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how to strengthen your bag of waters

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5/6/06 9:59 A

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My water broke when I was at work while pregnant with Brendan. I got up to go to the bathroom, felt a slightly larger then usual trickle and thought it was my water breaking. I'm all nonchalant about the whole thing, calling my OB's office, talking to the director about this, getting a hold of J, etc.. Everyone else was freaking out while I went about my business.

When the nurse came running out of the back loudly asking 'Where's the woman in labor?' it took J and I a second to realize she was talking about me. Granted, I had a small leak, not a gusher, so it was easy for me to be laid back about the whole situation.

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5/5/06 10:55 P

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I thought this information might be helpful.

Vitamin C Prevents Pregnancy Complication

Women who supplement with a small amount of vitamin C during the second half of pregnancy reduce their risk of one contributor to premature birth, according to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (2005; 81:859?63).

The end of pregnancy and the beginning of the birth process is marked by rupture of the walls (membranes) of the sac that holds the growing fetus and the amniotic fluid. A healthy pregnancy usually lasts around 40 weeks. Premature birth occurs when the membranes rupture and birth begins before 37 weeks of pregnancy. PROM (premature rupture of the membranes) occurs in 10 to 20% of pregnancies worldwide and is the most common cause of premature births. Babies born prematurely face many health risks including underdeveloped lungs which do not function properly, increased susceptibility to infections and difficulty with nursing. Vaginal infection, smoking and poor maternal nutrition can all increase the risk of PROM.

Studies have suggested that inadequate levels of vitamin C in the cells of pregnant women might be linked to increased PROM risk. Vitamin C, an antioxidant nutrient found in fruits and vegetables, plays an important role in the production and repair of connective tissues throughout the body and is believed to be critical to the maintenance of the fetal sac membranes. In one study, women with high dietary intake of vitamin C were less likely to experience PROM than women with low intake. The effect of vitamin C supplementation on risk of PROM has not been previously studied.

In the current study, 120 healthy women who were less than 20 weeks pregnant were randomly assigned to receive either 100 mg of vitamin C per day or placebo. Each woman was evaluated upon entry to the study and every four weeks from week 20 of their pregnancy until delivery. PROM incidence was 74% lower in the women taking vitamin C than in the women receiving placebo (7.69% versus 24.5%). The incidence of premature births was also lower in the vitamin C group than in the placebo group (13.4% versus 24%); however, this 44% reduction in risk was not statistically significant because of the small number of people studied.

The results of this study suggest that supplementing with vitamin C can reduce the risk of PROM. Since PROM is involved in more than 40% of all premature births, it is possible that small amounts of supplemental vitamin C might help prevent premature births. A larger study is needed to determine this more definitively.


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5/5/06 7:28 P

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I really thought I was gonna pee on myself when you said someone actually carried a jar of pickles around with her just in case. That's some funny stuff.

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5/5/06 6:15 P

Wow if that's true than my water bag must be really strong lol. I always have near 400% of vitamin C intake on my tracker. I crank up the vitamin C because it protects against infection so every morning I drink 2 cups of apple juice which has 100% per cup.

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5/5/06 4:05 P

It sounds believable because vitamin C is an essential ingrediant of skin, collagen, etc., so it does not surprise me that it would help strengthen other tissues in your body. Though I would still be prepared for your water to break anywhere. I am less concerned since my doctor told me that it won't be a secret to anyone who may be around me that I'm pregnant. There will be no mistaking it for incontinence.

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5/5/06 1:43 P

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my amniotic sac broke when both the first two were crowning, hope it happens again the same way. They say contrax are less painful with it in place

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5/5/06 1:40 P

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I just don't see how you can control when or where your water breaks. Maybe you can strengthen it and maybe not, but when it decides to break it will and wherever you are you just are unless you plan to stay home until then. Mine broke at 5am but in another hour I would have been in my car...there is no warning necessarily on a full break. some start leaking and then break but eveyone is different. My friend who is also a teacher had her water break here at school - i know if she had the choice she would not have picked at school.

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5/5/06 1:13 P

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About the iron pills, I cannot take them every day . I take them every other day bc I cannot handle the heartburn they give me.
I take my iron pill in the afternoon right after a snack. I dont think you are supposed to take ti with dairy due to absorption issues tho I cant be sure.
I try to eat it with a piece of bread or something carbohydrate

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5/5/06 12:02 P

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OK this sounds a little off the wall, but I heard last night in childbirth class that the level of Vitamin C that you consume affects the strength or flimsimess of your amniotic sac. So, I guess if you eat more Vitamin C you're less likely to have it break on you early, or when you're in the middle of something (like the grocery store, haha).

I'm kind of scared of a nightmare public GUSH, so I'm definitely taking more vitamin C! (It also helps the body absorb the iron it needs).

My birth class instructor says she knows a woman who carried a big jar of pickles with her everywhere so if her water broke dramatically, she could throw the pickle jar on the floor and pretend that was what happened.

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