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Sneezing followed by Lower Abdominal Pain?

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10/18/05 11:16 A

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I've had the same thing when I sneeze or get up from a sitting position too quickly. I've been assured that everything is ok. But I agree its always a good idea to let your doctor know as well.


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10/18/05 11:00 A

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I haven't experienced pain when I sneeze, but my sneezes seem so much more intense now. I don't know what the deal is.

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10/18/05 10:53 A

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This happens a lot with me also. It happens when I sneeze, but also sometimes if I get up from the couch too quickly. I had it with my first pregnancy too and it seems to be perfectly normal.

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10/12/05 11:21 A

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well, I think i know a little about this since i have pulled every muscle in my body lifting patients , i am having the same pain in pregnancy..well you are right its kinda like growing pains your abdominal muscles are stretching to accomidate your ever growing uterus and they are a little tight right now kinda like when you pull a rubber band (not tight, just enough to extend it) so when you sneeze you are pulling them, that sharp pain is them tugging but there is hardly anything to stretch..Hopefully this will go away for soon then you will have to worry about holding your bladder when you cough, laugh take care... P.S. You should still tell your doc cause everyone's body is diff this is just a little medical and mommy expeirence talking

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10/11/05 7:23 P

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I had the same thing & checked with my DR. They said it's just a sign of enlarged ovaries. Nothing to worry about. Hope this helps?

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10/11/05 6:34 P

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I have had the same problem, sneezing is the worse. I try not to lay down if I feel like I have to sneeze. My doctor advised me that the tendons in my abdominal area are already stretching and dont have much give. He told me that this is just stretching pains.

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10/11/05 6:18 P

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I know this sounds weird but last night it happened for the second time. I have been having either a stuffy nose or runny nose lately as well as sneezing alot. Not sure if it's allergy related or not . (Don't usually get affected w/ allergies much). However, there have been now two occasions where I was lying in bed on my back and I sneezed and there was a SHARP pain in my lower right side (right above the pubic area). It seemed to last for just a minute or so but it was certainly painful. I had a doctor's appointment yesterday and heard the heartbeat at 10 weeks so everything seems fine.

Has anyone experienced similar pains and should I be concerned? Maybe it's just 'growing' pains?

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