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Does breastfeeding make you hungry?

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9/13/06 1:05 P

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I'm like Bebe....

I'm always snacking. I try to stick to healthy like yogurt, fruit, granola bars... andd being over 35 I still never seem to lose weight.

But yup, always hungry.

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Nancy in NM
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9/12/06 11:43 P

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actually no, I'm actualyl a REALLY picky eater so unless its something I ABSOLUTELY LOVE then I'm not really so fond of eating so much, but I do eats LOTS of fruits and veggies to make up for not eating so much other stuff...I am a water freak though so that helps b/c water fills you up so quick and I could drink water all day


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9/12/06 7:02 P

Yes yes yes!!! And I get dizzy if I don't eat enough! I am kind of happy, though, I was so sick for my whole pregnancy that I am just happy to have my appetite back!

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9/12/06 5:46 P

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yup i am constantly snacking. i'll eat cereal or oatmeal before work and two hours later, i have to eat something agian, then i eat my lunch, and then i go home to snack, and then i have dinner, and maybe dessert. so yes, i'm always eating! but i love it!

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9/11/06 8:51 P

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I too am hungry all the time! I try to eat healthy and do a reasonably good job but if I run out of healthy snacks (esp. when I am at work) then I get a little careless. I too feel like I eat more now than I did when I was pregnant (and more junk food now too!)


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9/11/06 9:19 A

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I too am always hungry, never quite full. Since mommies are never really able to sit down to an undisturbed meal, snacking is key. Make sure you have lots of healthy snacks around the house. You don't feel so guilty after eating an entire bag of carrot sticks opposed to those oreo cookies you passed up at the grocery store!

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9/10/06 8:35 P

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My body definately reminds me to eat. I was not eating enough at first and I could really feel it. Breastfeeding requires good hydrating practices and healthy eating. I had to eat more protein and I also included more fruits than I was eating before.

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9/10/06 8:18 P

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No, actually. At first, I was THIRSTY -- I couldn't drink enough water -- but I've never been exceptionally hungry. My appetite is quite normal. Could be part of why I lost weight so easily.

Actually, for the first month PP I had almost no appetite at all and I had to force myself to eat. That's weird for me, but I think it had to do with a pregnancy that came with nine months of queasiness in my belly and then suddenly feeling right in the belly again. :=)


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9/10/06 6:27 P

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I'm always hungry too. I lost a lot of weight quickly, and am about 10 lbs. lighter than when I got pregnant (but still about 50 lbs. overweight). But I've been that way since 2 week pp. You can eat all the time, but watch what you're putting in your body. You want to make sure you are getting like 2300 calories a day, but make them good calories...lean meats, veggies, fruits and lots of whole grains. You'll feel fuller if you eat better foods, plus you can snack all day.
Unfortunately, I don't follow my own advice. I eat crap food most of the time, which is why I haven't lost any more weight.

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Ryleigh June
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Posts: 1772
9/10/06 4:11 P

It makes me hungry too! Don't worry though, you'll still lose weight. I eat A LOT, and I've lost all my pregnancy weight. It takes a lot to feed my little guy!

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BabyFit Community Team
Posts: 1795
9/10/06 3:48 P

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Yep! I realize that in order to lose weight while BF I have to make sure that I get all the calories I need. Otherwise I guess my body thinks I'm starving and holds onto everything.

Make sure you are eating enough - the resource center can help you determine how many calories you should be eating (it even tells how much to add for BF from 1-3, 3-6 months etc).

I had a hard time figuring out how to get all the extra calories (while still eating healthy) so Tanya recommended adding an extra serving of meat or fruit to meals/snacks.


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9/10/06 3:09 P

I'm breastfeeding and I am hungry all the time. I am hungrier now than I was when I was pregnant. I really wanted to try and lose these extra pounds through breastfeeding, but it is hard because my appetite has increased. Did breastfeeding make you hungry?

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