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Anyone doing Squats?

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3/14/06 5:31 P

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*Tailor position is sort of like sitting "indian style" but you have the soles of your feet together (this is a stretch).

When it comes to squats there are different ones you can do (but always check with your doc to be sure).

*You can do "wall sits". Back against the wall, feet out infront of you and slide down to a maximum of 90 degrees. Holding this position (30-60 sec) while doing your breathing or kegels exercises. Reapeat 2 or more times.

* Chair squats. Where you go up and down as if pretending to sit down on a chair while holding on to a chair for balance.

* Deep static squats. These are good to do to be able to take advantage of squat bars etc during labor. You really should hold on to something for support (in labor it will be your partner, at home it could be the door frame or bed frame....something HEAVY to counter your weight).
If you do it in a door way: stand inside of the door facing the opposite side of the hinges. Grab the frame work, and squat down all the way to the tresh hold, sort of leaning away from the hands that are supporting your weight in the fram.....hard to describe, but good for you!

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3/14/06 5:18 P

i think i would fall over right now if i tried to do them!!

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3/14/06 5:15 P

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I'm kind of afraid to do squats...once I get down, I'm afraid I might not be able to get back up lol. But I'm going to try em.


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3/14/06 4:51 P

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Oh great, more work!

Actually I've been doing in my yoga class all the time. I do them sometimes at work when I'm waiting for the copy machine.

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3/14/06 4:08 P

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I dunno, I have always done squats....perhaps if you have never done them before and start them like at 35/36 weeks they can put you into labor? I am not sure, but I know that I started them at 30 weeks last time and did them until I had my son at 38.5 weeks.

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3/14/06 4:08 P

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Squats are evil, I hate them even when I am not preggo. My hunny and i do to gym, and you should see him *hint* to me to go do them. It is quite hilarious.

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3/14/06 4:06 P

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When I was still in school, I was at clinicals & was taking care of a postpartum mom & newborn. She went a week early. She said her mother-in-law had her do squats the night before & in the middle of the night, she went into labor.
I don't understand this, but now I'm curious to ask my doc.


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3/14/06 4:04 P

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i just started doing them but i wasn't doing them like that and i wasn't supporting myself. im going to try that though thanks!

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3/14/06 3:56 P

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I am scared to do bum is too big now and so is my gut and i may fall over

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3/14/06 3:46 P

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I've been doing squats... but my prenatal yoga video said that they didn't recommend doing squats after 35 weeks because it could trigger labor. It also said it was good when you are OVERDUE and WANT to trigger labor ;)

You might want to double-check with your doctor either way.

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3/14/06 3:30 P

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I was kind of hoping that you would say it is too late as I am feeling very tired and lazy today :(

Thanks for the tip, guess I will start those tomorrow.


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3/14/06 3:27 P

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oh no not too late, hell that article was on the 33 week page LOL.

I didnt start them last time until I was 30 weeks along, so you would be just fine.

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3/14/06 3:24 P

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Is it too late to start with only 11 weeks to go?

'Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.'

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3/14/06 3:22 P

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To help strengthen your muscles for pushing? I did them with my last pregnancy and do them with this one too, when I am not too tired. Then today I read on the babyfit site to do them....

Don’t Duck These Squats
Is your body ready for the rigors of labor? Have you spent time developing the muscles to push when you need to the most? You still have time. The “Duck Squat” strengthens and stretches the muscles in your lower back and legs, opens your pelvis, and takes full advantage of gravity:
Stand with your feet slightly wider than hip distance apart.
Hold on to something stable and gently lower your body into a squatting position.
Maintain this position for 15 seconds initially, building to longer periods later.
Instead of coming back up, lower yourself to the ground by placing your hands behind you, one at a time, and support your weight with your hands while lowering yourself to the floor.
Keep in mind to shift your weight to the outsides of your feet to relieve pressure on your knees.

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