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How soon did you show with second pregnancy?

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8/10/05 7:55 A

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Hey ladies,

The past couple of days I have been trying to cut down on carbs, cut out the snacks that I have with my kids and quit nibbling on their food, which is not necessarily the best thing for me, and I noticed my tummy got a little flatter. Maybe its all in my head, but even dh said something. He got real nervous when my tummy got so big so fast--he is afraid it could be twins again.

I think the carbs really make you retain water, which we naturally retain when we are pg., so watching carb intake may help us expand slower. I am still getting about 50% of my calories from carbs. I am also really watching my calorie intake too. I won't starve myself or deny myself food if I am hungry, I just try to make better food choices. It really is too early to be popping out like this and we still have at least a month + of bikini/swimming pool weather here.

Take care ladies.

Alexandra (39), DH (51)
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8/10/05 2:35 A

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I am glad to hear other people are feeling like their belly is showing too! I am almost 7 weeks and feel like it's getting hard to hide!

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8/10/05 1:08 A

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With my second I began to show at around 8-12 weeks...this is my third and things are already getting tight.

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8/9/05 11:02 P

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I hope it is just my muscles are just expanding quicker due to memory because I don't think I could handle much of anything else. I hope my weight gain tapers. I just went to a prenatal class today and they expect us to gain about 10lbs by 20 weeks. I'm just about half way there at 4 weeks!

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8/9/05 3:19 P

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hello I am from Oklahoma as well and I am looking forward to my april pregnancy this is also my second and i am starting to pooch and i'm 4w

April 8th 2006
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8/9/05 3:07 P

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Hi all, I am a Feb mommy. Just coming to say Hi. I was wanting to have another April baby, but got pregnant too soon. April is a great month to have a baby at least in oklahoma. Is anyone due Aril 6th or April 19th? Well the 6th is my daughter's b-day, and the 19th is mine. Just curious. By the way I had my daughter on due date. I am 12w1d pregnant and hoping for a boy. Have fun being pregnant. This is my second pregnancy and I am 3 monthss, and showing.

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8/9/05 10:18 A

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i hope showing at 4 weeks doesnt mean more than one!!!! lol

this is my second too and i am 5 weeks and things are getting a little tight, though i havent gained any weight.

its frustrating because im getting a little too big for my clothes, but still way to small for maternity. guess itll be leggings for

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8/9/05 10:17 A

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This is my 2nd pg too. I have already started to pooch out a little (I am sure it is just bloating), but my pants and shorts are tight and one can definitely tell that I look heavier (normally my tummy is very flat). I have gained 2.5 pounds already and am only 5 to 6 weeks along. Hopefully, we won't keep gaining at this rate. The last thing I want is to gain another 60 pounds with this pregnancy.

Alexandra (39), DH (51)
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8/9/05 8:17 A

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This is my second pregnancy. I'm 4 wks and I've already gained 4lbs. and I can barely fit into my last two pairs of baggy (at least they were pre-pregnancy) shorts. Is this common? With my first I didn't show until just about 5 months or gain any weight until after my first trimester. I'm generally petite and I did have an extra 5lbs from my last baby. I did expect to show sooner with this baby but come on at 4 wks?! It makes me worry that something's up or we're having more than one. Should I worry?

Due 4/16/2006 with baby #2, hopefully a boy!
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