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20 week ultrasound measuring 19 weeks

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1/31/06 10:41 A

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DONT READ STUFF ONLINE!!! It will do nothing but create unnecessary cause for alarm! I learned that through experience. My youngest daughter was bit by a tick that imbedded itself in her labia. I removed it after much difficulty and then freaked out when I read up on it online. The horror stories I read about ticks scarred me for life and I am now terrified to go ANYWHERE where the grass is longer than ankle length. I rushed her to the doctor immediately and demanded tests (early detection of lyme disease is important). Anyway to make a long story short, my daughter is just fine with NO lyme disease or side effects from the bite.
Sometimes in our search for answers we spin ourselves out of control!The information you normally get online is usually worse case scenario stuff anyway. While there is nothing wrong with research online, you should only keep it as hip pocket information. If your concerned take the information you learned online and ask your doctor... call him or her if you have too, but dont stress. If there was a problem with your baby, they would have told you by now (your doctor reviews the notes from the ultrasound). So take a deep breath and relax. :-)

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1/31/06 10:24 A

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Thanks everybody, it is very reassuring to hear from everybody.

I also remember her saying that the baby weighed a pound and that was normal for 20 weeks. Then I looked in my book and it says 9 oz for 20 weeks and 10 oz for 21 weeks so it actually weighs MORE! I wonder if she meant to say it was a week ahead and instead she said a week behind. (She is also preggo and due this summer!!) I have been known to say the reverse of what I meant! I go to the Dr in 3 weeks and I am sure they will call if they are concerned. I was letting myself get a little overly worried last night reading online about Intrauterine Growth Retardation, which I doubt this baby would even be close to measuring THAT small. Anyway, thanks for "listening"!!


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1/30/06 5:33 P

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Ultrasound at 13 weeks I measured 14 weeks. Ultrasound at 19 weeks I measured 18 weeks. I just know this baby is coming in May or June that way I can be prepared for whenever.

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1/30/06 3:48 P

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This one is measuring large for how far along I am (19wks). Colin was the same way when all the calculations were plugged into the machine. The week before I had him, my doctor said he was over 6lbs. Colin came in at 5lbs. I don't remember Brendan measuring large since I only had the two u/s with him. I do recall the midwife saying she thought he'd be well over 8lbs as she felt him in my belly. Brendan was 7lbs 3ozs when he was born.

The u/s gives a guesstimate on the size and weight of a baby. It's not accurate. And in our case, the head is what has thrown off the sizing. We all have big heads so I'm not concerned the baby seems big for it's age in utero.

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1/30/06 3:02 P

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Ours was an intentional pregnancy so I was keeping track of dates like a madwoman!! The doctor and my LNMP date agree - June 2nd due date but the US has always said between June 17 and doctor doesn't seem concerned at this point. Perhaps it's because US do have a +/- 2 week date discrepancy and because the data from which these are calculated came primarily from hospitals in Colorado ( higher altitude = smaller babies)

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1/30/06 2:51 P

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I went for an US at 5 weeks 4 days and was told the baby was measuring under 5 weeks. Then at 7 weeks, I was told the baby measured 7 weeks and 2 days.
I think a lot of it has to do with the US tech and them making sure they measure properly. Plus, babies can grow faster one month than they can the next. So I wouldn't be worried if I were you. I am sure everything will be fine and the next US will be right on target. Best wishes!


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1/30/06 2:34 P

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I had my US today. My mom was with us so when the tech asked if we wanted to know what the sex is and I said no. We want to know but don't want anyone else to know. I called after we left and she said that she only looks for the sex if you want to know, but she thinks it might be a boy. Everything looked good, baby has everything it should, 2 kidneys, bladder, 4 chambers in heart etc.
However, the tech said the baby is measuring a week behind. At 12 weeks, the baby was measuring 13. I know there is nothing they can do right now. My sister who is an OB nurse, says that I will probably have another US in 4 weeks and she thinks I should not tell my mom about it and find out what it is then. We'll see! Anyone else been told baby is measuring small?


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