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Vomiting in your sleep????

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3/16/06 10:57 P

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this happend to me the other night and scared the crap out of me! i woke up choking on the acidy vomit and i seriously couldn't breath my face turned red and tears were pouring out of my eyes, and i ran to the bathroom and was able tocough and clear my throat and chug some water... it was so scary!

and pineapple_love, i just read your post and i too was not full, but i had had spaghetti with tomato sauce that night! so that had to have been what caused it!

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3/16/06 10:55 P

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Oh, guys, I can't tell you how much better I feel knowing this has happened to others and you lived through it just fine.

It really gave me quite a scare. It's one thing to lose control over bowel, bladder, skin, digestion...I mean we really give it all up. But, it doesn't seem fair that my body should actually try to kill me in my sleep.

Okay, I really feel so much better. I think I'll sleep tonight.

Really, again, thank goodness for this place.

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3/16/06 3:46 P

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This happened to me the other morning. I went to the bathroom around 2am, then around 3:15am, I woke up choking from the vomit! Ecck! And it had the acidy taste to it-disgusting! I wasn't full before I went to bed, so I don't know what's the culprit. Must have been the tomato sauce from the Spaghetti I ate??

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3/16/06 3:31 P

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Hi Steph,

That happened to me once when I started my 3rd tri and MS hit me. It was very scary and thank goodness my DH was there and took over immediatly. He was up, helping me sit up, getting a bucket, cleaning me up ect. I don't know what I would have done without him. I was so scared and freaked out. Just having him there and taking care of me got me through it. I too was afraid it would happen again and worried whenever I went to sleep but now even with the tummy flu I had I woke up prior to throwing up. I hope you don't have that happen again and that it was just a one time thing like it was for me. I really do know that can scare the beejeezes out of you. Hugs, and I hope you can get some rest!

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3/16/06 1:51 P

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3/3/06 8:28 P

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Oh I am so sorry girls. I haven't experienced this yet and (knock on wood) hope I never do! I hope you all feel better soon!

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3/3/06 8:17 P

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yeah I think eating or drinking anything before bed in your case is probably the culprit. I would DEFINITELY give yourself a few hours before bedtime of not eating. Also try eating a few smaller meals rather than larger meals ESPECIALLY the night time meals. I am taking a prescp med for heartburn/reflux and it works great but I am getting reflux now but it's becuase of it being FORECED UP into my esophagus due to the pressure of my uterus. Also maybe you could try some MYLANTA liquid for reflux at night time as well, and take it at least an hour to 2 hours before bed. It will keep the acid and stomach contents down as well.

I hope you can find some relief! Good luck.

Posts: 1457
3/3/06 7:59 P

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I threw up while driving last Sunday on my way home from Church. No warning I was just driving and BOOM all over my coat.

Posts: 1191
3/3/06 9:12 A

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Maybe try sitting up for about 45 minutes after you drink or eat your last thing and then prop yourself up in bed, either with pillows, or prop your mattress up with some books or something so you're at an incline... maybe it's reflux of some sort causing the vomiting.... I would have it checked out though for sure!


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Posts: 408
3/3/06 9:01 A

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Ladymist, I had the same problem, but I do not think in my situation it was due to nausea. I have been suffering with Bronchitis for 3 weeks, and I still have a deep, nasty cough. The cough triggers bouts of vomiting during waking hours, and starting this week during my sleep as well. YUCK. Not sure if this is your situation, but I thought I would share. I went back to the doctor yesterday, and she gave me some Robotussin with Codeine to take at night, and I did not have a problem last night. Hope this helps, and good luck.

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3/3/06 1:26 A

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Do you seem to feel full before you go to bed?
Some women will experience vomiting in their sleep because they still have a full tummy from dinner.
Maybe try eating earlier to give it a bit more time to digest before you lay down


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Posts: 95
3/2/06 8:45 P

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I've been having the same problem, but mine has also happened during the day. I'm not sure that mine in vomit because it is usually a very small amount. It kinda feels like a horrible case of Acid Reflux or something?

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Posts: 252
3/2/06 7:11 P

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yeah, the whole reason I got these nausia pills was because I was vomiting Sooooooo much from week one. But now it almost seems as if the little vomit monster has outsmarted the pill.

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3/2/06 7:06 P

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I drink milk all the time, before I go to bed, when I wake in the middle of the night. Seriously should have bought a cow. I have not experienced any nausea type sickness througout the pregnancy, but each person is different. I would talk to you OB about this, it does not sound normal to me. Plus if you are vomiting quite a bit you could easily become dehydrated, which is a whole different situation all together.

Hope you are feeling better soon.

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3/2/06 6:57 P

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I had this happen to me last night and it was scary. And I'm not talking just a little bit. It woke me up out of my sleep and was really gross. I threw up in the bed and practically everywhere in the bathroom.
And I just can't see how my eating french toast at 1:00 a.m. had anything to do with it. LOL
I also had milk with it as well so maybe that does have something to do with it.

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Posts: 252
3/2/06 6:51 P

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Ok this last week a new problem has arisen for me and I don't like it. I wake up vomiting or vomit coming out my nose. It's scary that this happens for I am afraid I'll choke.

I even have taken nausia pills my ob persribed me before I go to bed but to no avail. usually 2-5 hours later I get the rude awakening and the pills are good for 12 hour spans. Are any of you out there suddenly experiencing this?

Luckly it isn't happening everynight but it still is a concern for me. Do you think it's because I drink alot of milk before bedtime?

Birth 03/21/06
Name: Joseph Lee
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