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How to speed up dilation

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5/31/06 5:20 P

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orgasm is supposed to help trigger the release of oxytocin (to help bring on labor)

semen on the cervix is supposed to help trigger prostoglandins (to help thin cervix), which helps to bring babies head down on cervix which brings around labor..

nipple stimulation and lots of it is supposed to bring on another hormone( forgot which one, but that's supposed to help too) need to do at least 15 min/side/hr for up to several hours to get this to work,,so I have heard...

so any way you can get it.. :)

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5/31/06 5:20 P

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Orgasm. It released Oxytocin which is what Pitocin is the synthetic for. The semen ripens the cervix and I've heard that swallowing the semen actually works better than just having the semen up in your cervix. Wouldn't DH just love to hear that?

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5/31/06 5:15 P

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Maybe a silly question, but is it the penetration or the orgasm that brings on labor?

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5/31/06 4:04 P

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Does anyone else think it's funny that I'm sitting in my office chair, rocking back and forth, and wiggling my hips around?? Maybe that'll bring her down even more? LOL! I just gotta make sure the co-workers don't see me. They might not understand!
Can't wait to hear if sex worked for you, Jennifer.

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5/31/06 11:18 A

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if no sex, then do the job your self...orgasm will help bring on good contractions, the yoga ball, like someone else said, helps open your pelvic bones by 30% allowing the baby to drop down more, evening primrose oil orally or vaginally helps soften the cervix (much like semen), and as stupid as it sounds, i've been told visualization is really good too...

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5/31/06 2:24 A

I know how you feel. I've been dilated to a 4 for over a week now. It's miserable most of the time just walking around. My DH and I had sex tonight. I think I was a little more afraid of him hurting the baby than he was. We ended up doing it in the spoon position. I think the spoon position works well if you don't want the deep penetration (TMI). Maybe you can talk him into trying that? Good Luck!

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5/30/06 11:36 P

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I was thinking about the castor oil but what happened to my sister when she used it scared me enough not to even use it. It caused her son to have a bowl movement while inside and he swolled some and we almost lost both him and my sister. Right now I'm not allowed to walk because my ankles are very swelled and it hurts to be on my feet because of the swelling and the pressure. I figure if sex can get me to three it should help me dilate more.

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5/30/06 10:50 P

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Raspberry tea (made with raspberry leaves, not artificial sweetners)
or you could do some dancing around the house! LOL

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5/30/06 9:55 P

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I have heard of EPO and caster oil being helpful. Maybe someone else knows more.

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5/30/06 9:51 P

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Ok I'm dilated 3 now and have been for at least three weeks now and I was wanting to find out what ways can help me dilate faster. I've tried the nipple stimulation and walking and even riding a bike but still no change. I could use some advice. My husband refuses to do the whole sex thing cause he's afraid to break my water or harm the baby since he's so low. I asked my doctor about me still having sex and she said its ok as long as I am not hurting... I know sex worked for me to get to three. I was one on a thursday and when I woke up 4:00 am I was a three and sex is what got me this far.... Anyone with advice feel free to let me know.....

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