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How many bottles do you really need??

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5/21/06 1:46 A

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i think i have like 9 bottles...most i'll use for frozen storage when i go back to work, then i have 4 dr browns for daddy to feed her while i'm gone!

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5/21/06 12:00 A

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I plan to breastfeed, but I am a working mama and will need to introduce a bottle around 4-6 weeks old and send bottles to day care.

Will you need to send bottles to day care?
Will you be willing to wash bottles every day or have 2-3 days worth?
Are you certain you will breastfeed?

I would recommend you have about 6 bottles initially (4oz bottles are usually fine for the first 3 months, but then you'll need larger ones), but if you are working and pumping and need more for breast milk storage or whatever, you might want as many as 8 or 12. I washed mine every night, but I think I still had about 8-10.

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5/20/06 11:47 P

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I hope to breastfeed as well but do have 6 bottles on hand just in case it doesn't work out. My sister recommended the Ventaire bottles so we are going to try those.

I'd think 30 bottles is a little excessive! Go exchange some of them and have fun baby shopping!

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5/20/06 7:32 P

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Babies don't get any more dehydrated with breast milk than they do with formula-so there is really no need to give them a bottle of water. My mother and grandmother also suggested that I give my baby water. It was something that was taught back then. When he starting eating baby food I did give him a sippy cup with water in it to wash down the food though. I have heard that giving a young baby water can fill his tummy up so he won't drink as much milk and in the long term might not grow as well because he is not getting enough calories and nutrients. That's why I never did it. Of course if your baby is sick or it's really hot a little water might be beneficial.

I will be breastfeeding but have a pump and 3 avent bottles just in case.


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5/20/06 2:02 P

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I think I have 3 bottles that were a gift...

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5/20/06 12:16 P

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Thanks for the info, so it's not silly that I return some bottles and get something else. I didn't think I needed that many, may be give a couple to my mom to keep at her house.


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5/20/06 12:15 P

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I'm reading the book "the contended little baby book" and the author suggests after the first week (or once you have breastfeeding down) giving your baby one bottle of breastmilk or formula during a night feeding or as your last evening feeding so that later on he/she doesnt refuse bottles and give you a hard time.

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5/20/06 12:03 P

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I bottlefeed my 2 yr old when she was born. We only had about 10 bottles. 5 were the 6 oz ventaire and the others were 8 oz regular bottles. we only used the 5 ventaire bottles.

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5/20/06 11:18 A

I bought 2 Dr. Browns bottles and then I purchased the Medela Accessory kit that comes with bottles for feeding/storage after pumping. I plan to exclusively breast feed and not introduce a bottle for a few months.

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5/20/06 11:13 A

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My mom breast fed us and says she gave all 4 of her kids one bottle of water every afternoon. I'm concerned about introducing the bottle too soon, though - I want to avoid nipple confusion! Guess the baby uses different muscles in the mouth to drink from a bottle.

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5/20/06 10:49 A

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Hehe...I only have 2! I'm planning on breastfeeding for 6 months to a year (we'll see how it goes!) I've been told that because you don't know how much milk baby is getting from the breast, you should avoid them getting dehydrated by giving them water as well, so I may be investing in a few more soon.

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5/20/06 9:53 A

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I'm really trying to encourage my nesting gene to kick in but having a little trouble. Yesterday I cleaned out a cabinet in the kitchen for baby, but realized I have like almost 30 bottles, (baby shower gifts) do I really need that many?? I plan on breastfeeding for 3-6 months, with DH helping out occasionally with a bottle. It just seems like a waste but 1st time mom and not sure what's really needed. Any suggestions would help.


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