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naturally induce labor & other tricks

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1/23/06 4:05 P

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My massage therapist specializes in prenatal and postnatal and she said that doing massage around the ankle bones helps.
We're going to keep the sex going (although we're only every-other-day-ing it) and are going pool-walking at the rec center due date is two days away but I am ready and do NOT want to be induced at the hospital, so, no leaf unturned for me! :)

Good luck, everyone!

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1/23/06 10:26 A

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Here is a really good site to get accupressure information.


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1/23/06 9:26 A

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There's also an accupressure point on the inside of your leg, above your ankle.

My doula was doing this trying to get my contractions started with Brendan. We'd all watch the monitor, see the contractions, see how hard they were as I giggled. With each contraction, I gushed water, nevermind the lack of pain. I made this comment to my doula, she lifted the sheet and couldn't beleive how wet the bed was.

Unfortunately, once she stopped, my contractions stopped. Immediately. At the time, I was the only person this had never worked on.

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1/23/06 8:08 A

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You can also just try accupressure. It is on the little toe. On the outside of the toe, near the base of the toe nail.

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1/23/06 1:59 A

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Hmm, I don't think this method has been mentioned yet:

If your body is ready, you can induce labor with a specific acupuncture technique (leave this to a professional of course). I don't know all of the details but I think they have to stick a needle or two into a tender spot on your foot (pinky toe maybe?). There's some kind of band of energy that comes up your legs from your toes and wraps around your uterus and so that acupuncture method causes uterine contractions.

My birth center is situated below an acupuncturist's office and they sometimes send women up there who are genuinely suffering because they are "overdue" (not just those who want to get the baby out).

One woman who gave birth in my birth center was filmed (they made a documentary) trying cohosh, castor oil, and finally acupuncture to induce labor with her fourth. She hadn't slept for days because the baby was kicking so much and she was exhausted and she wanted to begin labor before she lost all enegry to birth naturally. Her strong contractions started immediately after the needle insertion.

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1/22/06 10:40 P

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I found this article about the magic romaine lettuce salad... (

Labor Salad and Other Methods of Inducing Labor

Toni Rakestraw

Everyone gets tired of being pregnant when they reach the end.... and start trying anything and everything to get the ball rolling. There are some methods that are safe and have no side effects... if they don't work, it's not time. Other methods really should only be used under the supervision of your caregiver. For more detailed information, please read everything under 'Natural Induction' and 'Induction' in the Midwife Archives. Then talk it over with your caregiver. You don't want to hurt yourself or the baby, or induce too early. Mother Nature usually has the best time table... baby will tell your body when it is time. If there are other reasons to try and get labor going, then there are many things to try with the knowledge and supervision of your provider.

This is meant to be merely a discussion of some of the common methods out there. I do not endorse any of them, and thoroughly encourage anyone wanting to try *any* of them to first consult your doctor or midwife.

That being said, I'll begin. There are many methods out there to be found on the internet and elsewhere to try and induce labor. Most natural methods will not do anything if your body is not ready. One of the fads a few years ago was the Labor Salad.

I found the recipe on the internet. Looking at it, I don't see why it would work any better than any other salad... maybe it has something to do with the balsamic vinegar... I just don't know. If you are inclined to try it, please wait until you are 39 to 42 weeks in your pregnancy, just in case it does work. The recipe is as follows:

Equal parts of:
Romaine lettuce
Red Cabbage

Chop and toss together. Sprinkle with balsamic vinegrette (1 part balsamic vinegar, 3 parts extra virgin olive oil). Garnish with crumbled Gorgonzola cheese.

I remember when this was all the rage a few years ago... it was on TV on every morning show that existed. I never heard the success ratio after eating it... it could be that what success it had were women who were about ready to go into labor anyway. I have not tried it personally... doesn't even sound particularly good to me.

I have had contractions after eating parsley... we've used it to trigger labor in our overdue rabbits, and it works quite efficiently with them. Labor never actually started, though. Maybe I didn't eat enough... but I didn't feel like eating a whole field of it, either! I just chopped some and mixed it in the lettuce I was putting in my tacos. This was when I was already 80% effaced and 3cm dilated, too. So, probably not a reliable method for people, though it works well with the bunnies.

I've heard of rubbing oil with essential oils in it on your belly. Not sure if this works or not. Using essential oils like lemon, rosemary, lavender... a few drops mixed in a good carrier oil like olive, almond, or grapeseed, probably won't hurt to try. It would probably feel good, at any rate. Rosemary is one of the oils you usually want to avoid during pregnancy, so again, just in case it works, do not do it unless you are already past your due date. Again, I can't stress enough to *inform your caregiver* before you try anything.

You can read plenty in the Midwife Archives regarding castor oil, enemas, stripping membranes and herbal tinctures. All of these methods *must* be used in conjunction with care from your provider.

Other methods include drinking raspberry tea, pressing acupressure points on your hand or ankle, and using nipple stimulation or sex to get things started. Haven't started labor using any of these methods, either, but some of them were a bit more fun than others. :) The best way to get labor started, is to be patient and let the baby start it. I know, it's hard to wait at the end... I'm going through that phase right now, and it is very difficult! But the best labor patterns start through that hormonal communication from baby to mom... as much as we may want to rush it, we could just be asking for a harder time of it by mucking about. So, make a cup of raspberry tea, sit down, and relax. Enjoy those last few days or weeks of having baby inside. It doesn't get any easier than it is right now, so why rush the more difficult stuff?

If you have had any results one way or the other with these or other methods, please write and tell us.

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1/22/06 8:15 P

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okay, i wouldn't know how reliable this is... i've read and heard that raspberry leaf, though said to be used to tone the uterine wall muscles, can also induce labor (i know it's in pregnancy tea, you can probably get it in pill form or something at the health food store). i think i remember that even becky the dietician here has even said that it can do that.

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Livinia Grace (Vini)- 02/08/06

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1/21/06 1:07 A

This is a good topic. I am pg with #4 and I am only 16 weeks along but my last 2 DD were both about 10 days late and I had to be induced. Even going to the dr. office and having my membranes stripped didn't do anything. With my 1st DD they had me come to the hospital and they broke my water which started my contractions and with my last DD they had to put me on pitocin. I didn't like the idea, but being pg for 43 weeks was even less fun. Funny thing is my DS who is the oldest was born on his due date. How weird is that. I just don't want to have to go through the late/induction thing again. I tried hot baths, sex, nipple stimulation, walking; but nothing worked. I hadn't heard of the lettuce thing though.

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1/20/06 11:09 A

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I never heard of the poneapple thing...castor oil I heard about too, but I would be afraid of the sick feelings. The other night I saw the girl on the show with "Archie Bunker" (can't think of the name) drink a glass of wine when she was pregnant, then immediately went into labor. I thought wow times have changed! Guess not if it is still being recommended... I would guess the wine would be the same as the hot sex and hot bath! It would relax you....I also focused on a date with my daughter and she came pretty darn close. As for synthetic hormones being in lettuce, maybe I said it wrong, it has been 12 years. I thought it was a natural form of pitocin, but if that is synthetic I may have baby brain and mixed it up Anyway I hope any of these suggestions work for all of you that are so close!! I am going to check out the website given here, good advice thanks!

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1/20/06 1:41 A

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I have never heard of eating Romaine lettuce to help you into labour. That's pretty neat!! I thought that the glass of wine was just to help oyu relax not start your contractions...HMM this is all new to me.


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1/19/06 9:57 P

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One that my mom heard today was drinking a glass of wine. I have never heard this one and would never try it. That is one thing that I'm definitely not doing is drinking during pregnancy. I'm having my baby tomorrow one way or the other anyways. Right now, I am having some really good contractions about 6 min. apart and if they stop I will be induced tomorrow. I CAN'T WAIT!!

P.S. I know they say that one or two glasses of wine isn't that bad for you but its just not something I'm willing to risk. I know there are other women out there that do have an occassional drink during pregnancy and thats cool if thats what they want to do. I'm not here to judge anyone!

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1/19/06 6:08 P

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Here is a good page with a bunch of opinions on various natural inducers...I'm definitely not recommending the use of any though...I am really on the fence as to their safety.

I eat a pineapple a day and can definitely say its done nothing. I also eat a lot of curry and chili pepper, salad, do a lot of nipple stimulation, walking, etc...nothing has worked for me.

I refuse to take castor oil because I dont want diarrea or nausea or more pain than I'm in already. I haven't tried EPO, but my cervix is quite effaced so I dont think thats an issue. I dont want to take blue or black cohosh because it hasnt been studied enough and some reported risks are stomach pains, headaches, and possible neurological problems in the baby - FREAKS ME OUT!!

SO, I've decided to use good ol' fashioned reverse psychology and tell the baby every day that he can stay in as long as he wants.

Mind you, this hasnt worked for me either! LOL

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1/19/06 5:23 P

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Oops, I didn't read your first post too well did I?

BabyFit Community Team
Posts: 263
1/19/06 5:09 P

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At the time they interviewed the women and the common thread was the romaine lettuce. Caesar salads and salads with the romaine only. If I remember correctly my doctor said they eventually started advertising the labor salads. The reasearch that was done showed that romaine lettuce (only) has natural pitocin in it, which of course, explains the women going into labor.

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Born: 7-10-06
Older sister is 13 and starting High School 2007
Maximus is 13 months and walking everywhere, he has 6 teeth and is ADORABLE :D

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1/19/06 5:03 P

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I've never heard of the romaine lettuce, but a someone posted in Jan. the other that basalmic vinegar is supposed to cause contractions. I wonder if the restaurant had a basalmic salad dressing.

BabyFit Community Team
Posts: 336
1/19/06 3:12 P

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I'm going to the grocery store today for romaine lettuce!! Even if it doesn't work, a salad wouldn't be bad for me.

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1/19/06 12:15 P

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I was remembering my last labor and the doctor checking me 2 days before I delivered. She said, you are 2 cm, go home eat as much Romaine lettuce that you can, walk and rest. We will have this baby soon. I questioned the romain lettuce (because I question EVERYTHING) and she said there was a restaurant that made the news in California a few years back. Pregnant women would go in, eat a salad, and go into labor. There is natural pitocin in the romaine lettuce that helps to naturally dialate the cervix.

She also told me if I could do what I did to get pregnant the sperm on the cervix would be the equivilant of the GEL that they use to induce women. Both of these are "gentle and safe" for mommy and baby (per Doctor).

I am wondering, does anyone else have any other ways of helping things along. Tricks from moms or grandma's, or Doctors? I am not near my due date yet, but I figure the more information I can get the better for when the time comes, plus it could help someone on this site. Please advise.

PS I forgot to mention that I started back labor 6 hours after eating the lettuce, I just didn't know that was the beginning of labor, I thought my joints were tired of the extra weight.

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Yours in Health & Happiness

Born: 7-10-06
Older sister is 13 and starting High School 2007
Maximus is 13 months and walking everywhere, he has 6 teeth and is ADORABLE :D

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