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Enema before induction

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4/2/06 3:59 P

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That's the one thing I was most self-conscious about before delivering... and yes, it happened, and yes, they do wipe it away without a flinch - and believe me, when you're pushing that hard, you really can't help it, neither do you care :)

I rather have it happen on the table than get an enema. You'll be fine.

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4/2/06 1:44 P

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If you go on the table, they wipe it up for you. DON'T worry about it. I'm sure it happens all the time. It happened with me. When you are at that stage you just want the baby out.

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4/2/06 12:00 P

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Eating a light dinner doesn't have anything to do with a BM...its due to concerns for aspiration in case of an emergency c-section.

I know enemas are not routine anymore, I for one don't plan on having one. Just ick no lol. Plus you can still have a BM even if you have an enema.

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4/2/06 9:24 A

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Ick. They never gave me one, when I was induced with my first. I was able to be fairly mobile - could unhook the monitors and wheel the iv into the bathroom to go. No biggie until they broke my water, in which after that point I had a urinary catheter because I'd had the epidural by that time.

I never got to the pushing stage, so never had any pooping issues.

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4/2/06 8:39 A

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Along the same lines, the dr told me to eat a light early dinner tonight before I go in for induction.
We are going to eat 4:30-5pm ish.
But does anyone have any ideas for a 'light dinner' that will keep the whole pooping thing to a minimum?
It sounds silly but I'm mortified of the thought of losing it in front of everyone.

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3/31/06 8:18 P

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I don't know if I'd do one or not. I also have that butt fear as well!

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3/31/06 8:14 P

Thank you everyone for your responses. I guess I will not try to do one at home, I looked at the directions and to be honest I got a little freaked out. I guess if they don't want to be pooped on they will give me one there, ha ha.

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3/31/06 6:09 P

I was given an enema by the nurse just prior to having the induction take was quite simple. No fear - doing it again this pregnancy.

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3/31/06 5:54 P

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I'm not sure about being induced but I wasn't really hungry before I had my first son. I didn't get the diarrhea i've heard about right before labor. Anyway since I wasn't hungry I had a sandwich and some chips around lunch and I think for dinner (when I was having some serious contractions) I had a big smoothie, which I through up during labor. But I didn't poop. Now I'm kind of leary of eating big meals since it's so close. I probably wouldn't do the enema, maybe milk of mag like thelace suggested. sorry for rambling.

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3/31/06 5:44 P

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Maybe take some Milk of Magnesia tonight or something, but I personally will not put anything in my butt...I have great anal fear!! lol Also, maybe after you're induced you will go...I would try to leave it alone.

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3/31/06 5:41 P

I am being induced tomorrow and am wondering if I should give myself an enema tonight. I know that if you go in labor naturally, your body will get rid of all your "waste" in the early stages of labor, but I am not sure if that is the case with induction. I am sure I will be hooked up to monitors and don't know if I will be able to go to the bathroom. Any thoughts?

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