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how much does a birthing center cost?

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6/15/10 1:06 P

Thanks ladies for the info. Looks like will cost between 5 and 6 thousand for a birth center around here and almost the same for a home-birth. We're not pregnant yet, just gathering information for planning.

Thank you for that Bakunetsumaru! Will do some looking into that!


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My boys were both natural births. Things went very smoothly.

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6/11/10 12:41 A

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My understanding is that you can get Tricare to pay for a birth center birth. You will just need to switch to Standard for it.

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6/9/10 3:40 A

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I think it depends on where you are. In my area, the birthing center was $6,000. The mid-wife who does home births is $3,000.

I did a lot of research. My insurance refused to pay for anything other than a hospital. I ended up seeing a group of mid-wives at a major hospital and they work under a doctor. I had never met this so called "doctor" but all my insurance and medical bills are in his name.

Anyway, if I could do it over again, I think i would have saved up money and did the home birth. The hosptial bill was outragous and out of pocket we alreadyp paid $1,500.

Congrats to you and keep us uddated!

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6/9/10 12:36 A

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Would you consider homebirth?
THere might be wonderful homebirth midwives in your area that also offer sliding scale payments.

Congratulations on your fourth pregnancy!!!! That is amazing!
I have "just" one baby :)))

How were your three previous births?

How are you preparing for birth #4 other than avoiding military hospitals?


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6/8/10 2:42 P

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start by finding a birth center you like, and talk to them. Paying ash, you could probabaly get a discount.

asking here may not help much since cost varies with type of center, and location.

goodluck to you!

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6/8/10 1:31 P

We are military and actually PLANING out baby #4!!! Isn't that amazing!? With military insurance is Tri Care. They do not cover a birthing center. I want to have #4 in a birthing center, not another hospital especialyl not a military hospital.

About how much does it cost to give birth in a center. We want to start putting away money to have a baby in one and plan to start TTC at the end of this year, so need to know exactly how much to save each month.

Thank you, ladies!

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