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Brown Discharge/Miscarriage??

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7/20/05 3:40 P

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You will know for sure when you have a miscarriage. Trust me. I have had 4 since late October, early November. You start off with light spotting, then the flow gets heavier. You suffer from SEVERE CRAMPS that make you feel like you want to die almost. After a few days into the bleeding and cramping you will pass grayish tissues from your body. They will almost feel like fish swimming out of your body. The usually come out the size of a ping-pong or golf ball. Everything happens sooo fast, yet takes for ever. You feel it in you heart when it happens, it isn't just a uteran pain. Every part of you knows when you lose a baby....

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7/19/05 9:45 P

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So, with my previous post I thought it was just my exercise that caused my spotting. But yesterday it started again (much lighter this time). I went in to the Dr. today and had an ultra sound. Everything was perfect. She said that there was no real reason for it to happen other than the fact that it just does sometimes. Most important is that it was brown and not pink/red. We saw the baby and the amazing heart beat in the ultra sound. Nothing like actually seeing a gift from GOD to ease your mind. I will be seven weeks tomorrow.

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7/19/05 12:13 P

Thankfully my brown discharge only lasted 12hours, was light and the next day it went back to the usual cream/white discharge normally associated with vaginal secretions. I havent yet spoken or visited the doc/midwife but don't feel concerned now as it appears to be quite normal to have some.
Do hope all goes well with everyone and if you are concerned then you should def visit your doc.

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7/19/05 8:11 A

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Hi, even though I am a Feb mom I saw your post and thought I could help. I had a miscarriage at 6 weeks last February. I started with a brown discharge and then it turned red and really started flowing. This was followed by a backache and then passing of clots. The clots were huge and very painful. Then I started cramping. These are not small cramps either. These were so painful they made me cry and loose my train of thought. If you are having a little discharge it is not so bad as long as you don't get the other symptoms. Just take it easy and try not to worry. HOpe this helps. If you have a miscarriage you will NEVER forget how painful it is. Maybe if it is earlier than 6 it is not so bad but I don't know. Good luck!

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7/18/05 5:29 P

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I've been having this brown discharge for almost 24 hours now, and I'm really nervous. There isn't much of it, but the color is brown. Does anyone know if this is normal at 5 weeks? Thanks.

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7/16/05 9:06 A

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I am 6 weeks and just had a day of brown spotting. I was at the gym, not doing anything heavy, and began to feel the "phantom cramps" that I've felt all 6 weeks so I stopped. When I used the bathroom, there was dark brown discharge. Like the rest of you, I was terrified. My nurse said to relax for a few days and I should be fine. It was my body's way of telling me that it didn't like the exercise.

Two days of leisure and I am fine now. No more exercise for me!!! I have a friend who is 21 weeks and this happened to her three times in her first trimester. Must be more common than we all thought.

All of you are in my prayers for safe pregnancies and babies!

Amelia Katherine 3/9/06
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7/15/05 11:50 P

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I'm going through this right now, I have had brown spotting only when I wipe for the past 5 days, no cramps. I went to the doctor today they did an ultrasound (i am 7 weeks today) and i got to see the babys HB, I ask the doctor if all is fine she didnt say anything she just told me to rest and NO excercise or running until she gives me the ok. They drew blood today to check my levels and then i have to go in on Monday for some more blood drawing and then Tuesday I get the results.. I am such a wreck right now. DH is sad to see me sad, I try not to show it but he see's it in me.


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7/15/05 10:25 P

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With my first pregnancy, I found out I was pregnant on a Wednesday and three days after that I bled for one day which looked like normal 'period' blood. I figured I miscarried. That Monday I went for an ultrasound and they saw a sac. Went back one week later and saw the heartbeat AND an empty sac that we didn't see the week before. Turns out there were twins in there and one aborted itself. I freaked out but the doctor told me it happens to like 30% of women. Went on to have a healthy baby boy who is now 5 years old.

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7/15/05 1:21 P

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I too had this during my second pregnancy (early). It scared me. I went to the er immediately had an ultrasound. They didn't find anything. I was told to take it easy and if it got worse or painful come back in. It lasted a couple weeks then went away.
I had a healthy pregnancy and baby after it was all over.
Definately keep getting your levels checked so it will help ease your mind!

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7/15/05 3:05 A

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I hope this eases your mind, I am going through the same thing. I am 7 weeks pregnant, and I have been bleeding for almost 2 weeks now. First it was bright, red blood. I had an ruptured ectopic pregnancy, so when I saw the blood, I immediately called my doctor. They said to go to the emergency room, but they couldn't see anything. Because my HCG levels were so low, they made me come back in two days. Fortunately, my HCG numbers doubled (which is what is supposed to happen), but they still couldn't see anything on the ultrasound. Long story short- this is week 2 of bleeding, and they saw the "sac" on the ultrasound last Thursday, and it grew when I went back this past Wednesday.

My doctor says that 30% of women bleed during pregnancy, and their baby turns out fine. Make sure you go to get your levels checked to make sure everything is ok. It will give you a piece of mind. Usually, if you don't have cramping, you are not having a miscarriage. Good luck to you!

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7/14/05 9:47 P

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I am around 9 weeks, we think, and supposed to find out for sure soon --but I too spotted or actually had brown discharge for 5 days, with a little cramping and one clot was passed, about the size of a pea. However, everything appears to be going well now. I was on BC when I conceived though..Someone let me know what you guys find out. I can't get into a dr. until the 20th.

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7/14/05 7:34 P

About all the spotting - if you are concerned, I would push for a blood test. It doesn't take up any of the Dr's time (usually done at the lab) really, and peace of mind is worth being a little pushy I think. I also had implantation spotting, but it happened around a week after I ovulated (I charted), and it was very light & lasted only 2 days. My second spotting happened at 6 weeks, and that's when I called & was tested for progesterone. I would hope that most Dr.'s would be happy to test to alleviate fears...maybe your primary could do it if your OB isn't willing.

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7/14/05 4:41 P

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Oh, another thing I read about implantation spotting is that it typically occurs 8 days past ovulation (DPO), or around the time you are expecting your regular period. This time around the implant spotting really tricked me, I thought it was just a light period!

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7/14/05 4:39 P

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Hi Lorri. The brown discharge you are seeing is dried blood potentially from implantation spotting, when the egg nestles itself into the endometrial lining. You will typically see just a little pink blood first, then maybe a day or two later, some leftover remnants of dried brown blood. It is possible you never saw the pink spotting and are just seeing the brown now.

I had implantation spotting with both pregnancies. With my daughter, I spotted pink then brown for three days. With this pregnancy, I spotted pink for two or three days, then another three days of brown. I just saw my doctor today and he wasn't concerned, although he did schedule an ultrasound for 11 weeks to ensure that everything is OK. But thus far, everything looks great.

You can look up implantation spotting online and read a little about it to put your mind at ease. Good luck!

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7/14/05 4:32 P

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i don't know if this will help but i had a miscarriage a few months ago. when it was happening i had REALLY bad cramping and a lot of bright red blood. it soaked a pad. there was also this gray matter that passed as well. I would not worry--not that i am a doctor and saying don't worry is a whole lot easier than actually not worrying,but try to relax. good luck. i hope everything works out for you

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7/14/05 4:10 P

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Is there any way to make sure your levels of progesterone dont go to low??? Like a vitamin or anything

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7/14/05 3:47 P

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I called Monday when it first happened and they said unless it was blood red and was filling a mini-pad, I was not to worry. Today I called back after 4 days of this and they said they would have a nurse call me, that was 5 hours ago. If you call the doctor, please let me know what they say.

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7/14/05 3:44 P

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Can you call and ask for advice?

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Posts: 28
7/14/05 3:13 P

I'm 6wk 3days and have just had some brown discharge, only when I wipe. I havent seen a doctor. Do you think I need to?

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7/14/05 9:44 A

I think it depends on how far along you are - if this is the week you would normally get your period, your uterus could just be getting rid of some blood...but spotting can result from low progesterone levels, which can cause miscarriage, so to be afraid to press for a blood test to rule that out.

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