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Morning sickness ever feel like the flu?

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11/17/05 3:56 P

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Hello everyone!

It is so true that "misery loves company"LOL
I always feel so encouraged when I hear others who feel what I fell!!!

RACHAELSA I feel exactly like you described...I am almost 9 weeks and I have been feeling like this since week 6.
Some days are better, some are worse but basically I feel horrible all the time!

I usually feel better by 8 or 9 pm but by then I am ready for bed!!! So I usually fall asleep and wake up feeling like I have the flu!!!

Let's just hope it will end after the first trimester although sometimes I feel like I won't make it!!!!!

Alexia and Maya
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11/16/05 10:14 A

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i'm about 9 weeks and it's just starting to wear off. i compared it to the flu too, the grogginess, energy sapped, nausea, just feeling bleh. make sure you get a lot of sleep, take your vitamins, get liquids and food down and it'll pass. mine started around week 6 feeling bad on a daily basis. i had a m/c too a few mos ago and mine was a blighted ovum so it's my first time seeing the heartbeat too. our bodies go through a lot to make a baby, and it'll take most of our energy and stregnth for a while, but it'll get better. hope you get to feeling better soon


Lydia both at home

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11/16/05 9:35 A

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I have felt "flu-like" a few times. Most of the time though I am just quesy.

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11/15/05 4:43 P

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I've felt like that almost every day for the past few weeks. Only at night, though. Around 8:00 I start to feel feverish and achey (whole body feels almost bruised) - just like I feel when I have the flu. I told my doctor and she said that its just part of first trimester sickness, and should go away. At least I know someone else feels like this! I hope that you feel better! :)

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11/15/05 4:17 P

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Hi, this is actually my third pregnancy after two miscarriages and I am feeling much different this time around so I guess this is a good thing! I had my first ultrasound last week and saw the most beautiful thing, my baby's heartbeat (never got that far the other two times)! Anyways, I have been feeling nauseous for the past 3 weeks or so (I am 8 weeks pregnant today) and last night I started to feel like I was coming down with the flu but was not running a temperature. I took the day off of work today to rest just in case, and am feeling a little better. Has anyone else ever felt like this?

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