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How does the water break, anyway?

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3/31/06 2:19 P

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I read that less than 15% of women have their water break before they go into labor. My water didn't break until I was only a few hours from delivering and my doctor accidently broke it when she was checking me. With such a small chance of that happening, I wouldn't worry about it.

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3/31/06 11:54 A

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To bad I don't knit??!! LOL. JK.
When my water broke with my first it was like MOMMYTOBEIN2006 said. The baby shot out at the top and bottom at the same time, really hard and I heard a pop and then a constant flow of liquid. The weird thing is the babydid exactly that 5 or 6 times yesterday and I am wondering if she is going to break my water soon if she don't just quit it.


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3/31/06 10:58 A

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Issa: I think the "coat hanger" reference may have freaked those totally ununderstanding people out because it's also used in reference to abortion. I guess inthe old days women used coat hangers up there to cause a miscarriage in early pregnancy.

Kinda scary, right?

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3/31/06 10:49 A

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Heather - up until I found out I was having a c-section, when people would ask me "wow - you haven't gone yet?" and when I was having a bad day I would say "nope - bring on the coat hanger"

Then they would all freak out and say "that's awful"...

Hey... I didn't say I was following it up with a wet/dry vac....

And yes.. it is awful.. but gawd.. at this stage in the game.. I would do just about anything short of rupturing the membrane with a coat hanger...

Maybe it's cause I selected Coat hanger as my tool? Perhaps I should change it up to crochet hook?


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3/31/06 10:39 A

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I think it is caused by the babies head pushing down.. i am not for sure tho.. When mine broke i was almost asleep and it felt as tho like a bone popped or like he kicked me really really hard and as soon as i stood up some trickled out and filled my pad up with pink tinged water and after that it kept leaking out slowly and it felt like i was peeing myself but couldn't control it... I went to the hospital and sure enough it was my water that broke..

Sorry i rambled but back to what you asked ... I think it is when they move farther down.. some women don't experience it till they go to push him/her out.... it is different with everyone... hope that kinda helps you out

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3/31/06 10:24 A

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I have no idea Heather but lol at the knitting hook thing!

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3/31/06 10:21 A

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That's a good question. I even tried to look up the answer but can't seem to find it.

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3/31/06 10:12 A

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When it breaks on it's own, what are the circumstances? Does the baby move and break the water, or is it because the mother does something to get the water to break, or is it just a spontaneous rupture?

I'm curious -- I've got a knitting hook with my name on it just waiting at home... JUST KIDDING!!!! ( I would NEVER do that, but I do wish I could)

Cora Leigh was born by VBAC on April 25, 2006 at 1:25am. She weighed 8lbs even and was 20 inches long.

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