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Phantom Kicking

Posts: 1485
9/19/08 12:19 P

I had a c-section with Izzy and had phantom kicking for a while. I don't think it was 8 months, though. If your MD isn't worried, then it's probably okay. I say trust your instincts - if you sense that something is wrong, look into it even if the doctor tells you your just overanxious or something. Your instinct is always right. I definitely had phantom kicking though, and even though it happened less often after awhile, I was jarred by it every time. I really really missed being pregnant after having Izzy, esp because the birth was so sudden, early, and unexpected. I liked what someone said earlier on this thread (like 2 1/2 years ago!) about it being like a phantom limb after someone loses a limb. It's partially emotional, and partially neurological. You can't explain it away, and you're not crazy - it's really happening if you're feeling it. You're not inventing it!

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9/15/08 5:29 A

Ive been having "Phantom Kicking" for 8 months now. Like my son is still inside there randomly kicking me every now and then. Exactly like he kicked me. its werid. i shouldnt be preg (not that ive done a test) but 8 months is a long time to have it do u think?

I had a c section thou, coz jaiden was breech. so im kinda just blaming it on that, because they stuffed it up while stitiching me back up

HELP lol

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Posts: 1867
6/14/06 11:22 A

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i feel it too, and just figured it was always there but now i associate pressure and bumps inside with the baby!

anyone keep forgetting they aren't pregnant? i was spotting a bit yesterday and totally freaked because i was worried about my baby! and then sometimes i walk down the street (without the stroller) and i can't understand why no one will move for the pregnant lady. i am such a moron!

Posts: 6939
6/14/06 10:52 A

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i felt like it tons! esp. where she used to have her feet pushing on me under my boob. i miss that!

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6/13/06 7:42 P

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I'll echo all of you... I've felt things here and there that have felt like when Caleb kicked me. It is weird, but you're all probably right... Probably things moving back and all.


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Posts: 1485
6/13/06 7:35 P

I've felt it, too. I guess it's also partially because i miss that!

Posts: 3820
6/13/06 7:18 P

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I had it after my DD, and just a bit recently after DS. I really think it is the organs moving back, sometimes muscles twitching, and gas too. It feels enough like baby that our first instinct is to say that's what we felt.

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Posts: 2577
6/13/06 7:06 P

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I got it too. I didn't have pressure or anything, just a quick kick here and there. I asked my doc and she said it was just my abs twitching, weird huh?

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Posts: 1034
6/13/06 4:44 P

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I have felt that after I had all 4 of my children. Weir huh? I don't know what it is from though.

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Posts: 701
6/13/06 4:13 P

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Is anyone else experiencing this? Where it feels like your baby is inside still wriggling and kicking? If I'm not crazy, what could be causing it? I swear I feel that pressing feeling and sometimes a kicking feeling. I assumed it's that feeling of loss like when someone loses a limb and still feels pain there.

Is it just me? Do I need more sleep? LOL

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