made it through. You'll get there.

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11/10/06 7:28 P

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Hi, I think I posted your exact post when Colton was 5 weeks. LOL

Okay, that didn't help. :) What ended up helping us was to introduce the pacifier at this point. Anytime it hadn't been 2 hours since his last feeding I gave the paci. It took 3 brands before I found one that he would take. So try several if you haven't already. I also at that point tried to set some regular naps in his day. I found that he'd go the 2 hours inbetween eating if I layed him down after he'd been up for an hour. This is good practice also in trying to get him used to napping in his crib, not at the breast.

Another thing is that if baby is anywhere close to 6 weeks old... time for another growth spurt. In that case, you just gotta go with it. Water, rest, calories, nurse, and nurse some more. It'll be over after a couple of days.


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11/10/06 7:21 P

No one ever told me that some newborns want to nurse constantly--I can't believe how often my 5-week-old nurses, and has since she was born! It's not every 2-4's more like, I'm lucky to get 30 minutes between feedings, and each feeding takes 30 minutes or longer. When will she start nursing less often and for less time per session? I feel like all I do is feed her!

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