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35 weeks and lost mucus plug! - page 2

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3/8/06 9:10 A

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I am still losing that plug, it seems to go a bit eveyday. Like you girls have been discribing it- jellyfish substance but with a kinda dark blood in it. I have been taking it easy, and thinking every night will be the night. Tomorrow I will be 36 weeks so my worries are less. It is kinda crazy to get your mind around the fact that the baby may or may not be coming sooner than you think.
I'll tell you that my tune has sure changed regarding myself. I had been so involved in myself this entire pregnancy and now all I can think about is this little baby!!!
maybe this was a little lesson I needed to experience. Thank for all your wishes and prayers. I'll try to keep you all updated.

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3/8/06 12:02 A

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Our Lamaze teacher says if the mucous plug is a little bloody, you will probably go into labor within the week.

She said if it is not bloody, then it will probably be around 2 weeks.

But 35 weeks if FINE. I know you want them to have a good start. But, i'm sure you know, 36 weeks is considered full term. At 35 she probably wouldn't need to spend the night away from you.

Try not to worry too much. You're in my prayers and thoughts.

Stephanie 38yrs Manhattan
Margot, born 4/06/06

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3/7/06 8:36 P

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With my second son, I lost my plug at about 36 weeks and at that point I was also 3 cm dialated. He was born 4 days late, so 4 1/2 weeks later. Try not to stress about it.

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3/7/06 8:30 P

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I don't know for sure if the "jellyfish" is the mucous plug but I assume it is. Or it's just some nasty discharge.

Kathy (formerly VegasK)
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3/7/06 1:00 P

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With my dd I lost my mucus plug around 36 weeks and I didn't have her until 40 weeks and 3 days...

Hopefully your baby will be able to hold off at least 2 more weeks!

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3/7/06 12:31 P

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I never lost my plug with either one of my two boys... My water broke in the hospital both times also...

GRIER DANIEL TUTTLE 4/6/06 7:40pm 8lbs. 19 3/4 inches long and he is a sweet boy!!!
Posts: 835
3/7/06 12:22 P

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I lost my plug at 33 weeks with my first pregnancy and my son wasn't born til 35 and 5. So you still could go for awhile. Hopefully you can make it to 37 weeks, then you're pretty much in the clear for a healthy baby. Don't stress out though... that can induce labor.

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Posts: 3597
3/7/06 12:18 P

I am actually jelous that some of you are already losing your plugs. Mine is so comfy in there he shows no signs of wanting to come out early. Looks like i'm in for the long haul with this one.

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3/6/06 8:01 P

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After reading some previous posts on mucous plugs, I also understand that some lose only a little at a time and it can grow back. I think this is happening to me. Every week or so I notice some really clear discharge that looks almost like a jelly fish (sorry, I don't know how else to describe it).
So from what I understand many people also lose their plugs completely and still don't deliver for several weeks.

Kathy (formerly VegasK)
Mason Patch
Born April 7th at 5:30 p.m. (edd 4/8)
8 lbs 6 oz 20" long
9 months - 22 lbs 3oz 30" tall

Posts: 1601
3/6/06 6:39 P

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Not everyone notices loosing the plug. Loosing it is a pretty good sign that labour is not far off, the one thing about the plug though, is it helps prevent bacteria from entering the uterus, therefore helping to prevent infection. Hopefully, babe can hold off (Safely of course) for another 2 weeks, then its lung will be mature.

Best of luck, will be sending warm wishes and thoughts your way.

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Posts: 377
3/6/06 6:29 P

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My best friend lost her plug a month before going into labour. So, no, it doesnt necessarily mean you will deliver over the next few days. It is a possibility though, so just watch for the other signs - and try to relax and take time for yourself.
Good luck!!!!!!
How exciting - some of us are going to be having babies very soon!!!!!

Grace born 11th April 2006. 7lb 11oz
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3/6/06 6:22 P

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O.k does the mucus plug look distink I mean will I definitly know when I loose it.?

It's a Girl! Piper Kay Born: March 21, 2006 ! I had a miscarrage April 2005.

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3/6/06 5:48 P

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A good friend of mine lost her plug very early...and it grew back, and she lost it again!! It was crazy! I had never heard of that happening! She DID have her son early, I believe at 36 weeks, but he's fine :) Don't worry about it - rest and take it easy and don't stress! Your body knows what it's doing!

God Bless

EDD 4/26/06 - Tyler Isaac Lawrence
Belly pic @ 38 weeks

Posts: 4549
3/6/06 5:45 P

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I've heard of women who lost their plug up to a month before delivery so don't stress too much. Stress causes pre-term labor too!

BabyFit Community Team

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Posts: 84
3/6/06 5:43 P

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I am beginning to panic a bit. At my 35 week internal checkup (friday) my Dr said I was dialating and the baby was dropped. She noticed that I was bleeding and asked if I was cramping. I said I had been cramping lightly in the evenings. She said I cannot continue working and said I would probably not carry to term. She also said I would not go into labor over this weekend. Yesterday I lost my plug! It was really gross. I called to Dr on call and she said 1-3 days and I would probably go in.
Am I correct to expect to go in so soon? Has this happend to anyone and the carried to term??

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