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donate plasma ok?

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8/26/06 3:18 P

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CALLIOPESMOM- You cannot donate blood for 6 months after giving birth or having major surgery, which will count you out for both. Your body needs time to heal and blood levels to return to normal.

This is what BioLife Plasma Services says on their website:
You are not eligible for plasma donation during pregnancy. You will be eligible for plasma donation 6 weeks after delivering, miscarrying, or terminating a pregnancy.

If you are currently breast-feeding, you are not eligible for plasma donation until the breast-feeding stops.

No reasoning was given on their website. Could be the increased antibodies associated with bfing could mess with the testing they do.


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8/26/06 12:34 P

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Darn it! I just heard on the news that our local blood bank is low on several types, mine is one, and I wanted to go this weekend while hubby can watch the kids. I'll call to make sure. They wouldn't take my blood while pregnant, but BF is not the same. Baby doesn't need my blood supply to be healthy, only milk. We'll see.

Sorry for all of you that were hoping for the extra income. If I could get paid rather than give it away, I would do it.

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8/25/06 9:27 A

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I wanted to donate blood, I use to on a regular basis..once every quarter and they told me not while BF or pregnant.

3/16/06 1.35pm
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8/24/06 10:17 P

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hmmmm... I wonder why...

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8/14/06 11:23 P

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Hi! Thanks for the replies! My husband is going in tommorow or the next day, he's going to ask them about it.

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8/14/06 6:06 P

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I work at a biotech company and I have donated blood a couple of times for in-house research. Our restrictions are good blood pressure, no medication, not pregnant. I donated small amounts but did not notice side effect with breast feeding.

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8/14/06 6:02 P

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I'd also ask your medical provider. I don't think it's a problem, but they will be up to date on the latest restrictions.

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8/14/06 3:45 P

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There is a plasma center right around from my house and my husband is in school so our income is zero! Let me know what you find out.


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8/14/06 3:13 P

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Is it ok to donate/sell plasma while breastfeeding? (lol, obviously not at the same time!) My husband has been doing it, and makes an extra $100-150 a month, we are sooo broke right now, it is very tempting!

DS is 8 months and on solids fine, so if my milk production went down a little temporarily, he'd be ok.

I don't know if they'd even let me if they knew I was BF, but maybe its ok???

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