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No heartbeat at 12 weeks??

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10/18/05 3:39 P

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Great to hear that!

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10/18/05 3:37 P

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Awwwww I'm so happy for you.It's so awsome to see the baby and know all is well.

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10/18/05 3:28 P

I went for my ultrasound and the baby is perfectly fine!! Its heartbeat was 150 and it looked good. I even got one of those 4D ultrasounds and they gave me a video to take home. It was so cool to really see the baby with skin and everything. I would highly recommend getting the 4D if you can. Now I can stop stressing so much!!

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10/18/05 7:09 A

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That happened to me at 15weeks. Dr. couldn't find it either. But I could feel the baby moving. She did and U/S and there it was just beating away. I would not worry.


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10/17/05 7:47 P

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It happened to me as heartbeat at 12 weeks and had an u/s and everything was fine. Hang in there because I am sure that everything is alright!

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10/17/05 7:29 P

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The same thing happened to me today. I went for my 13wk and no heartbeat could be found so they did an ultrasound. I was nervous at first but then I saw the baby moving all around and kicking and flailing its arms!! It was so amazing. She couldnt find the heartbeat because it was moving around so much! So don't worry. Let us know how the US goes.

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10/17/05 7:19 P

I was in last at 10 weeks and it took the midwife 45 minutes to find the heartbeat, she had to do an internal exam and even then it took her a while. She said my utereus was low and the baby moves so quickly was so little that it's normal for that to happen up till 14 weeks. You'll feel better after the ultrasound. It's very normal to worry, we all do, but it does happen, just try hard to relax!

Posts: 1948
10/17/05 7:17 P

I am so glad I have discovered this board. It is so good to hear of other women in the same situation as me! Thanks for all of your responses, I feel a lot better now than I did when I left the doctor's office.

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10/17/05 7:03 P

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My dr said that when you can hear the h/b depends a lot on how thin the mother-to-be is. I am small framed, so I was able to hear it at just under 12 weeks. Now, it took the dr. a good 3-4 minutes to find it.

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10/17/05 6:33 P

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I had the same thing happen to me. I was 12 weeks and they couldn't find the heartbeat. I naturally freaked out. And of course, my appt was on Friday and I couldn't have the U/S until Monday, so I was so worried. But I went for the U/S on Monday and we saw our little alien boppin around and the heartbeat was wonderful. I also had a retroverted uterus which makes it hard to hear before week 14.

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10/17/05 6:22 P

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I went at 12 Weeks as well to hear the h/b and she coulnd't find it they did an U/S because I too have had a m/c and they found the little one. He/She was a moving all alround. and kicking and waving. I have extra "fluff" she that made a difficult also it is not guaranteed that you can hear it at 12 Weeks some people can and some can't. Have faith you'll see you little one tomorrow and be soooo amazed. Also make sure you bring a blank VHS tape. My U/S tech is able to video tape it so then you'll have a documented and can show your friends and family. Good luck and let us know how it went.

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10/17/05 6:21 P

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Nope, midwife couldn't find the heartbeat either, but that's okay because I am not worried. If anything is wrong, I would know, I would have cramps, I would be bleeding... so no need to worry about anything.

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10/17/05 5:33 P

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I am 14 weeks and had an appt last week. The midwife couldnt pick up a heartbeat either. She gave me an ultrasound and she seen the heartbeat and had a better idea of where it was located. She tried again with the doppler and took a while to get a faint h/b. But she said it was normal and the h/b looked normal on the ultrasound

Posts: 1948
10/17/05 5:23 P

I just got back from my 12 week check up that I waited 8 extremely long weeks for and the doctor couldn't find a heartbeat with the doppler. I am totally freaking out. I am going for an ultrasound tomorrow morning but I was wondering if anyone else was unable to hear the heartbeat at 12 weeks? I have had two previous m/c's, that is making me even more scared.
Thanks, Laura

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