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My Jack Russell Dog ate a whole squirrel

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10/23/05 7:52 P

I would suggest keeping an eye on your dog. Have you noticed any changes in your dog as of yet? Hopefully, it was just a nice tastey meal & no harm was done!

I have an English Bull-Terrier (same family) and even tho- he loves chasing squirrels and should he catch one...probably tear it up but I couldn't see him eating them. Yuck! He eats everything else tho.

Somebody else mentioned that they had a rat terrier who would kill the rats. Did you know that the terrier (I believe it's the BT) that killed the most rats per hour? It's some ridiculous number...something like other dogs killed maybe 40, 75 or 100 in an hour...the bully killed about 200+ in that same time frame.

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10/23/05 7:23 P

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That is funny! My JRT are psycho and will eat whatever does not eat them first! As long as your dog has his rabie shots then he is fine, you might want to contact your vet and ask if the squirrels in your are carry any type of disease, and if it is contagious to humans. I know in Texas there are some areas that have problems in rodent animals.

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10/22/05 8:29 A

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Oh Im feeling so sad for the squirrel

No way, we just had an similar issue. We have two little kittens... Well we also used to have one really lovely squirrel living in our front yard. While eating we always used to watch this little squirrel when he was doing acrobatics in trees, he was so cute and funny. Well one night bringing our two in I found out in front of door our little squirrel dead lying there in ground.

I donīt really have any advice on your jack russel dog but at least nothing happened to me, I didnīt even understood to worry about whole issue becouse cats hunt and eat everything...


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10/21/05 10:28 P

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You know what, this reminds me, when DH and I just got married we got this dog Daisy (still have her) When she was 6 months old she brought a dead squirrel all dried up in the house and jumped on our was gross but I laugh about it now. Oh and then I found her one day CHEWING on a WIRE BRISTLE brush on the wire not the handle!

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10/21/05 7:29 P

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That is so funny! I have a Jack Russell too but he has never eaten one before! LOL!

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10/21/05 6:19 P

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you shouldn't worry about rabies, squirells aren't big on rabies anyway and just eating him is ok. Dog's bodies are meant to digest things like that he is fine, maybe a little fat but he should be fine, just watch him if he does throw up and make sure there is nothing in there unusual.

I love jack russells, we had a rat terrier (they are a breed similar to jacks) and he would kill rats or mice in the barns or out in the pasture but he wasn't big on eating them.

Gotta love em though!!!!

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10/21/05 4:07 P

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Oh my gosh I cant believe it ate a entire squirrel!! Um you might want to be concerned about your dog but I'm not sure if it will botther you any. I think maybe you should call the vet and see if he needs any additional screenings.

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10/21/05 2:56 P

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I am stupid! I should have figured by the Topic that this wasn't a message I should read while I'm eating.


: )

3/23/06 5:49 pm

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