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Brown Discharge After Sex

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12/7/05 9:25 A

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Can you share with me your experience with the MC, I just start having brown discharge after having sex on Saturday, it's been four days now, but I'd like to know what expect if MC will happen, did you experience any lower back pain or minor cramping...."hope not"


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11/17/05 12:53 P

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Just keep an eye on the color of the discharge because back in June of this year the same thing happened to me, but it ended up turning a bright red color and I ended up miscarrying. So my husband thought it was his fault, but the doctor said that he doesn't think it was from having sex, it just happened to be a coincidence. So just keep an eye on it, but it seems to me since there is nothing on the tp that things are normal like the other girls said.


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11/17/05 12:46 P

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I had a scare with that just once. I had sex then several hours later, like you said just a little discharge but nothing major. I freaked out and called my friend first because she is a nurse and has two kids. She said it's normal just to lay down on your left side(good for the baby and uterus). She told me I might need to hold off on sex until around 12 weeks. I lasted like one week with my sex drive. I have no problems with it now. Very active with no problems what so ever.

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11/17/05 12:35 P

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Hey! I had the same thing happen several weeks ago. I was worried sick because I thought there had to be something wrong. I went to the doctor and she told me that it's perfectly normal but anytime spotting occurs from sex or not to wait three days to have sex to give the cervix time to heal up a little bit. She said it's very natural for veins to pop during sex and not to worry about them unless it looks more like a regular period.

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11/17/05 9:14 A

Hi! I had the same thing and the doctor said it's normal. It is from the cervix thinning out. He told me to enjoy the sex and not be concerned with the discharge.

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11/17/05 8:58 A

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Have any of you experienced a slight brown discharge after sex?
I hadn't had sex throughout most of this trimester bc I was always feeling sick or tired. But lately in the past 2 weeks I have begun feeling a little better. The past 4 days I have had sex. The following morning after sex on two occasions, I had some light brown tinted discharge on my underwear. Nothing coming out on the toilet paper, just a little bit on the undies. Is this a normal occurence? I called my dr. on it when it happened the first time like 2 or 3 weeks ago and he said it can happen it is normal. I have had many ultrasounds before this and everything is fine thankfully. But still it is anxiety provoking! I think I will be staying away from sex for awhile. I am now 10 weeks 5 days pregnant.

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