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How much is too much when it come to baby puke?

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5/27/06 11:34 P

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Tee, she might have reflux. I ended up in the ER on Thursday night because Levi vomited much like you described your baby doing. He then started vomiting yellow/green, and the dr. told me it was bile which is why they sent us to the ER. He ended up being fine, but what they were worried about was a blockage in his intestines. Apparently it is fairly common for a baby to be born with twisted intestines and it requires surgery to fix. After doing an upper GI and ruling out a blockage, they ended up diagnosing Levi with reflux and put him on Prevacid. They said that often the muscles that open and close the stomach (both from the esophagus and the one that empties the stomach contents into the intestines) are often immature in infants which causes this kind of vomiting, esp. if the babe recently overate or is laid flat immediately after a feeding.

Anyway, all of this to say that if you can rule out intestinal blockage, the other possibilities seem to be minor issues that they will grow out of in the coming year.

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5/27/06 7:58 P

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So I ended up taking her to the Child Care clinic and they said that she didn't have a fever so just watch and note how many more times it happened during the next 48 hours and that I should check back in with the community nurse then.

Thank you for you support.


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5/27/06 6:56 P

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I've had some scary moments like that with Ben. He'll guzzle at my breast and when I lift him up to burp he'll let out a huge belch and just spew all over himself and me and sometimes he'll do it twice in a row. It's happened a few times and it's scared me to death. It looks like so much vomit but I talked to my doctor about it and it sounds like what a lot of these other ladies are talking about - he was eating too fast. It's only a cause for concern if it's projectile - and by projectile I mean fountaining out a foot away or more. Ben would also go suddenly quiet after these episodes and I think it's just due to the shock. He's usually better after having some time to settle and he's back to his old self. I hope your baby girl is doing better now and that you have also recovered from the experience! You can always talk to your doctor if you're worried.


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5/27/06 6:14 P

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I had a freak out once too. I called the dr and he said to put 2 oz of water in a bottle and spill it on myself. It looked a like a lot more than you would think. Someone else also did that on here I think. It is a good way to see how much the baby is really spitting up. I would still call the doc if it happens again though!

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5/27/06 3:15 P

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This has happened twice to Brandon. It scared me the first time. The dr said if he keeps throwing up there may be something wrong. She said to check his temp and watch him. He's seemed fine otherwise both times, so I think his tummy was just upset.

If you think there's something else going on, by all means call her dr. That's what they're there for. I hope she feels better soon. :)

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5/27/06 3:10 P

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This has happened to Abby a couple of times. It is so scary! It has come out of her little nose too. I did the exact same thing, lean her forward so she can get it all out.
I don't know why it happened. It seems the two or three times it did happen, she ate a little more than usual, or faster than usual, and I didn't have her upright, she was leaning back a little. Maybe her stomach was revolting against so much food?
I don't think it's a cause for concern unless it happens repeatedly.

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5/27/06 2:54 P

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Was it projectile?

And omg I would freak out too. Knowing me I would call the doctor, but I don't know the answer unless its projectile, bc if it is then that isn't good ;/

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5/27/06 2:37 P

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Hi there,

I just had the most terrifying experience by myself with my daughter, about an hour ago, she ate almost 2.5oz of BM and within 5 or so mins she threw it all up, this was way more than just spit up. There was so much and it was coming out of her nose too! It freaked me out, but what was worse is she did it again.

It seemed like she was gagging so I had to sit her forward and hold her head to the side to get it all out. SHe was panicy and cried for a min but then she stop and now is eriliee quiet... a little too quiet. She does not want to be held instead she is just lying in her playpen eyes wide open and just "reading" the sign in the playpen.

I just cleaned her first time bath by myself, I had to place her bath tub on the bedroom floor, I am so afaird of dropping her. And as for my bed, well, its coverd in baby puke, as am I.

My question is how much puke is to much puke to be in trouble?


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Sienna April 24'06
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At her 9mon check up she weighed 17pds and 31inches... she is mommy's princess and daddy's lil girl!
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